My Experience Going from Two To Three Kids

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Eva Amurri shares her Experience Going from Two To Three Kids

After Major was born, I was sure I was done having babies. A few things factored into that decision, but mostly I was completely and utterly overwhelmed.  Moving across the country and adding a child to our family within a year knocked me on my butt big time.  The first year of Major’s life was a total blur, and I felt like I was barely treading water most of the time.  I was also dealing with some mental health struggles that made me feel anxious and vulnerable.  Overall, the idea of ever being able to handle three kids (on top of my growing business) seemed like an impossibility.  

When Kyle and I decided to go for baby number three last year, I was a little nervous.  My experience going from one to two kids was SO insane– it had really taken us an ENTIRE year to feel like we were leveling out as a family.  Even if we wanted to go for a third child, would we be able to handle it? Would I be able to handle it? I got pregnant with Mateo immediately, and my days wondering if it was the right decision were thus immediately over.  The train had left the station, ladies, and gentlemen! LOL. I was really excited to add to my brood, and I always love being pregnant, but the nervousness about what going from two to three kids would be like lingered with me the entire pregnancy.  Once I knew I’d be doing it as a single Mama, I was even more nervous!

My experience going from two to three kids has been so far from what I had feared, though.  I feel, hands down, that going from two to three has been easier than going from one to two, and I wanted to share my takeaways about why! I’m under two months into the experience, of course, but since the newborn phase is always the hardest, I feel pretty good about writing this blog post.  I guess I’ll have to give you another update a year or so from now when Mateo starts scooting around the house and giving me heart attacks daily.  Ha! Here are my takeaways: 

Eva Amurri shares her Experience Going from Two To Three Kids

I’m Stronger

One of the biggest reasons that I can identify for why this time around has been WAY easier is all of the work I’ve done on myself.  While I had been to therapy on and off for a couple of years by the time Major was born, it was really in the wake of my Postpartum Depression and Anxiety, and the PTSD from his accident, that I started to do really focused work on myself.  I have learned so much about myself in the last few years, and I’ve become so much stronger as a person.  Coming into third-time-motherhood from this newly empowered place has helped me be a calmer, stronger, and better Mother to all three of my kids– not just my newborn! 

Eva Amurri shares her Experience Going from Two To Three Kids

This Isn’t My First (or second!) Rodeo

Never underestimate good old fashioned EXPERIENCE.  As a first time Mama, everything was nerve-wracking and a novelty.  It improved slightly the second time around, but I found myself second-guessing myself a lot of times and not feeling very settled into my identity as a Mom. This time around, I know how I like to do things, the products I like, and what works for me and for my kids.  For example, I know I like my kids sleeping in their own cribs, I know I like to swaddle them a certain way, I know I want to sleep train and have my babies on schedules, and I know my limits when it comes to breastfeeding.  I don’t impose my “way” on other Moms, and I don’t let others’ opinions impact me. And, most importantly, I don’t judge myself for the parts of all of it that go wrong or not according to plan.  I feel I’ve truly and finally become “seasoned” in my motherhood journey and I’m so thankful for the peace and grace that has given me this time around! 

Eva Amurri shares her Experience Going from Two To Three Kids

The Age Gap Is Bigger

Ok, so I’ve decided something: it’s not about the number of kids you have, its about THE SPACING.  I look back on when Major was a baby…and Marlowe was a baby too! They are 26 months apart, and I didn’t even realize at the time how bananas that made the whole experience.  I obviously know that people have kids way more close in age than that, but for me, it was a huge challenge.  Marlowe wasn’t at all independent when Major was a newborn, and as a result, I had to bring her along with me every time I did anything with him around the house.  Wrangling both babies at once was so hard, and being on a double diaper schedule was even harder.  Plus, Marlowe wasn’t able to fully communicate her needs to me, which resulted in a lot of frustration and tantrums on her end as she adjusted to a new normal.  This time around, the age gap between Major and Mateo is 3.5 years, and it is GREAT.  Both Marlowe and Major are super independent, in a fantastic groove with each other, and on a schedule that works great for them. As a result, they have adjusted so well to the chaos that can come with a newborn in the home and are able to do their own thing while I feed him, change a diaper, or get him to sleep.  Plus, THEY sleep. Which is not to be underestimated at all.

Eva Amurri shares her Experience Going from Two To Three Kids

My Big Kids Help Me

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve asked Marlowe or Major to grab me a diaper, wipes, a burp cloth, or my phone, I’d have…oh, wait. Maybe I should be giving them that dollar. LOL. Please nobody tell my kids about allowance yet! But seriously, I’m so grateful to my sweet helpers for being so mature and recognizing that as a family we all need to work together right now.  They are also both so EXCITED to help! It’s been really amazing to notice the difference there is when my kids are a bit older and able to really understand the magic of adding a new sibling to the mix. They both rush to come into his room with me when he wakes up from a nap, and snuggle him all day long when I’m breastfeeding or if he’s hanging out.  They can’t wait until he can actually play with them, of course, but for now, I’ve been surprised by how connected they feel to him just as their baby brother who needs a great deal of love and attention. 

Eva Amurri shares her Experience Going from Two To Three Kids

Third Babies Are Chill

When I was pregnant with Mateo, anyone and everyone with three kids would reach out to me and tell me not to worry, that third babies “know their place in the family” and that their job is to basically be the chill little sidekick who gives Mama an easy time.  I didn’t believe this, of course, since how could it be possible for a newborn to sense their birth order? But Mateo came out SUPER chill, with just the vibe we needed during these crazy times. He’s the sweetest soul and the easiest baby. And he loves to be held and snuggled.  Of course, this makes for some trickier times at bedtime, since his dream is to just sleep nuzzled in my neck every night (LOL. Boys.) but overall he’s been so cut and dry about his needs and just going with the flow when we need him to.  I’ve ALSO heard that third babies, and boys, in particular, get a little wild and crazy as toddlers….so stay tuned for my post about pulling my hair out during that phase! Ha!

Eva Amurri shares her Experience Going from Two To Three Kids

Overall, this experience has proven yet again that sometimes the things and dynamics that we are most worried about turn out to be the very thing we don’t have to worry about.  It’s taught me to live in the moment more, and that being concerned about the future is really a pointless endeavor. I know that having three kids instead of two will have many, many sets of challenges through the years– but easing in to this dynamic with a lot less stress than I was expecting has helped me face it with courage and grace. At least for now. I would love to hear from any other Mamas with three kids: did you find that adding a third child was easier than adding a second?

Please share in the comments below! 

Eva Amurri shares her Experience Going from Two To Three Kids
Eva Amurri shares her Experience Going from Two To Three Kids

Photos by Julia Dags

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  1. Simone says:

    I’m so happy for y’all! This is great advice, but as a fellow mom of three I want to warn others that my third is not chill and is the worst sleeper of the bunch! Good thing she is also the cutest!

    05.01.20 Reply
  2. Sue Williamson says:

    The kids are Gorgeous. The baby is a wonder! He’s stunning. Good luck & enjoy.

    05.08.20 Reply
  3. Amanda Davies says:

    I found 2 to 3 definitely easier. My chill baby was number 5. I agree the age gap makes all the difference . Why didn’t anyone tell us that a gap greater than 3 years is heaven. Your little family is gorgeous.

    06.18.20 Reply
  4. C says:

    wow…. just happened into this blog for Bar Harbor vaca in 2017… some familiar looking sites.
    And when I was curious about how the kids were getting on 3 yrs later, there was another! Really liked you turquoise swim suit from 20217… since you are an actress it explains a bit why everything and everyone always looks so cute and clean and composed. Still a lot of balls to juggle. Good luck.

    07.19.20 Reply
  5. Alex says:

    Thank you for this! My sons are 4 and 2 now. I have this unfounded feeling to have one more. The idea scares me a little but this put my heart at ease. You are so right about our strength. Motherhood makes you incredibly strong and resilient. I hope you and your family are happy and well xo

    07.19.20 Reply
  6. Liv says:

    Even before I got pregnant with my second, I was sure I was done. All through the pregnancy I tried to be more engaged for each milestone because I was so sure it was going to be my last first trimester, last anatomy scan, last L&D…. Here I am, almost 8 months post-partum (also wrangling an almost-3-year-old) and suddenly, I’m thinking “maybe one more?”. I’m giving myself a deadline to make this decision: if I can’t say definitely yes to #3 by next summer, then the answer is no. But this post feels very timely because this decision is constantly at the back of my mind. It is a relief to hear your transition to 3 has been so smooth because the few friends who’ve made that jump say its hard – but then again, many people said the same about 1 to 2…and 0 to 1 for that matter!

    07.23.20 Reply
    • Sophie says:

      Hey I’m reading this and it honestly feels like what you’re writing is word for word what I’m feeling right now. Interested to hear… did you go on to have your third baby?

      12.30.23 Reply
  7. Siska says:

    Hi Eva, what a lovely brood you have. I would love to read about your sleep training experience. Would you consider writing a blog post about it?

    Enjoy your babies! XO from Germany

    07.24.20 Reply
  8. Annie says:

    Hi Eva! I have loved watching your family expand. I am pregnant with my second baby. My son will be 3 1/2 when his sibling is born; around the same age that Major was when Mateo was born. I plan to have a homebirth and would love to get some books that are age appropriate to read to my son in preparation for the birth. Were there any books you read with your kids that you would recommend?

    08.19.20 Reply
    • Hi! I wish they made some homebirth books that were mainstream! I would ask your midwives, sometimes they have ones that people personally publish. If you find one please share! xo

      08.20.20 Reply
  9. nicole says:

    Thank you, I needed this.

    08.26.20 Reply
  10. Charlotte says:

    This was so great to hear. I have 2 boys, 5 1/2 and 3 years old and Im due in March with Baby boy # 3. I was getting very nervous and overwhelmed at the thought of 3 but you have helped me to relax. Im glad this time around, Ill have a 3.5 year age gap as well between #2 and 3 because the 2.5 year age gap was very hard but they are best buds now.

    12.10.20 Reply
  11. Michelle M says:

    It’s 1:39am and my brain is all over the place bc I’m suddenly feeling guilt and sadness about baby #3 changing such a wonderful bond and dynamic we currently have. My kids (6 and almost 3) are in such a sweet spot and I feel sad potentially disrupting that. This post is exactly what I needed. Hope you still feel just as good about it all now that #3 is older. Would love an update on the dynamic!

    01.06.21 Reply
    • The dynamic has only gotten better! I honestly can’t imagine life without three now, and I KNOW my kids feel the same. My daughter wants another baby too. LOL!

      01.06.21 Reply
      • Samantha Collett says:

        It’s so nice reading this. I’ve been so stressed and consumed with thoughs of should I shouldn’t I have baby no3, worried how it will affect my other children, will I have special time with each one and be able to give enough of my attention to each etc. Hopefully I can make a definite decision soon! ?

        05.16.21 Reply
  12. Leah Reardon says:

    Thanks for this. Still trying to decide if we want a third child. Mine are just turned 6 and 3.5. I worry if I have another now the age gap will be too big.

    04.04.21 Reply
  13. Lin says:

    Hi there,
    I’m a single parent of two, my boyfriend and I who don’t live together are newly expecting, I guess I will be a single mum of three if I choose to keep my current living arrangement. I wanted to ask how/when you realised you’d be a solo mama and if this affected yourmorale, how did you bring your outlook to such a beautiful positive place?

    07.24.21 Reply
  14. Rose Splettstoesser says:

    I just found out I’m pregnant. I’m literally crying as I read this article and wrote this.
    If I go through with this pregnancy, I will have 3 children with 3 different biological fathers.
    Im very torn because I absolutely love and adore my kids. Neither one of them were planned and again not this one. I sound wreckless yes and I’d have ro say most my life has been. I really thought after my son the second I was done being this way. I am a good mother at least I do my best I can. Im just scared. Really scared.

    08.09.21 Reply
    • Morgan Lacy says:

      Just want to say that I know that you can do it! You will be so happy you did! That baby needs you and you need him/her. Much ?

      08.26.21 Reply
  15. Diana says:

    This blog is so relevant and helpful, in my opinion. Many thanks!

    10.12.22 Reply
  16. Yasmin says:

    Loved this blog. Congrats on cute family 💙💙💙 finally someone mentioning the age gap makes a difference. My eldest (daughter) will be 8, my son will be 5 when baby number 3 will come and all blogs talk about how its chaotic but all I see are young kids all under 5 or even under 4.

    11.18.22 Reply
  17. shonell says:

    “Celebrating your journey from two to three kids, Eva! It’s fantastic to hear that your self-growth, experience, and the age gap between your little ones have made this transition smoother. Your big kids helping out and a chill third baby – sounds like a recipe for a wonderful family dynamic. Can’t wait to read more about your adventures with three! 💕👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👣”

    10.10.23 Reply
  18. Ruthie says:

    Love this! Just had our third a week ago. I will say the biggest challenge is 4.5 and 2 year old interacting with each other—they both love the baby! Any tips or did you deal with that around that age? I so long for them to be best friends.

    10.12.23 Reply
  19. Amy says:

    What’s the update 4 years on???

    02.12.24 Reply