My Favorite Undergarments

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Eva Amurri shares her favorite undergarments

We have never gotten so many requests for a blog post as we did for this one about my favorite undergarments! And to be honest, I find that extremely exciting! About a month ago, I shared on Instagram that as somebody who has been nearly every breast size over the years, I have become really picky about undergarments. It’s hard to find bras that are attractive and supportive in larger sizes, and also to find options without underwire. I’ve tried so many brands and fits over the years, and as a result, I’m really passionate about the items that I feel really work.


So, so, so many of you reached out sharing similar stories and asking for some of my favorite options in various categories. Of course, my body is only MY body. LOL. I haven’t lived in anyone else’s– so keep that in mind! BUT I do feel like I have some great advice about different undergarments in most of the categories we crowdsourced. I’m going to share a bunch of my favorites below. Let me know if I’m missing out on any must-try bras or underwear!

in this picture

I also wanted to share some words on the photos in this blog post. I’m a Mom of 3, and my body has changed a ton over the last 8 years. From growing bigger through each pregnancy, and then very small under periods of extreme stress and sadness, my body has taken on many forms and contained such a mix of emotions during that time. More recently, I’ve really felt that I’ve finally let go of the notion that I need my body to be “perfect”…even in photos. I think it’s so easy as a public figure to get caught up in the idea that photos on the internet are around, well, FOREVER. It can really paralyze you sometimes if you feel like you don’t look your best. I don’t work out extra hard before underwear or bathing suit shoots anymore. Sometimes I get a spray tan to give me that extra boost of confidence, but for this shoot, I decided it was better to show up just as I am.


My skin is a little pale in these photos, my body is toned in some places and puffy in others. It’s important to me show you how different my body looks standing versus sitting, how my back fat comes a bit over the sides of my bra, that my underarms have folds of drooping skin, and that my stomach rolls when I sit. My body is a real body, and it’s taken me three rounds of motherhood to really and truly accept it for all that it is…and for all that it has given me. I am what I am! The much, much younger version of me would be absolutely shocked at the level of acceptance I have now. My body was a battleground for me for many years during a lot of self-loathing, anxiety, and fear. It almost never felt like “Home”. I think being really comfortable, happy, and unconditionally loved the last couple of years has done wonders for my body acceptance.


Feeling the way I feel now has inspired me to show up with those values in the photos on this blog. I’ve come to realize that I don’t think we should hide, or adjust to fit standards that are completely unrealistic. By showing up as we are unapologetically it can really help others who are still early in their journey toward self-acceptance. I just want to put that out there for anybody currently struggling with negative self-talk or body image struggles. Radical acceptance is possible! It’s also ok that it’s a journey– we all get there when we get there.

T-shirt Bras

24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra


Thirdlove is a great one-stop shop for T-shirt bras if you have large breasts, or are in between sizes. I have this bra in the pinkish white color and a true nude, and it’s great. I like that it has more full coverage so I never get that over the bra muffin top thing going on.

Understated Contour Underwire T-shirt Bra


I recently bought this t-shirt bra, because I wanted a version with more dainty straps, and I really love it too! It’s great for tank tops.

Pretty Underwire Bras

Minx Balconette Bra


I’m in love with this lacy underwire! It’s so comfortable, and the fabric isn’t too thick so I feel like it’s not adding bulk. It comes in pretty colors too.

Feathers Contour Plunge Bra


I wanted an underwire that was also a plunge style, and I tried this. It’s fantastic and looks great under more plunging tops and dresses.

24/7 Lace Balconette Bra


This lace balconette style is another awesome find, plus super-inclusive sizing.

Bralette (No Wire)

Triangle Bralette


This triangle bralette is super soft, comfy, inexpensive, and also feels supportive on my large chest. I love it!

Plunge Bralette


This plunge style is another great option from the same brand!

Second Skin Comfort Lace Triangle Bralette


For an easy and comfy pullover option, this Tommy John style is a fave! It’s really simple but still pretty with the lace. I wear a Medium in the larger cup option.

in this picture

in this picture


24/7 Classic Strapless Bra


My go-to strapless over the years (especially when I’ve climbed up in size) has been the Thirdlove strapless. I wouldn’t say it’s particularly comfy but it does continuously give me a good lift without the straps which for larger busts is important!

Bliss Perfection Strapless Bra


I recently ordered this balconette style strapless and I love it so much! The extra fabric at the bottom is really pretty and it makes me feel more secure having it more long-bodied.


Fuller Cup Dotty Demi Bra


Fleur Du Mal lingerie is my hands-down favorite. I wear their bras a lot from day to day also! I always find something special that me and Ian both love! LOL

Fuller Cup Lily Longline Demi Bra


This longline demi bra is the next one I want to add to my collection!

Veronique Unlined


AdoreMe is another brand I favor because they have stunning options for all sizes and the pieces don’t break the bank. They even have a VIP program where you can get pieces regularly for less!


High Rise Brief


This is my favorite high-rise brief style, for sleeping, etc.

High Rise Thong


These high-rise thongs are super flattering and comfy.

Tommy John Cool Cotton Thong


These are my favorite barely-there thongs. I wear them under workout pants and the nude version under anything slightly sheer.

Hanky Panky Original Rise Thong


I will forever be a fan of the lacy Hanky Panky thong! I’ve worn them since college.

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Boyshorts


I also love the Hanky Panky lacy boyshorts! They’re sexy and comfy at the same time.

Eva Amurri shares her favorite undergarments

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  1. E says:

    With tears in my eyes reading this blog. Thank you for sharing what I need to hear and accept my body as it is. It is strong and carried 2 very big babies but it is mine and work g on accepting it everyday a bit more and more. Thank you for the honesty.

    05.04.22 Reply
  2. Ann says:

    You may have some idea how helpful it was to every single person who read this to post real pictures with honest explanations about your real and lovely body, but in case you don’t – thank you.

    05.04.22 Reply
    • I’m glad this resonated with you 🙂 xo

      05.06.22 Reply