Hello, and welcome to Happily Eva After!

My name is Eva Amurri, and I am a Mom, Actress, Entrepreneur, and Blogger! I launched HappilyEvaAfter.com in 2015 as a way to share my own multifaceted interests that range from Style, Decor, Food, and Crafting…to my role as a new Mama! Now four years in to founding my company, two kids deep, expecting my third child, coparenting with my ex-hubby of 8 years, a couple product launches, and a move and home renovation under my belt– and I’m keeping it really REAL about what my life is like as a Single Mom, Woman, and Entrepreneur.

My life  has been far from perfect.  I’ve struggled with lifelong Anxiety Disorder. After welcoming our daughter, Marlowe, in 2014 I suffered a devastating miscarriage.  Then shortly after my “Rainbow Baby” son’s birth in 2016 he suffered a traumatic brain injury.  The darkest year of my life followed, with huge mental health struggles and intense strain on my marriage.  But it has all brought me to this current place, where I can honestly say I’m the happiest and most balanced I’ve ever been.  I have been transitioning from a marriage to a coparenting and deep friendship with my partner of 10 years while pregnant with our third child. It’s been a wild ride, but I’m thankful today to have so much clarity on where I want to be headed. Sometimes the imperfections in life bring us the version of perfection we need most. It’s brought me so much happiness to connect with other people through this blog that are going or have gone through similar life journeys, and I feel so grateful for the Happily Eva After community!

Becoming a Mom has been absolutely the most humbling, moving, frightening, exhausting, and joyful experience of my life.  But in my parenting journey I have often felt alone, searching for an honest and straightforward resource for some of my questions, struggles, and milestones. How do we balance Motherhood (a whole world in itself), our marriages, work, friendships, and our own personal hobbies or interests? At times I’ve felt guilty for trying to be the kind of Mom I want to be: one who can enjoy my life, take care of myself, and be a multifaceted, entrepreneurial woman– while also being a loving Mother and well balanced human.   I think we can be great Moms and also have unapologetically full lives. At least I hope so! I definitely don’t have all the answers, and I’m no “Expert” at any of the categories you will see on this site. I just try hard, and on the days I fall short I resolve to do better tomorrow. But I do believe that as women we have the greatest strength in numbers. I believe that if we support each other, try our best at parenting and in our relationships, and have a sense of humor, we can all find our “Happily Ever After”.