A Much Needed Playroom Overhaul

Eva Amurri shares her newly reorganized playroom

You know how sometimes you live with something for a while in your house and realize it needs some changes? That was our playroom!

The way it was organized just didn’t work for us — it was getting messy so quickly, and looked like a disaster all the time. Plus, I felt like the shelves needed some simplifying and decluttering.


I decided to do a massive overhaul and reorganization process, and because watching those are so satisfying for me when I see others’ do it, I figured I’d share my process here as well!

One of my biggest takeaways was changing the toy bins to ones that my kids could see in to. This helps them really target toys instead of just blindly fishing for things in them, and it also helps them know how to put them away! I also edited down the adult books that I was displaying on the shelves, and organized the family photos albums in a different way. I like that we have the albums out, since my kids like taking them down and looking through them pretty often.


I grouped all the toy baskets by type of toy, and purposefully took two of the baskets to the basement! I plan to swap them out, and “hide” two others every month to make my kids play with toys they already had but forgot about.

I’m so sick of my kids getting “bored” with their toys, yet having LOADS. Any other parents feel me?


I also set up a section of one bookshelf that is just for Mateo’s baby toys.

So far my kids are loving this new system, and clean up time has been a breeze! I’m going to link some of my bins and baskets below as well!


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Photographs by Julia Dags

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  1. Polly says:

    Ok I sincerely love you, but I can hardly tell the difference. : ) Guess I’m not Type A enough. It’s like one of those Highlights puzzles and I can’t spot the differences. (crying laughing emoji face)

    08.19.20 Reply
    • OMG! Do I need to come there and organize YO LYFE?! hahaha

      08.20.20 Reply