My Pantry Makeover

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Eva Amurri shares her Pantry Makeover

This blog post was originally published on February 11th, 2022.

Look, I’ll just come right out and say it: my name is Eva and my pantry was a DISASTER. One of the drawbacks of our kitchen space in this house (besides the small space and little light, which a reno took care of) was the lack of pantry space. It’s been a bummer not to be able to store a lot of stuff in our tall but narrow pantry. I didn’t realize, though, how cluttered and disorganized it would get SO easily. Life with three kids can really do a number on a pantry, I’ve found out! I haven’t been really prioritizing developing a better system for it, and as a result, it’s gotten progressively worse and worse.

HEA Team member, Brianna, has a gift for organizing…and she loves to do it! She suggested she take some time one day to tackle the pantry and see if she could come up with a better system….and needless to say, I was thrilled. LOL. I was so so impressed with how it came out, and I want her to tell you in her own words why she chose each of the products and why she likes them! Check out the Before and Afters (Don’t judge me), and get some inspo for giving your own space a little refresh. Take it away, Bri!

Bri's Pantry Product Selection

Food Storage Containers


These are a complete game changer to any pantry! Not only do they keep all your boxed and bagged foods from getting stale, but they also come with blank labels. Labels truly are a life savior and make cooking and baking so much easier.

Cabinet Shelf Organizers


These shelf organizers were a must-have especially in Eva’s pantry, as her shelves are very deep. It is so important to utilize all the space you have. Insert these risers and you are able to see and read all the labeled food containers.

Shallow Clear Storage Organizer


Measure your space before selecting storage organizers. It is so important to know the dimensions of your shelf or drawer before purchasing. Aside from measuring, it is important to purge and decide what you are keeping to organize. Bin selection truly matters for the product as well! This size bin was perfect for condiments, cooking oils, and vitamin storage.

Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers


I selected these for Eva’s pantry as they were the exact depth of one of her drawers. They also fit her small skinny condiments such as soy sauce, honey, and rice vinegar. They were also the perfect container to store tea pouches in!

Assorted Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers


As I mentioned previously, you should select organizers based on the items you have to organize. These came in handy for storing packets and pouches- LiquidIV, Emergen-C, Soups, Kid Bitsy packets, etc. They also came in handy for storing individual coffee pods- no more bulky boxes taking up space!

Storage Holder Bin with Handles


When you have a tall pantry having bins with handles is extremely important. Not only is having handles helpful but also deeper bins so when you reach for these you do not experience your items potentially falling out and hitting you. These are great for storing taller, bulkier items and items that live on the top shelf that you don’t access on a daily basis.

Eva Amurri shares her Pantry Makeover

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