Our Favorite Make Believe Toys

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Eva Amurri shares her kids favorite make believe toys

With a Mom who is a former actress and two movie star grandparents, I think it’s safe to say that our home is filled with a lot of make-believe play. LOL. In fact, my kids have always loved pretending and playing dress-up the most, and prefer it to any game out there. The best part about it is that there are a million different ways to play, and each time is so different! It’s fun for me to join in on pretend play, too, and I find it to be such an interesting way to experience what my kids are up to and how they’ve been feeling. You can sense a lot about where a kid is emotionally by how they’re pretending in a game, or where their imagination goes!

Marlowe’s favorite games to play involve being animals in a family together or pretending that she’s a vet and has all her stuffed animals to take care of. Major loves acting out scenes from his favorite movies and shows, and putting on game shows that he makes up. Mateo pretends to be animals with Marlowe and also likes to build forts or hide out in tents. All three of my kids LOVE playing make-believe in our very own backyard Diner, Jimmy Mae’s!

As a parent, my favorite times are when my kids use their imaginations to have fun, and I always tell them that I have no problem investing in toys that help them make-believe. Today, I thought I would share some of our favorites, in case you’re looking for some to add to your collection!

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Our Favorite Make Believe Toys

Melissa & Doug Star Diner Restaurant Play Set


This diner set is so cute, and my kids love playing with it! It even comes with aprons!

Pretend Play Fast Food Set


This fast food tray is filled with other favorites that my kids serve us!

My First Chelsea All-in-1 Play Kitchen


This is the play kitchen we have! It comes in 3 beautiful colors and has held up so well over the years.

Cash Register


This cash register is a fun toy AND a great learning tool to teach about money value!

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Melissa & Doug Food Groups


I got these sweet wooden foods to go in our play fridge!

Wooden Cleaning Set


My boys have both been obsessed with this cleaning set!

Natural Tool Bench


This tool bench will provide hours of fun for your mini Mr. Fixit!

'Sushi Slicing' Wooden Toy


How cute is this play sushi kit?!

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Examine and Treat Pet Vet Play Set


This is the vet kit that Marlowe plays with nonstop.

White Rocket Ship Play Tent


Fly to the moon and back in this attachable set of play tents.

Garden Wheelbarrow Play Set


This adorable garden set lets Mateo “help us” without hurting any of the plants in our actual garden!

Kids Camping Play Tent


Summer is complete with this pretend camping set. Enjoy the great outdoors from your own living room or porch!

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Eva Amurri shares her kids favorite make believe toys

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