Major’s Style Edit

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Eva Amurri shares her son, Major's, style edit

If you recall, several months ago, I shared a style edit by Marlowe. She had started to become much more opinionated about what she was wearing and I decided to lean in instead of fight her on it. It’s been really cool to watch and learn as her personal style develops! Similarly, Major has begun to really take part in his own styling lately. He has such a specific eye and a really cool personal style that melds together so many genres of things he’s interested in. I’ve noticed a real mix between casual and more formal pieces and pops of fun in the midst of more classic items. Since Marlowe got her own style edit, Major decided he wanted to share one too!

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And by sharing one, I mean he art-directed everything from the pieces themselves, to how he wanted to be photographed in them. Yes, that is me, being directed to “Hold my legs up, Mom” in one particular setup. LOL. He had a vision! I just loved watching him get creative with styling and shooting. He’s gotten so invested lately in all my blog shoots…sharing ideas about how we should shoot things, and even dreaming up little shots himself to try his camera skills. Who knows, maybe he’ll take over the biz one day for me! Ha! Check out all the pieces Maj is loving recently below, including why he picked them.

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Major's Style Edit

UGG® Rennon II Boot


These boots are so cozy and they have velcro so I can put them on by myself. I have them in brown and my brother has the black ones.

GapFit Tech Kids Joggers


These are the sweatpants I wear to school in navy color to go with my uniform. I love the pockets with the zipper so I can hide treasures.

Boys' Kearny Junior Oxfords


These are my fancy shoes but they’re also so comfortable. They look like Newsies shoes so I like them a lot.

Kids' Texture Knit Joggers


These sweatpants are really soft and warm. I love the blue color, it looks like the ocean.

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Kids' 'Toy Story Buzz' Blast Off Graphic Hoodie


This sweatshirt has Toy Story and tie-dye so it’s really cool. Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!

Kids' Flat Front Chino Pants


These are my nice pants like if you want to go someplace to dinner on a date. I wear them to school too with my uniform. I like them in all the colors.

Kids' Stripe Long Sleeve Tee


I like this shirt because the stripes are bigger so it looks really cool. It’s soft and warm.

Kids' Long Sleeve Graphic Tee


I have this shirt matching with my brother. It’s funny because Mateo calls the orange thing “Pumpkin Pie” even though it’s a smiley face. He’s crazy.

Electrifying Long Sleeve Tee


I also have this shirt matching with my brother! He will have it for a long time because when I don’t fit mine anymore, he’ll wear it for more time.

Mod Suit


This is a suit that I have. I like the blue color, and I can wear it for anything that’s fancy. I can wear it for Easter too or I can wear it to go to Hamilton.

Kids' Reversible Hooded Jacket


I love this jacket soooo much because it’s so warm and you can wear the soft part on the inside or the outside (reversible). I like green.

Kids' garment-dyed pocket T-shirt


These are my favorite kind of T-shirts. I have them in lots of colors.

Nike Blazer Low '77


These shoes are easy for me to put on, and they look cool. There are lots of colors!

Boys' Secret Wash shirt in poplin


This is my Newsies shirt. It’s fancy and handsome.

Boys' Ludlow suit jacket in Italian chino


You need to have a handsome jacket like this. If you ever want to go see a show you need to wear it. You can also wear it with a sweatshirt or a T-shirt to be cooler.

Boys' french terry lightning bolt slim-slouchy sweatpant


These pants have lightning down the side…so, I like it.

5-Pack Cotton Boxer Briefs


This is the underwear that I like to get. It looks cool and doesn’t have baby stuff on it.

GapFit Kids Cozy Tech Quarter-Zip Sweatshirt


My mom got this sweatshirt for me for school because it’s navy for my uniform but it is SO soft it’s crazy. Like, you need to try it you’re not gonna believe it.

Long John Pajamas In Organic Cotton


I like wearing matching pajamas with my sister and brother. I like this tiger one, I think my Mom should get it.

Boys Vintage Newsboy Cap


This is my Newsies hat. It’s important to me because I look like Jack when I wear it and it makes my outfits cool.

Eva Amurri shares her son, Major's, style edit

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  1. Mel G says:

    Fancy and handsome?? Oh my heart!

    01.31.22 Reply
    • Cate says:

      I came here to say Major is fancy & handsome! Keep these coming, Eva. It’s such a great glimpse into their personalities.

      02.01.22 Reply
  2. Jackie V says:

    He’s truly adorable. This is such a great idea for a post. I loved to read his comments about the clothes and why he loves each piece. You must be so proud of each of your kids!!

    01.31.22 Reply
  3. Deb Reed says:

    Wow! All your kids are amazing individiuals with unique talents! Major, with his style, smile, and coolness is my fav!

    You’re a great Mom!

    01.31.22 Reply
  4. Sara says:

    Loving all of this! Well done, Major! You’re a natural 🙂

    01.31.22 Reply
  5. Katie says:

    Major is the coolest! I love his style and authenticity to himself! Great tips on clothes to buy my nephew. Thanks Major!

    01.31.22 Reply
  6. Katie says:

    Thanks Major!
    I have a great-nephew who is 6 and I need ideas for him. I really liked some of top selections and think he will too!

    01.31.22 Reply
  7. Suelan Dsvis says:

    We’ll done Major!! I love you and love your style 😍

    01.31.22 Reply
  8. Dana says:

    Great job Major!

    01.31.22 Reply
  9. Irina says:

    How can Majie be so adorable?!?! Loved him explaining why he likes every piece. Congrats, Major, I’ll keep the list on my mind for my friends’ children!

    01.31.22 Reply
  10. Carolyn says:

    Great Edit!!! Your taste is impeccable Major!

    01.31.22 Reply
  11. Glenda says:

    So handsome!!! Love all the pieces.

    01.31.22 Reply
  12. Courtney says:

    Well, that was adorable!! Loved his commentary!

    02.01.22 Reply
  13. Judi says:

    He is the coolest kid ever! He has always had his own style and opinions!!

    02.01.22 Reply
  14. Natalie Becerra says:

    Omg omg I just love him! His comments are everything!
    Thanks for sharing your children with us fans. Such a beautiful family!

    02.04.22 Reply
  15. Luci says:

    Who is this young man? What happened to kid-Major?! Love it! He definitely has a good eye for photography and posing. Awesome!

    02.09.22 Reply