Mateo’s Favorite Things

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Eva Amurri shares Mateo's Favorites

Mateo Antoni Martino is the wildest, silliest, yummiest little character I have ever encountered. I am obsessed with him and fear him in equal measure. LOL. Everyone in our household just can’t get enough of this really fun and funny phase that Mateo is in at the moment. It’s that phase of toddlerhood when he has unmistakably become his own person, and yet he still speaks with that sweet little baby voice and is the cutest little squish. Our entire family pretty much can’t wait to see what comes out of his mouth next! He has gotten us all to belly laugh on the regular!

I’ve also had the realization lately that his babyhood has really flashed before my eyes. As my last child, it’s really surreal to realize that Mateo is growing up so quickly, and becoming a Big Boy with every passing day. Part of me can’t wait to see what he’s like a year, three years, or even a decade from now…but the other part of me just wants to freeze time forever. Alas, I know I can’t freeze time, so instead, I’ve been doing whatever I can to fully enjoy him at this current phase of life. We’ve been having so much fun together, and I’ve been getting questions about some of the activities we’ve been enjoying. Instead of answering all of the queries individually, I figured it could be cool to do a roundup of all of Mateo’s favorite things! Each of the items listed below are truly his top picks, and things we use every day. Let me know if you have any questions, and I hope they inspire some new favorites for your family!

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Mateo's Favorite Things

Long John Pajama Set


He absolutely loves the comfy, cozy Hanna Andersson Pajamas! They fit his little muscular toddler body very comfortably.

Original Kids First Rain Boots


Hunter boots are so simple to slip on and off. Mr. Independent approves!

Contigo Kids Water Bottle


We use these water bottles with him, and they’re indestructible, and don’t leak! 10/10.

Angel Dear Blankie


These are the loveys Mateo sleeps with every night, and at nap time!

Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Light


This is the night light I use in his room that keeps him so calm all night long.

Gekko Costume


Mateo is Gecko obsessed and loves this character costume!

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Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game


Mateo has so much fun fishing for these letters and numbers, and we help put together words with him!

Build A Robot Spinner Puzzle Game


We play this Robot game every day! It’s super fun for the whole family.



Zingo is his other favorite! The game is rather **ahem** One-sided, but fun nonetheless!

Gabby's Dollhouse, Purrfect Dollhouse


Mateo is obsessed with the show Gabby’s Dollhouse, and he wants this for his Birthday so badly!

Rhyming Puzzle Pairs


I highly recommend this matching rhyming words game. It’s a puzzle and a learning game all in one, and we play it almost every day.

Craft Your Own Fish Characters Kit


Since Mateo isn’t in preschool, I like to have some crafts on hand at home to work on. This was a great kit because all of the crafts are different from each other, and they give you everything you need.

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Melissa & Doug Scissor Skills Activity Book


Mateo absolutely loves kid scissors. I think it’s the slight promise of danger. LOL. This is a really fun book that encourages them to learn to cut in straight lines and shapes.

Paper Plate Art Kit


This paper plate craft kit was another fun afternoon spent! It’s easy for him to follow along and create independently.

Fisher-Price Little People Bulldozer


This is the toy of the moment! He brings it everywhere.

Baby Doll


Mateo has recently gotten into baby dolls, so he needed one of his own! We got him a little boy baby.

Adora Baby Doll Stroller


The favorite baby doll activity has been pushing him in a stroller! This one is lightweight but well-made.

Osmo - Little Genius Starter Kit for iPad


Ian’s sister bought Mateo this amazing piece of tech for Christmas and it’s SO cool. You use it with an ipad to create learning activities and games for the whole family. It makes for a much-appreciated break from Movies or TV.

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