The HEA Book Club: Book One

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Eva Amurri Martino lays in bed reading her newest book club pick: The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin

You know how sometimes you have to take a big, solid step that you can’t take back in order to fully commit to something sometimes? Well, today is one of those days! When I lived in LA, one of my favorite things I was a part of was a book club of about twelve women that would meet once a month and discuss a book that we read, have cocktail and snacks—and would more often than not segway into hilarious stories, impressions, and sitting-cross-legged-on-the-floor bonding.  The name of our Book Club was Grape Expectations (since we always drank wine during it) and to this day, it’s one of the elements of my life in Los Angeles that I ache for the most.

You might remember that last summer I made a commitment to myself to bring back a lot of the elements of my life pre-kids that I loved in order to feel more like myself again.  Out of all the things, the one that I’ve been dragging with the most is getting back my voracious appetite for reading.  The desire is there (there are few things I love more than curling up with a great book) but I just haven’t held myself accountable—and I’ve put it last on my priority list.  I figured there might be a few others like me out there, who would like to get into a regular habit of reading new books (or some old greats!)

And so I would like to introduce you to the fantastic, the dynamic, Happily Eva After Book Club!!! Please let me know if you have any cuter names to suggest for us. LOL.

Anyway! I’m SO excited to get this going with you guys, and I open it up for you to be as involved or uninvolved as you’d like to be.  Read one book with us a year, or participate monthly—or even just bookmark the posts to read one day down the line! I just know that I needed a little kick in the ass, so to speak, to get my brain back in a groove and maybe you do too.

Here’s how it’ll work:  I’ll post the book of the month the first week each month right here on the blog.  Then, I’ll host an Instagram Live session on a date and time that will be posted in each book’s blog post.  During that session, I’ll discuss my own takeaways, my favorite and least favorite characters, and I’ll ask some thought-provoking questions to you all.  I’ll even bring people to share the screen with me so we can all hear from each other and have a virtual hang out! Just make sure that you’re following along with my Instagram account.

This month, I decided to pick up The Immortalists, by Chloe Benjamin.  I’ve heard great things, and it was on the employee picks table of the book shop I was at recently.  It’s also a New York Times Bestseller!

The Immortalists

by Chloe Benjamin

I will be doing my live recap on Instagram on Wednesday, July 10th at 8pm EST.  (I will normally be doing the live recap within the same month as the book is being read, but I will be traveling internationally at the end of June!)

Let me know what you think of this new feature, and if you’ll be joining along! I’m so excited to get started.

PS— Make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter because I’ll have a special printable in there tomorrow for the HEA Book Club members to use this month!

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  1. Bre says:

    YESSSSS! So excited to participate.

    06.06.19 Reply
  2. Darla says:

    Yes! I’ve read The Immortalists and really enjoyed it! Count me in!

    06.06.19 Reply
  3. Gabriella Haklar says:

    Love this idea!! My mom and I have both been trying to get a book club started. We’ll definitely join you in this!

    06.06.19 Reply
  4. Tara says:

    I love this Eva!!! Reading is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I have actually already read The Immortalists (and really liked it) but can’t wait to read along next time 🙂

    06.06.19 Reply
  5. Natalie says:

    Um, yes please!!! I’m super excited for this! I love to read and have always wanted to be part of a book club but also, I like how flexible this will be.

    06.06.19 Reply
  6. Irina Visan says:

    I LOVE IT!! I am following Reese Witherspoon’s club just for saving the books and later reading them. But I will try to be active this time around 🙂 I have to recommend Next Year in Havana though maybe for next month since it’s the best summer read and such a great book. I have been dying to discuss it with someone so hope we’ll do it here. Yay for the Happily Eva After Book Club!!

    06.06.19 Reply
  7. Jennifer says:

    Yes!!! I cannot wait! This is just what I need for summer. I can’t wait to dive into this book!

    06.06.19 Reply
  8. Trixie says:

    ????❤??? yes!

    06.06.19 Reply
  9. Katie says:

    Yay! This is so exciting! I love reading and I love hearing your thoughts on things, so it’s a double whammy. When I was a kid my mom was in a book club, and I’ve been wishing I could figure out how to join one for years. Now I just need to try to get through all the unread books I already have so I can feel fully committed to this haha.

    06.06.19 Reply
  10. Jill says:

    So excited for this!!! I’ve been wanting to start reading again…it’s been on the back burner since having kiddos. Can’t wait!!

    06.06.19 Reply
  11. Leora says:

    My book club if reading the same book this month, come to Maine for dinner with us!

    06.06.19 Reply
  12. Amanda says:

    Yes yes yes yes!

    06.06.19 Reply
  13. Hannah says:

    I JUST bought this! I love this idea so much! Can’t wait to follow along!

    06.06.19 Reply
  14. Jennifer says:

    What a great idea and the books sounds so good!! Thanks!!

    06.06.19 Reply
  15. Melissa says:

    I’m in!!! I love reading too!! Problem is I pick up book at end of night when the kids finally all in bed then I fall asleep after reading a few pages ? When do you like to read?

    06.06.19 Reply
  16. Andra says:

    Best thing about my kid starting kindergarten last year? The absurd car line I have to sit in, which allows me to read a book since my daughter likes to watch movies on my phone. Can’t wait to start reading this! The name of the book club is perfect since that’s how all great fairytales end.

    06.07.19 Reply
  17. Andrea says:

    Great idea!! I’m in Ireland so prob not the right time zone for the Instagram live sessions but will deffo read along!! X

    06.07.19 Reply
  18. Glenda says:

    YES! love this idea so much!

    06.07.19 Reply
  19. Dana says:

    I’m in!

    06.07.19 Reply
  20. Bre says:

    Super stoked for this! I feel like book clubs are a dying but super fun thing! Bummed I missed out on the printable but excited to join in on the fun!

    07.01.19 Reply
  21. I’ve been wanted to share a book club. The idea is amazing to he able to participate with others

    08.06.19 Reply