Teacher Appreciation Gift

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Eva Amurri shares this DIY teacher appreciation gift

The end of the school year is so bittersweet. It’s always a really impressive milestone to see these kids a whole year older (and smarter!) and to be able to really witness what a whole year of school has done for them. I can only speak for my own children, but having a relatively more “normal” year of school this year was such a game-changer. They are both doing SO much better than they were last year.

Our educators are truly incredible and so selfless in so many ways. I am lucky enough to know quite a few personally, and the end of the year is such a nice time to really show our appreciation for all that that they do. Especially in light of our recent school shootings– it weighs so heavily on me that our society asks teachers to give up and risk in order to be there for our children. And mostly while they feel vastly unsupported in a myriad of ways!

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So today, I’d like to do two things: one, I want to show you this beautiful and easy-to-make chocolate DIY Bouquet. This is such a sweet and easy way to put together something that’s handmade but something your child’s teacher will actually appreciate. Especially because it is the perfect vessel for what a teacher really wants and needs: a gift card! I plan to give this bouquet to Marlowe’s teacher with a gift card tucked in.

Secondly, I’d love to use this as an opportunity to do something nice for the teachers in our community! If you have a teacher who needs items cleared from their Amazon lists, please write a little about them and put the link in the comments below! I will pick one and contribute!

Wishing all the families and educators a very happy end of the year, and a beautiful summer ahead!

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DIY Bouquet

Step 1:

Attach chocolate to wooden dowel

Using a hot glue gun, glue the chocolate truffle to one of the ends of the wooden dowel. Repeat for all flowers you are creating and set aside to dry completely.

Step 2:

Prepare the petals

Using the color streamer of your choice for the petals, cut an arm’s length piece. Fold the piece back and forth laying the layers on top of each other. Next, cut a scalloped edge on one of the longer sides of the streamer. Unfold and put glue on the non-scalloped edge.

Step 3:

Create the petals

Taking the arm’s length, scalloped streamer piece that you just placed glue on and attach one end to the base of the chocolate. Next, you are going to pinch the streamer and begin to attach the streamer around the chocolate. Once you complete the first layer around the base of the chocolate, you will begin attaching the remainder of the streamer to the streamer secured to the base of the chocolate. Once the next layer is complete it will be attached to the layer below it and so on. Set aside to dry completely before the next step.

Step 4:

Finishing Details of Flower

Now that the top of your flower is complete and fully dry, you will finish off the flower by creating the stem. Place glue along the wooden dowel from the base of the flower all the way to the end of the dowel. Next, take your green streamer and begin to wrap it around the dowel starting from the top and working your way down. Make sure to secure it tight up against the petals to give it that finished look. I found it best to wrap the green streamer at an angle going down the dowel. Once at the bottom, cut the streamer.

Step 5:

Place Flowers in Vase

Now that your flowers are complete, hot glue a foam square or circle to the bottom of your vase (this will depend on the shape of your vase and size). Once that is secure, push the flowers into the foam at the bottom of the vase. Finish off this gift by placing green tissue paper amongst the flowers to create greenery and leaves. Give this to the teacher that you appreciated most this year!

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Eva Amurri shares this DIY teacher appreciation gift

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  1. June Caldwell says:

    My daughter, Brooke, is a 1st grade teacher at a private Christian school. She works so hard for very little pay but the reward is eternal. She is so giving and loving and has loved influencing young people! She has been a gift to these children and spends much of her pay to give her students the best possible experience!! I’d love to see some of her wish list filled!! https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/SUQF0ZGL6R2G?ref_=wl_share

    If she is blessed to be chosen, I know she would be both humbled and grateful!! Blessings to you for your kindness and to whomever you choose!
    Love and blessings,
    June Caldwell

    06.08.22 Reply
    • Thanks for sharing, June! I went ahead and sent some things! Hope the kids love them! xo

      06.09.22 Reply
      • June says:

        Oh my! Thank you! You are so very kind! I know she and the children will be thrilled! Bless you for your kindness!!

        06.11.22 Reply
  2. Katie says:

    After perhaps the most mentally and emotionally draining year in my teaching experience, I’m entering my 3rd year at my current school. One of my biggest goals is to work on fostering emotional and neurological awareness and introspection in my students, many of whom are neurodivergent. Even though I’m a math/science teacher, I feel like it’s my duty to have my students leave me as more self-aware, independently functioning, and better coping individuals as when they came to me, so a big part of my wishlist for this year are tools to assist students with neurodivergence, such as fidgets, fine motor tools, and sensory bank fillers. Here’s the list: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1QGW0DCCIXQA6?ref_=wl_share

    06.09.22 Reply
  3. Erin says:

    This is my wish list. I am a K-5 reading intervention teacher. I help struggling readers get to where they need to be. I work in a Title 1 school with a large ESL population.

    I am often pulled to do state testing for students I don’t normally see and this year I had some interactions with a fifth grader that made me want to do something next year.

    I want to put together period packs for students who may get their first period at school or may get their period and be unprepared. My plan is to put up posters in the bathrooms with my room number and also let the teachers know in case a student comes to them with an issue. We also have a lot of students who just can’t afford period products. I’d like to get pouches and fill them with supplies for those that need them and also be able to refill the pouches.

    So, those items are at the top of my list, but I also have a bunch of books that I’d love to add to my classroom library to continue to diversify the books my students are exposed to.

    Thank you so much for doing this for teachers. It has been a rough year (more than I could explain in a few paragraphs) and it is so nice to see true appreciation.

    Much love,

    06.09.22 Reply
  4. Beautiful idea, it’s so easy and pretty! I will copy it for a friend’s birthday coming up as my daugther is too big to bring presents to the teachers. Here (Florence) is not expected for kids in high school.

    06.16.22 Reply