Back to School Essentials

Eva Amurri shares her Back to School Essentials

The summer officially lasted about fifteen minutes, and it’s already time to send our kids back to school! WHERE DID THE TIME GO?! Last year was probably one of the strangest school years in school’s history, and yet kids AND teachers around the country navigated it with grace. Check out this blog post if you want to hear about how we navigated back to school last year, and where my head was with all of it! This year, I have totally let go of expectations, and I’m hoping for the best for both teachers and kids. Our school in particular has kids returning to school in masks for now, but with some of the reins loosened a bit on social distancing. The playground will be open for recess, and I believe that the entire class will be able to be in the one classroom together, although they will be masked. I’m hoping the kids are able to use the cafeteria this year as well! Nothing like a global pandemic to make us all appreciative of the little “wins” where we can find them. 

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I’m excited this year because Major is doing a 5’s Program, which some places call TK. He has a late birthday, and where we live a lot of families hold kids in 5’s programs for one more year before sending children off to Kindergarten. His younger age, mixed with these strange times…I just didn’t feel like Major was ready to start elementary school just yet. In fact, we had always planned on doing this extra year, which I talked about a bit in my preschool plan blog post! The program he’s doing this year is an accredited 5’s Program, meaning it counts as Kindergarten all on its own. If we wanted or needed to, we could always put him into first grade next year. I guess we can cross that bridge when we come to it. This program is private, and so he has a uniform this year! I’m super excited about it, and Major is too. Marlowe is jealous, of course. She’s into the uniform vibes. LOL. I’m getting really excited to order his shirts and sweaters, and to NOT have to think about his outfit every day. 

All that said, I’ve been prepping for the kids return to school, and of course, I have some of my favorite back-to-school essentials. I’m sharing them here today! Let me know if you have any questions!

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My Back to School Essentials...

MiniBe Backpack in Team Toki

$36 (On Sale!)

Marlowe uses this Jujube x Tokidoki backpack for school and it has held up so well! She always says she loves looking at all of the fun characters on it to pass the time while she waits in the pickup line. 

Zealous Backpack in Galaxy

$52 (On Sale!)

Major is using this super cool space backpack this year!

PlanetBox ROVER Bento Lunch Box


Planetbox lunch boxes are still my fave! They’re stainless steel, so easy to clean, and everything stays put. I Love them! This set includes the Rover Lunch Box, 1 Big Dipper food container, 1 Little Dipper food container, Insulated Carrying Bag, and Magnet Set!

Mabel's Labels


These labels are super cute and customizable. They come in a variety of sizes and stay stuck on!

Use code HAPPILYEVA for 15% off site-wide!* (Discount does not apply to stamps, masks, or sale items.)

Contigo Autospout Straw Water Bottle - 3-Pack


Contigo water bottles are my favorite because they don’t leak. My kids even sleep with them! I ordered these new bigger sizes for school!

Kids' pack-of-three nonmedical knit face masks


I love J.Crew kids’ face masks. They come in great patterns, aren’t too big, and are adjustable at the ears. 

Boys' stretch chino pant


I bought Major these pants for school this year. The stretch chino is super soft, and they’re ultra-durable. 

Girls' cozy everyday leggings


Marlowe prefers wearing leggings to school, and these J.Crew ones are our favorite. They’re extra thick and have a really comfy waistband. Plus they come in such cute colors and patterns!

Cienta Kids Shoes


Cienta kids’ sneakers are my absolute favorite everyday shoe for my kids. The velcro makes them easy for them to put on independently, and they go with everything. Plus, they’re easy to toss in the wash if they get dirty. 

Seamless Hair Bands


I always buy another set of my favorite hair ties for Marlowe before school starts. They’re so stretchy but still strong. Hard to explain, but thank me later!

No Slip Metal Snap Hair Clips


Marlowe’s baby hairs in front always get in her face. I recently bought this big set of clips and LOVE them. They’re so cute!



I had to order this Megababe hand sanitizing set for back to school! Love the fresh scent and my kids do too.

Now that you know all my product essentials, time to get down to Marlowe and Major’s essentials: time and space to make new friends! One of the toughest parts of elementary school for me as a Mom has been that I don’t really ever get to meet the kids’ parents, or to form relationships with the kids my kids play with. My kids come home wanting a playdate, but it’s hard to figure out how exactly to even reach out to the parents and start chatting. A great way around this is to send your child into school with a “playdate card”. It’s a card that your child can give to their new friend that has all of YOUR info on it so that you can set up a playdate even if you’ve never met the parents! 

Here’s a printable version I made! Just click on it to download the PDF and print!

Eva Amurri shares her Back to School EssentialsEva Amurri shares her Back to School Essentials

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