My Favorite Outdoor Toys For Kids

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Eva Amurri shares her favorite outdoor toys for her kids

The warm weather is finally here to stay, and if you have small kids like I do, the odds are that warm weather means lots of time spent outdoors. My kids LOVE being outside, and to be honest, I prefer playing with them outside because it’s so much easier to manage! Spills and messes don’t matter as much, and the kiddos can exercise all their wiggles out so that by the time we come indoors for dinner and a bath, they are TOAST. Lol. There’s nothing better than zonked-out kids who sleep like peaceful little babies. Marlowe is even too tired to complain! And for a tween girl, imagine that! Hahaha.

I grew up in the concrete jungle of New York City, so having a yard for my kids to play in has been a dream come true for me. After we built a patio, we ended up spending even more time outside, and we love eating and preparing meals out there in the warmer months. All this to say, outdoor toys for kids have become a specialty of mine! I get asked pretty often online about what my favorite pieces are that I’ve gotten for the kids over the years. Today I thought I would do a little roundup for anybody looking for some things to play with outside this summer. Let me know if you have any must try’s that aren’t on this list!

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Outdoor Toys for Kids

Camping Tent Set


My kids love this fun tent, which comes with play food, walkie-talkies, binoculars, and other fun accessories!

Gator Inflatable Pool


I got this kiddie pool for the yard, and we’ve already used it a few times. Mateo loves the mini slide!

Outdoor Water Table


I got this new water table this year to replace our old one, and it’s AMAZING. All three kids play with it together!

Strider Balance Bike


We have these balance bikes! They’re really fun and great for gearing up to ride a bike with no training wheels!

Jump 'n Slide Bouncer


This bounce house was one of our best pandemic purchases. The kids play with it outside and inside!

Water Slide, Bounce House, Climbing Wall Play Center


I found this and need to order it! It’s a bounce house/kiddie pool combo!

Garden Cart


We just put in a big garden at our house, and this toy is perfect for having Mateo feel helpful without actually helping! LOL

Stomp Rockets


Stomp Rockets are a forever favorite. My kids play with these for hours AND they’re also one of my favorite birthday gifts to give to kiddos!

Push 'n Bubble Mower


Get the kids involved with yard work using this adorable toy lawnmower that blows bubbles!

Kids Ride on Jeep


Marlowe got this jeep for her birthday last year, and all three kids love driving in it around the yard!

Beamo Flying Hoop


Beamo frisbees are the best. They’re soft so they won’t hurt anybody, and they’re so easy to use that even Mateo can play catch with us!

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids


As my kids get older, I have my eye on this outdoor Ninja Warrior obstacle course set! So fun for extra active kiddos.

Glow in the Dark Rock Painting Kit


This is more of a craft, but Marlowe has been really into decorating rocks recently. During the pandemic, her school started painting encouraging phrases on them, and leaving the rocks all over town for people to find. It’s really nice to stumble upon them, so beautifully designed with lovely words.

Eva Amurri shares her favorite outdoor toys for her kids

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  1. Erika says:

    Great list! We love lots of those items too and will have to check out some that we don’t have! Splash mats are also tons of fun and so much easier than kiddie pools!

    06.17.20 Reply