The HEA Book Club: Book Four

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Eva Amurri Martino lies in her snuggle nook reading the 4th HEA Book Club Pick: The Other's Gold by Elizabeth Ames

Another month, another HEA Book Club pick! I’ve been loving our Book Club meetups, it’s so nice to hear from you guys and to get a sense of how much this book club has helped all of us get back on track with our reading habits.  I for sure would not be reading a book a month if it wasn’t for all of you holding me and each other accountable– and my brain thanks you lots. LOL. That said, please let me know if you have any suggestions for how we could do things differently that would make the experience or the “meet-ups” better.  I’m always open to making things more fun for all of you!

And speaking of fun, I’m happy to announce that this month’s book is “The Other’s Gold” by Elizabeth Ames! This is her debut novel, and it’s centered around a group of girlfriends that meet in college– going on to follow their lives and relationships over time.  With school starting up, I thought this would be a great choice.  I’m also excited to tell you that Elizabeth Ames has agreed to come on and join our next book club meeting to discuss this book! How cool! I thought it was so interesting and thought-provoking the last time we were lucky enough to chat with Chloe Benjamin about “The Immortalists”, and I’m psyched that we get to do this again with Elizabeth!

The Other's Gold

by Elizabeth Ames

I’m diving into the book now, and I really can’t wait to hear what you guys think.  Also, my new black kitty cat hasn’t left my side for a second since this costume came in the mail.  It’s totally easy to read with a cat on your lap, no problem…

Put it in the calendar: Our next HEA Bookclub Instagram Live meetup will be on October 2nd, at 8pm EST! And make sure you are signed up for the HEA Newsletter to receive this month’s free downloadable bookmark this Friday.

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  1. Nancy Velasquez says:

    Hi Eva!!! Thanks so much for starting this book ? club! I can’t believe I’ve read all 3 books with you so far!!! I’m so proud of myself!!! I’ve always wanted to be a reader and always found excuses why I wasn’t, but no I am!

    09.04.19 Reply
    • That is AWESOME and makes me so happy. I’m right there with ya, girl! xoxo

      09.05.19 Reply
  2. Silvana says:

    Hi Eva! I’m really enjoying the HEA book club and have read all three books and enjoyed them all. Eleanor Oliphant I think has been my favorite so far. If I can make a suggestion I think you should switch up the time you do the lives since i’m sure some of your readers are in a completely different time zone and can’t participate. I’m in Italy for example and it’s 3am my time when you go live. I’m excited to watch when I wake up the following morning but can’t take part and i’m sure some of your other readers have the same problem.

    09.04.19 Reply
    • Hi! I wish I could alter the book club time! I have to do it at a time when I’m off from work, my kids are asleep for the night, and not too late that I’m falling asleep myself 🙁

      09.05.19 Reply
  3. Alyssa Trad says:

    I am loving the HEA Book Club! I have read the last 2 books and enjoyed both so I’m excited to read this one as well. I joined the book club meet-up last night for the first time and it was way more enjoyable then I thought it would be. Thank you for starting this so we have the opportunity to meet new individuals and talk about these great books!

    09.04.19 Reply
  4. Lizzy says:

    I haven’t heard of this one! I can’t wait to read it.

    09.04.19 Reply
  5. Susie Petruccelli says:

    Hi! I’m hoping to share my first book with you once it’s out next spring for consideration for your book club! I’m a fan of the whole Martino fam. I met Kyle quickly at a soccer event last year – rooftop soccer event with the women 99ers and the men 94s. Hope to hear from you! Susie

    09.04.19 Reply
  6. Dana says:

    I’m SO excited for this one!

    09.04.19 Reply
  7. Erin says:

    I’m really enjoying the HEA book club. The first three were all books I probably wouldn’t have chosen on my own but i loved all of them. Can’t wait to read the newest pick!

    09.04.19 Reply
    • Woop! That’s exactly what I love to hear…the best part of a book club! So happy to have you with us! xx

      09.05.19 Reply
  8. Stacey says:

    I caught part of your live book club, It looked and sounded like so much fun. I just ordered this book, it sounds like to perfect book to read right now. Yay the author will be at the live session and for a bookmark too? Thanks Eva

    09.04.19 Reply
  9. Brigit Rotondi says:

    Hi guys, Im a little late to reading this book. I hear it was great and would still very much like to read it. Have you all read it already?.

    10.23.19 Reply