My First Trimester Update

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Pregnant Eva Amurri Martino gives her readers a first trimester update on her pregnancy.

Now that the cat’s officially out of the bag, I can regale you all with horror stories from my First Trimester! LOL. But actually.  This time around, I really had a rough first few months.  Or eleven weeks I should say.  Today I thought I would give you guys a little update on everything you missed while I was busy hiding my pregnancy!

Finding Out

Stay tuned for a full blog post about what led us to the decision to go for baby number three– there’s a lot there. But we did decide to open the door, and right afterwards we left on our Italian vacation.  Basically, Italy should have a warning label when you enter the country: May Cause Pregnancy. LOL. I had never gotten pregnant that quickly or easily EVER so I really didn’t expect that I was pregnant when we got home.  In fact, I barely thought about it.  My associates at work knew we had made the decision to open the door to a third, and so from the first couple of weeks we got back from our trip, they kept tabs on me. Finally one morning, they were asking about when I was due to get my period.  To be truthful I really had no idea. I counted back and realized I hadn’t gotten it since before Italy, but I still didn’t think I was pregnant. I felt a little hormonal and figured I was just PMSing and about to get it.  I went back home to make lunch, and Kyle and I had to catch up on a couple of things for work.  As we were talking, I was cleaning up my bathroom and looked under the sink for cotton rounds.  I immediately saw an old pregnancy test that had made it from under the sink at our last house FROM MY PREGNANCY WITH MAJOR.  Two to a set! LOL. Since the girls at work had been badgering me about being pregnant, I figured I’d just pee on it to tell them for sure that it wasn’t happening.  I took the test, and left it out while I finished my convo with Kyle.  I was about to head downstairs to pick up my bag and head out when I remembered the test! I went to the bathroom to throw it away, and took my first look at it: 

“PREGNANT”. Immediately I covered my mouth with my hand and whispered “Oh my god”.  And then I screamed for Kyle.  We were both in absolute shock, but so excited.  Neither of us trusted the test since it was so old! LOL. So then he went out and bought another pack and both of those were positive too.  I was officially preggo!

Scary Beginnings

The first day of the news, we were both elated.  I told a few close friends and of course the ladies in the office! We were all freaking out, and I kept tearing up just in disbelief at how lucky we were and how quickly this little soul had found us. I was about five weeks. The next evening, as I was putting the kids to bed, I started bleeding.  I got up from snuggling with Major, and I felt the blood.  I reached my hand down and it was bright red.  I had the most sinking feeling in my stomach and I had to hold on to the wall to steady myself.  I was convinced it was all over.  Kyle was one a phone call, and I waved him off, he could see in my face how terrified I was.  All I could muster was a whisper: “I’m miscarrying”.  After losing a baby before, there is always a part of me during every other pregnancy I’ve had where I expect the other shoe to drop, and for everything to be lost.  It takes every ounce of strength to pull yourself out of that expectation.  Kyle had me lay down, and that night I bled a lot.  I had some aching but the cramping stayed moderate.  I texted the friends we had told about the pregnancy and told them to expect the worst.  They all reminded me that sometimes bleeding happens and it can be OK.  In fact, I had some bleeding with Major, but it had been lighter, and at a different time in the pregnancy.  I had also had bleeding with the baby I lost. 

My heart was in the darkest space, and I cried all night, feeling so foolish for getting my hopes up.  I managed to get in last minute to see an OB-GYN the next morning.  I didn’t know what we’d see or find out, but I knew if my uterus was empty, it was over.  When the screen turned on, we saw the yolk sac and the pole! They reminded me that it was still early, but that I hadn’t miscarried the parts of the pregnancy that were crucial and that technically so far so good.  They also ordered bloodwork for the next several days to make sure my HCG levels were rising.  If they didn’t rise throughout the next week, it meant that the pregnancy was probably not progressing.  That week of limbo was absolutely terrifying.  I felt so confused, lost, and stuck in a dark place of not knowing.  I desperately wanted to be around my kids, but I was also scared of being around them because of how fragile I felt. I knew they could sense it.  We finally go the results back, and the HCG levels were rising! Then a week later, we had another ultrasound and saw our baby’s heart beating.  I have never felt such relief and gratitude.  That week, my pregnancy symptoms came on full force, and were relentless until eleven weeks.  For all the hell those symptoms raised, they were also such a pure reminder that my body was pregnant and that my hormones were active, and that was a huge gift in itself after the touch-and-go nature of the start of this pregnancy. 

Pregnant Eva Amurri Martino cradles her baby bump and gives her readers a first trimester update on her pregnancy.


Oooof.  I did not feel good this time around! It is truly a miracle that I was able to keep everything going work wise, and even personally.  I was just so depleted, nauseous, and felt like I had the stomach virus for six weeks.  We told the kids about the pregnancy a bit earlier than anticipated, so that they could have some context for why we needed their help a lot more! We could tell that they were a little scared wondering why I was so unwell. Kyle was traveling a bunch at the beginning of my pregnancy, including over Marlowe’s birthday week when I was the sickest of the entire time.  Thank goodness my sweet, big girl is such a help to me and would bathe Major and herself most nights while I lay on the bathroom floor next to their tub.  4pm and onwards was the hardest time of day for me by far.  I’m so lucky that they’re both semi-independent, I don’t know what I would have done otherwise, especially on those nights when I was solo parenting.  The only thing that helped me through were Ginger Beer (basically ginger ale, but more concentrated with the ginger aspect), sour candy (like Jolly Ranchers), seltzer, and keeping a sleeve of saltines in my purse literally at all times.  There was one time when an eagle eyed girlfriend of mine texted me to tell me that an Instagram Story I had uploaded had the sleeve of saltines visible in my purse.  If that wasn’t a dead giveaway! LOL. I also kept a little vial of Peppermint essential oil in my purse that I could pull out and sniff if I was about to puke.  It would help to stave off the gagging. Thankfully, I am able to create my own schedule, so even on days that were packed, I had some control over where and when my meetings were– and with photo shoots you can “fake” so much.   A little make-up goes a long way! I finally came out of the haze at 11 weeks, and while I still feel a little crummy if I go more than a few hours without eating, I’m more or less back to my old self. 

Figuring Out Logistics

This trimester has been all about figuring out the logistics of this pregnancy and getting my ducks in a row! I’m in the process of locking in midwives (Yes, I’m home birthing again!) and finding a doula as well as a specific birth photographer.  I’m deciding how much maternity leave I want to take also.  I’ve never ever taken real maternity leave before (I went back to work ten days after birthing both of my other kids), and obviously taking time off from a company you run and are the face of can be really complicated and risky.  I promised myself this time around that I would really work in some strict maternity leave to enjoy this final baby of ours, so now I’m trying to piece together what that will look like and how much time I can realistically take.  This baby will be here before we know it, and it feels like there is so much to figure out! I’ve spent the past few months just trying to take it day by day, and now that we are open about the pregnancy and I’m feeling better, all these convos have started up again.  I’d love to hear from any of you that have had to navigate maternity leave from your own startups of ventures you own.  It’s so hard to know what to do!

Pregnant Eva Amurri Martino gives her readers a first trimester update on her pregnancy.

All in all, I’m just thrilled to be emerging from the First Trimester and heading in to the second, my favorite trimester ever! This pregnancy has reminded me that every great experience in life has so many positives, negatives, and ups and downs.  And that in the end it is ALL worth it.  I can’t believe in six months from now I’ll have a brand new little love of my life! It’s so surreal to think about.  

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  1. Carol says:

    Im beyond happy for you guys for this third baby. I’ve been reading your blogs, watching your insta stories for so long now I feel like I know you guys personally☺️. I just read the first trimester blog and I really felt like I was there in front of you and you were telling me the story. Since I myself I’m pregnant had the same thoughts at the beginning since my (& first) pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 9 weeks, so reading this I felt a lot of the same emotions you had & it makes me think that we are not alone in this & I really enjoy reading others stories as well.
    I look forward reading all your post on this pregnancy I think we are so close on how far along we are.
    As always thank you for all that you share, you are truly an inspiration!
    Hello from Puerto Rico☺️

    09.12.19 Reply
    • I’m so sorry for your loss, and best wishes for this pregnancy!

      09.12.19 Reply
  2. Christine says:

    I’m so sorry your first three months were awful. I’m child free, but I do enjoy reading about other women and their experiences. I have suspected endometriosis and a known severely tilted uterus so I know my chances are low of conceiving naturally and I’ve made peace with it (I’m considering adoption when I meet the right person).

    My mother was an entrepreneur with both myself and my brother and she had c sections with both of us and literally only took off 3 days after leaving the hospital bc she had to with the surgery.

    Two of my friends had heavy bleeding and cramping during their first two months and it was related to stress and they were told to take it easy and rest often. But I do remember being the only one both called with the potential “miscarry” news and that if it happened they wanted me to tell the coworkers and friends and to emphasize no emotional encounters were to occur from those people. I found it flattering in some way that they trusted me to be the calm rational one they could rely on for this, but also a little sad that because I can’t have children on paper they assume I have no emotions around children.

    Either way I hope your pregnancy goes smoothly and remember to take it easy as an entrepreneur! Hire some part time extra help or guest blog writers! Lay in bed and veg out often! Beg that nanny to move in LOL

    09.12.19 Reply
  3. Lindsay says:

    So happy for you and your family! Your story is an encouragement to me as I am about 5 weeks pregnant after having a miscarriage this summer. It happened again so quickly and we are feeling a combination of blessed and scared. Keeping the faith for the next two weeks until we get our first ultrasound!

    09.12.19 Reply
    • I’m so sorry for your loss. Sending you all the great vibes for a healthy pregnancy!

      09.12.19 Reply
  4. kate says:

    happy for you– you have two beautiful kids and I am sure your next will be wonderful too! Just wondering though when you say “solo parenting” when Kyle is travelling, or kids having to bathe themselves- dont you have a full time nanny?

    09.12.19 Reply
    • Thanks! No, my nanny is only here during the hours I work, so 9-5. Anything after or before those hours, including bedtime and getting the kids to school, I do on my own when Kyle is away.

      09.12.19 Reply
  5. Dana says:

    So happy for you guys. Such a blessing. I feel ya on rough trimesters.

    I was sick with both my pregnancies; with my second one I threw up every day for SEVEN months. ?‍♀️

    All the positive baby vibes coming your way.

    09.12.19 Reply
  6. Kristin says:

    So many congrats Eva! It’s funny, I was thinking of commenting this morning before you asked about having experience with maternity leave when you have your own company.

    I was going to ask if you could do a post to introduce us to your HEA team! I was curious as to who you have on staff, how you all work together, etc. especially now that you have the studio. Maybe as you take your leave, your team can “guest post” for a bit to take some of the pressure of you having to be in hair, makeup, etc. for shoots and content creation. And perhaps open the door to sponsorships that focus on products geared towards surviving the post partum period with a tribe, how others can support a new mama, etc.

    I have my own business and a 15 month old. I slowed my pace a bit after having her, but that really does come at a cost. If I had a team, I would have def tapped into them to shoulder the workload in my postpartum period.

    Best of luck!

    09.12.19 Reply
  7. Katie P. says:

    Congrats! Totally feel you with the sour candy – i was a SweeTarts junkie with my first pregnancy. That and Eggo waffles ?

    09.12.19 Reply
  8. Ravelle says:

    Thank you so much for sharing such a personal period of your life. So glad that little baby stuck!! She will complete your sweet fam.

    09.12.19 Reply
  9. trixie says:

    Love this pregnancy content! I’d love to see content on how you ‘negotiate’ your maternity leave as a business owner, with a very front facing, extraordinary role! Have you thought about some guest blog spots or content from collaborators while your enjoying leave, if possible? Maybe a couple HEA newsletters from ‘maternity leave’? Otherwise, have a timeline and commit to enjoying the birth of your third baby – we will all certainly still be here! Love you guys! <3

    09.12.19 Reply
  10. Jessica Hulse Dillon says:

    So excited to follow along, I’m about 3ish weeks behind you also with my third and the nausea is killing me. Today I’ve been rocking the ever so stylish sea bands and they seems to be helping!

    Will be following you for all the tips for pregnancy/new baby survival!

    09.12.19 Reply
  11. Glenda says:

    I’m sooo happy for you!
    Blessings throughout this pregnancy and beyond.
    Can’t wait to follow along!

    09.12.19 Reply
  12. Tara McLaughlin says:

    How exciting! We just had our 3rd baby 6 months ago and it’s been amazing and crazy! My favorite thing about the 3rd pregnancy was that she was just always moving. Honestly she hasn’t stopped either, I think we are going straight to walking with her now. ?‍♀️

    09.12.19 Reply
  13. Paige Boris says:

    Congratulations !
    I’m so excited for you and your family !
    We recently just had our second after a miscarriage – and I had some bleeding early on with him as well. I can relate to that terrifying feeling where you think you are losing another baby! And I’m so happy it all worked out for you 🙂
    I’m looking forward to all the posts and pregnancy content ! Major and Marlowe are going to be great older siblings!

    09.12.19 Reply
  14. Linda says:

    What a gift! So soooo happy for all of you! You will see this baby truly completes your family and fills in sweet little gaps you never new existed.

    At 40, I finally got pregnant with twins (after 7 years of trying and 2 early losses) on our 3rd and final IVF treatment. I had a sub-chorionic bleed at 6 weeks and thought it was all over. Sobbed until the u/s showed their strong heartbeats and didn’t move from the couch for a week. We too felt our family was complete when the twins were 3 years old and decided not to do IVF again for a 3rd. Just as we made that decision (took baby gates down, removed cabinet child locks, etc…) unbeknownst to me, I got pregnant naturally. We weren’t trying – we just never bothered with contraception b/c I was told early on I’d never conceive on my own. So at 44, I chalked up the missed periods and couple pounds gained to early menopause. Finally, at 14 weeks, I felt that familiar soreness in my breasts and on a whim bought a cheap pregnancy test. Like you, I didn’t trust the positive result and bought several more name-brand tests. Once I did the math, I realized was 14 weeks along!

    Fast-forward 4 years later and our little guy is truly the best gift and blessing for which we could ever dare to hope. My one good egg fought its way into existence and became the sweetest little boy who along with his older brother and sister, fill our hearts until bursting. God bless xox

    09.12.19 Reply
    • Areth says:

      This is such a sweet story

      09.14.19 Reply
  15. Anastasia says:

    Congrats on the newest addition to your family. Nice to see that your using a midwife. I did as well and I wish it was more common practice as they were great during my pregnancy.

    09.12.19 Reply
  16. Nichole says:

    There was a blog post a while back talking about whether or not y’all would be open to having another babe. I was kinda sad there would be no more Martino babes… but then I saw your announcement and spit my coffee out! I am so happy for you all! Pregnancy (minus the ick) really suits you. I am so excited for you and I’m excited to see how Major transitions from being the baby to a big brother. Congratulations!

    09.12.19 Reply
  17. kate says:

    no judgement at all!! I think your family is beautiful I was just curious. I actually met your kids and their nanny for a minute in Jamaica this winter!! I knew who your kids were form your blog 🙂 We were randomly at the same resort as you ( which I found to be not as fun a resort as we had expected !) and one evening at dinner I went into the bathroom and your nanny was their with M+M and they were so cute- Marlowe was so friendly she said ” Hi! I’m Marlowe and this is Major”. So now when I read your blog or instagram I feel like I have kind of met them- though I didnt meet you guys! Anyway I think it is great that you have help with your kids and you are doing a great job raising some great kids!

    09.12.19 Reply
  18. Bridget says:

    Oh momma! I am with you. I am 31 weeks pregnant with my second. Pregnancy is not kind to me. I don’t usually suffer from nausea but I do suffer from terrible muscle and nerve pain. I had debilitating sciatica with my first. Through a lot of physical therapy, I’ve avoided the sciatica this time but I’ve had horrible back pain and muscle soreness. Standing for long periods of time leaves me fighting tears. It makes working, parenting, spousing – just living – a challenge. My husband recently took on a new role at work and travels at least every other week (I think of you often because I know how much Kyle travels). Your story about lying on the floor by the bathtub hit me in all the feels. With the pain I’m in now, I can’t keep up with the mom and wife I usually am and I carry so much guilt and anxiety. I see housework piling up around me and get overwhelmed because I can’t keep up. I’ve let my two year-old son watch more TV than usual because I don’t always have the physical stamina for the park or children’s museum, which makes me feel so guilty. Sometimes the mental struggle is almost worst than the physical. In my case, going to work has actually been a welcome reprieve because I sit at a computer most of the time and sitting gives me some relief. But I feel guilty about that too because sometimes I delay picking my son up from daycare because solo parenting him at night is when the pain is the worst.

    I appreciate you sharing your story with us. It makes me feel less alone! I’d love to hear more about how you “balance” your needs with your kids and how you manage two kids, a business, and a husband while suffering through pregnancy symptoms.

    Side note #1: I experienced breakthrough bleeding early in this pregnancy. I didn’t with my first so I was very worried. It turned out to be “normal” bleeding that can occur with implantation but as a precaution my doctor had me take progesterone supplements throughout my first trimester which made me bloated and nauseous and tired. I’m very thankful for my healthy pregnancy but that was scary and not fun. I’m sorry also dealt with that fear and anxiety!

    Side note #2: When you announced your pregnancy earlier this week, my guess was that you were having a boy but after reading this post about the nausea I’m changing my guess to girl!

    09.12.19 Reply
  19. Courtney says:

    Loved reading about this! Maybe an idea to extend your maternity leave would be to introduce a guest blogger, or showcasing ones on a weekly basis, someone that mimics your interests (and those of your content) but may also bring a little something else. Maybe someone looking to gain followers who is just starting. You can write a weekly letter to followers to keep us in your loop. Just an idea!

    09.12.19 Reply
  20. Bridget says:

    Oh momma! I am with you. I am 31 weeks pregnant with my second and struggling. Pregnancy is not kind to me. I experienced debilitating sciatica with my first. Luckily, with a lot of physical therapy I’ve avoided it this time but I’ve been suffering with terrible back and muscle pain for most of the pregnancy. Standing for more than 10 minutes leaves me fighting tears. I can’t keep up with the mother and wife I used to be and I carry so much guilt and anxiety about it. I see housework piling up around me and I get so overwhelmed. I’ve let my two year-old son watch more TV than usual because I don’t have it in me to go to the park or children’s museum as much as we used to, and I feel so guilty. My husband recently took on a new role at work and travels every other week (I think of you often because I know that Kyle travels a lot too). Your story about lying on the floor near the bathtub hit me in all the feels.

    In my case going to work as been a welcome reprieve because I sit at a computer most of the time and sitting gives me some relief from the pain. But I feel guilty about that too because I sometimes delay picking my son up from daycare because solo parenting at the end of the day is when I’m in the most pain.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. My heart goes out to you. I would love to hear more about how you manage two kids, a husband, a home, and a company while dealing with pregnancy symptoms. It is a daily struggle for me.

    I am so excited for you and your family but I know how rough pregnancy can be. And it doesn’t make us any less grateful or excited. We can be both grateful and struggling at the same time.

    Side note #1: I also experienced bleeding early in this pregnancy. I hadn’t the first time so I was very nervous. It ended up being “normal” bleeding that can happen with implantation but as a precaution my doctor had me take progesterone supplements through my first trimester. They made me bloated and nauseous and tired. I am sorry that you dealt with similar anxieties!

    Side note #2: When you announced your pregnancy earlier this week my guess was that you are having a boy. But now after reading this post about your nausea I’m changing my guess to girl!

    09.12.19 Reply
  21. Beckster Daily says:

    So beyond happy for your baby news! I’m not a mom (to babies, I do have a furry baby tho) but you’re my favorite ig mom EVAAAA!!! (pun intended ?). I just love your style of parenting and reading about it. If I ever decide to have kids I feel a bit more “prepared” thanks to you LOL!

    ALSO, I’d love to know more about your midwife decision and what you look for in a doula, if that sounds like a post you’d be into!??


    Beckster Daily

    09.12.19 Reply
  22. Amy says:

    Hey congrats! So exciting! We are due with our 2nd in three weeks:):):)

    Ok so we run our own companies- for our first I took off 2.5 months BUT I had a nanny come in at six weeks so I could start putting in 2-3 hours a day. That seemed to keep everything ‘under control’ for a bit. All other tasks I had to delegate out – of course my husband is also my business partner so he really shouldered a lot of it. I don’t think when you have your own biz you can completely disconnect- it’s not realistic. But you can chat back to working the bare minimum and still feel like you are getting quality time with baby without being overwhelmed by the work

    09.12.19 Reply
  23. Nayster says:

    Reading this and all my first and second trimester nausea is coming back. It’s crazy how much that memory never leaves you. Well, at least not for me. It was horrible. I too had to work, commute, sit in meetings trying so hard to focus and respond even though all i wanted to do was lye down and not think about throwing up. Salted prunes ended up saving the day for me. Even though my doc said to lay off of them. I had to in order to survive. 3rd trimester it finally got better. The one thing I was SO thankful for was that on top of work I didn’t have any littles to look after yet. (it was my first pregnancy) So kudos to you!! You did it!! AHHHMAZING!!

    09.12.19 Reply
  24. Kristin says:

    Yay! Congratulations! I am currently 32 weeks and am in full on “senior slide” at work ? I am sooo ready emotionally to take off 8 uninterrupted weeks. We have a 2.5 year old girl and to be home with her and our new addition seems like dream. But I am also sure that around week 3 I’ll be texting and calling friends at work just to hear what’s going on LOL. The decision to take that time off really came from just wanting time home to adjust from being a mom of one child, to now two. With our first I was so nervous all the time about schedules and breastfeeding and all that crazy stuff. So this time I really just want to relax and try to live in the moment.
    I am home with my daughter during the day and I bartend at night. Financially it has been a struggle to prepare for an unpaid maternity leave, especially one that is 2 months long. That’s basically 2 months without a paycheck. ? BUT we have made it work and luckily my husband is a planner with good money sense. And if we have to make some budget cuts along the way, I’m okay with that. Time with your babies when they’re little is so precious and goes so fast. In the long run, I know I’ll be happy I chose to be home with my girls for 8 weeks instead of not giving my body and mind time to heal and adjust.

    Again, I am so happy for you and as a mom who has also had a miscarriage I know that first trimester pain all too well. Many blessings to you all and can’t wait to continue to follow along on your journey.

    09.12.19 Reply
  25. Alicia says:

    Aww! So excited for you and your beautiful family. So glad the first trimester is behind you all. Marlowe and Major are going to be the best big sister and brother. Can’t wait to watch all things pregnancy and your other exciting ventures.

    Alicia ♥️

    09.12.19 Reply
  26. Colleen Norris says:

    Just wondering what your plans are for a baby room? Is there another bedroom upstairs?

    09.12.19 Reply
  27. Jen says:

    Awww Eva! I am so very happy for you ! I have been following since before you were preggo with Major! Enjoy every last minute of this pregnancy! It’s not easy having three heck it’s not easy having one ! But you are so blesssed! Wait till you see your sweet babies just live on your new little bundle! I wish you a very easy healthy pregnancy and I’m looking forward the posts to come!!! Be well Eva ?

    09.12.19 Reply
  28. Mary G says:

    It’s funny that you will have a home birth per each house you have lived in as a married couple, ? , in the future IF you ever decide for a forth ?, you know what you will have to do, simply move to a new house and … success guaranteed! I personally believe that in any case a maternity leave less than six months is brutal for the mama and the baby, plus I wouldn’t trust anyone for the first few months to be responsible for my baby for so many hours.When you have a business and a blog based on yourself as in your case it is clearly unrealistic to disappear for such a long time. I mean people basically visit your blog in order to enjoy your wonderful personal writing style and through it they loved your lifestyle.So my suggestion would be to prepare from before 2 posts per week for the first 3 to four weeks after the labor and then you could give us once in a while, perhaps every three weeks one of your insightful blog posts followed by short fun posts regarding the new dynamic of your family of 5 or whatever else from fashion to baby accessories perhaps once every 2 weeks.I think that you should open the door to contributing writers (bloggers or not) of your choice at least once per week and perhaps (just a silly idea) you could ask from family members or friends or associates to contribute a post about your relationship or an important memory you share with them and of course introduce your team behind the scenes!!! It is obvious that you have a strong work ethic and I guess you will be tempted to return quickly but I wish you allow yourself as much time as possible with your new baby.All the best!!!

    09.12.19 Reply
  29. Alessan says:

    Yayyy!! When are you going to reveal the gender :)?????

    09.12.19 Reply
  30. Jess Kirby says:

    I love your comment about Italy needing a warning “may cause pregnancy” haha so true! We got pregnant on our first try while on our honeymoon in Italy last fall !!
    So happy for you and your growing family! All the best with the rest of your pregnancy and welcoming this sweet baby. Looking forward to following your journey. Xo

    09.12.19 Reply
  31. Jess says:

    I knew it was that Italian vacation!! No third baby for me so I’m living vicariously through you at the moment. So happy for you and glad that everything looks great and you’re feeling better!

    09.12.19 Reply
  32. Serra says:

    When I had my first child, my husband had his own company. I wanted him to take some time to be around with us while I was on maternity leave, but he really couldn’t – it’s tough when its YOURS and you really can’t outsource.

    My advice would be to set up as much content as you can in advance and schedule releases for your blog/newsletter. Everyone would understand if you take the first week off from insta except for sporadic postings when you wan… I would have one of your associates be on email/comment/dm duty and try to take maybe 3-4 weeks off entirely to get some quality time with the babe… Might need to get that nanny in full time for a bit as well. It’ll all work out. Good luck & congrats!

    09.13.19 Reply
  33. Amy says:

    Congratulations! I love following you and your adorable family. We tried IVF and were lucky for the first transfer to work and right at 6 weeks, just like you I had bright red blood. Reading your story took me back to that day because I remember just crying all night (bc of course it always happens at night) and telling my husband it was over for sure. Luckily, our fertility doctor got us in right away the next morning and not expecting to see anything on the screen, to our surprise there was a heartbeat. That night, the nonstop nausea and vomiting started and as terrible as it was (had to work from home for 5 weeks bc it was around the clock) it was a reminder that all was well and we were progressing and now our daughter is 17 months.

    Can’t wait to follow the rest of your journey! You have the cutest kids.


    09.13.19 Reply
  34. Rachel says:

    Congratulations! My SIL is pregnant with her first (probably due right about the same time as you, we’re wondering if she might have a leap year baby since next year has a February 29th!). She’s actually had almost no symptoms of pregnancy at all. Zero nausea, no vomiting, pretty much feels exactly the same as before. While she’s never had a loss, she actually found the lack of symptoms to be concerning because she felt like something, anything, should feel different. Basically she kept taking pregnancy tests over and over again (even after seeing the doctor and seeing everything was fine), because the lack of symptoms and hormone swings was freaking her out! Totally get what you mean by finding comfort in your morning sickness!

    09.13.19 Reply
  35. Jaliene Jarratt says:

    I love the shoes you’re wearing! The ones you posted are not the same. Can you please say where those exact shoes are from?
    Love you, excited for you, and wish you the best!!

    09.13.19 Reply
  36. Areth says:

    Congratulations to your beautiful family. This little baby will be so loved and cared for. I am sorry for the tough few months you had. It really does make things even better when we get to the other side of our pain. I wish you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy, and I cannot wait to see all of the updates and especially baby photos

    09.14.19 Reply
  37. Kate S says:

    So exciting!! Congratulations! I am a doula and am so excited when I hear people talking about using one for labor and birth support.. It surprises me that so many women (and men) have never heard of a doula. They contribute so much to a positive birth experience. Can’t wait to hear more about your journey this pregnancy.

    09.15.19 Reply
  38. Very nice blog thank you…

    12.23.19 Reply