Wellness Modalities I’ve Tried

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Eva Amurri discusses the different wellness modalities she's tried, and what she's found most helpful.

During this month of wellness (i.e., the January “push” for health felt ‘round the world), I thought it would be fun to share with you guys all of the different wellness modalities I’ve tried over the years.  I’ve always been interested in wellness, both traditional and less traditionalphysical AND mental.  And I’ve been lucky enough to have tried out lots of different methodologies.  Some just once or twice, and others for years and years at a time.  While I’m no expert (obviously), I do know what has worked for me, and the experiences I had with certain modalities differed immensely.  Today I thought I would run through them and share my own personal experience!

Eva Amurri discusses the different wellness modalities she's tried, and what she's found most helpful.


I’ll start with mental health – one of my favorite topics – and sing the praises of therapy! Being in consistent therapy totally changed my life, and over time it has really improved my quality of life in so so SO many ways.  I can say the same thing for Couples Therapy. While Kyle and I ultimately realized that the healthiest possible relationship for us moving forward was not to stay married, the healthy coparenting relationship we are able to have now is 100% due to the years of couples therapy we participated in together.  I also highly recommend EMDR as a modality within the therapy experience.  It helped me so much during my battle with PTSD and PPD, and I return to it at times when I need a little tune up.   I see a therapist once a week, and I really make sure I stay on top of that to feel my best. 


I’ve been doing acupuncture on and off since I was a teenager! I used it for anxiety as a teen, and I went back to it when I was having a hard time conceiving before I got pregnant with Marlowe. I did it weekly for two months before getting pregnant with her!  I now have a good friend who has an amazing practice in Stamford, CT (Indigo Acupuncture and Wellness) and have gone to see her for acupuncture sessions to address everything from stress to exhaustion and even to get my glow on as part of an acupressure facial! I’ve noticed a big difference every time with acupuncture and I’m sure it does even more when you’re consistent with it over longer periods. 

Homeopathic Doctor…

When I was in high school, I started getting sick really often, usually with bronchial or sinus conditions. It felt like I was always under the weather. I started seeing a homeopath to cut down on the amount of antibiotics I was prescribed. It did help, though I only saw him for about a year.

Healing Shaman…

When I was in high school I had a really intense amount of anxiety, and I was also sick a lot.  I ended up going to a shaman for energy healing in NYC.  I think I did about six or eight sessions, and I did feel very relaxed while there. I don’t remember well enough the exact results I had, but the experience of it was pretty cool.  You lay down on a table, and there is an alter-type set up at your feet.  Working with a feather, and their hands, the shaman would move energy around and clear blockages to increase health and relaxation.  

Deep Tissue Massage…

I LOVE a good deep tissue massage. I tend to hold on to a lot of emotional tension in my body, and get the craziest knots and tight muscles.  Especially in the upper back and behind my shoulders.  It helps me so much to get a monthly deep tissue massage, with really intense pressure if possible.  


Reiki is a type of energy work, and can be offered alongside massages or on its own.  I’ve done it at spas as a portion of a massage and healing experience.  I really enjoyed it!

Energy Healing…

I recently did the most incredible session with an energy healer (Jaye Newman in CT) and I am going back this week! Kyle went to her also and had a really incredible experience.  It’s almost like Reiki in that she barely touches you (very very light touch) but as she moves her hands over your body she pays close attention to any energy blockages or places of pain and suffering that are caught in your body.  I felt so peaceful and relaxed the entire time, and after my session I really felt that the feeling of stability and peace lasted a while (during a pretty crazy time in my life!) I will share more as I experience it more! 

Osteopathic Care…

I didn’t know much about Osteopathic care until major’s head injury.  He saw a wonderful osteopath for a year following, in order to really integrate healing and wellness after such a traumatic event– and Kyle and I saw him as well.  I feel like not only did it help my overall health, but I think I learned a lot in the process about body function, conditioning, and healing.  It was a great experience!

Chiropractic Care…

I have one leg a bit longer than the other! LOL. I guess this is relatively common, but I’ve seen a chiropractor most of my life to help with adjustments to my body in order to stay aligned and prevent aches and pains. Major was breech pretty late in my pregnancy with him, and I went to a few sessions with a chiropractor who specialized in pregnant women to loosen up my hips and pelvis in the hopes that he would find some extra room and turn head down.  He did! 


Meditation is a practice that I have ALWAYS felt has been beneficial to me, but that I have had the least success with in terms of consistency. I’ve gotten a daily mediation under my belt for a week or two max, before my resolve dwindles and I get distracted. I do find that it helps me stay way less stressed and anxious, though. Meditation is always something I resolve to do more of, but I have a hard time committing. I recently tried a couple of apps but haven’t loved one so far. I’m hoping to challenge myself to a meditation plan this Spring after the baby is born to support myself in my Single Mom Life! Stay tuned as I try to figure that one out. LOL. 


I’ve loved yoga for years and years. I used to go to a weekly class when I was in high school, and I’ve stuck to it over the years.  Some years more consistently than others! I think it’s a great workout for the mind and body, and always makes me feel really balanced. I have loved prenatal yoga while pregnant as well! I tend to get really tight muscles whether I’m pregnant or not– and yoga helps me stretch and relax, while strengthening myself at the same time. I have done Hot Yoga (also sometimes called Bikram) and while it’s really helped me sweat and lose baby weight in the past, I don’t feel like it’s my favorite kind of yoga. 

Infrared Sauna…

I love myself an infrared sauna moment! It helps me so much in the winter time. While I’ve never been officially “diagnosed” with it, I think that my spirits and my mental state is significantly effected by the shorter, colder days. Hopping in an infrared sauna for 50 minutes always helps me feel happier and healthier. Only bummer is that it’s a no-go while preggo! 

Food Sensitivity Omission…

When I was living in LA I was seeing a really incredible alternative doctor named Habib Sadeghi. You may have heard of him several years ago, as he coined the phrase “conscious uncoupling” for Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin during their divorce! He has worked with them for years.  Dr. Sadeghi really helped me turn my health around and get rid of some of the chronic issues I was experiencing in my teens and early twenties. I recommend checking out his site for more info. Anyway, a big part of the body healing with him was consistent food sensitivity and allergy testing to make sure that I wasn’t creating unnecessary inflammation in my body that can cause illness.  It was amazing how many things showed up in the food tests that I routinely ate! I cut them all out, and then would slowly introduce them back in in a controlled way over time to see which I had to keep out for good and which were more borderline.  It was a tough and disciplined process, but one I’m so glad I went through! 

Eva Amurri discusses the different wellness modalities she's tried, and what she's found most helpful.

I’m curious what some of your favorite wellness modalities are that you’ve tried and if there are any big ones I’ve missed out on…though this seems like a pretty extensive list when I’m looking at it! Ha! It’s also worth mentioning that I’ve been seeing traditional doctors for my general health at the same time that I had tried these other modalities. I’m all about a comprehensive approach to health! 

Eva Amurri discusses the different wellness modalities she's tried, and what she's found most helpful.

Photographs by Julia Dags

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  1. Glenda says:

    You look beautiful in these pics! That GLOW! 🙂

    01.16.20 Reply
  2. Camilla says:

    I’ve used a natural essential oil made for anxiety relief. I also enjoy pilates and would like to start meditating regularly. Love this post!

    01.16.20 Reply
  3. Marissa says:

    Need this bun tutorial!!! Love

    01.16.20 Reply
  4. Zoee says:

    What types of foods do you still avoid?
    I have some food issues and find it interesting how many people seem to be affected by sensitivities.

    01.17.20 Reply
  5. Brigit Rotondi says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I love most of the modalities you use. I use most of them. It is so important to take care of ourselves in all ways most especially mind and body. If I may recommend the mindfulness app. It is great and easy to use. It has very short meditations. I use it when I am on a train and have a few minutes to dedicate to it completely. Ty again, Brigit R

    01.17.20 Reply
  6. Maria Stead says:

    Hi Eva,

    Thank you for sharing your life so closely with us! It is so important to share and take the taboo out of things so others can learn from your journey. I started following you when I was pregnant with my now 4 year old Olivia and I have to say your posts are meaningful and utterly REAL and full of important information and you have touched my life in such an important way. Thank you so much for that.
    Do you recommend Chiro for the kids? Have you heard any positive to taking kids to be adjusted?

    01.17.20 Reply
  7. Ashleigh says:

    Kinesiology is incredible! I went to a session to help me release the trauma experienced during my first birth (about 2 years post partum). It truly enabled my body to let go of the trauma that it was holding onto and reliving everyday. It’s like a counseling session combined with energy work (as far as I’ve heard). Very healing and eye opening.

    01.20.20 Reply