Major is Five

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Eva Amurri shares a message to her son on his 5th birthday

Dear Major,

Happiest Birthday my love! You are five! One whole hand! I can’t believe it.

To know you is to love you, Majy Boy. When you were born five years ago, you healed my broken heart and made me believe in magic again. You gave me the birth of my dreams…swift but not scary, sunny and warm, inhaling my doubt and exhaling trust in myself and the process. When you came out, you looked so different from your sister and from the child I had imagined inside of me. It made me laugh and think “Of course! He is absolutely and completely himself.” And you’ve remained that way all these years. I love how you make space for yourself in every way. You don’t aim to please others if it gets in the way of being true to who you are. You don’t strive for compliments, or do things to make others feel more comfortable. You never give out undeserved affection. I absolutely love that about you. The love you give really counts, and it means you trust somebody completely. I wish I had more of that at your age.

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Your curiosity and inner world inspire me daily. I wish I could watch a feed on loop of you thinking about something, deliberating…dreaming up entire worlds in your mind. A penny for your thoughts, but I’d pay a zillion dollars. After thinking something over for a long time, I love how you ask just one or two very thought-out questions. You listen so intently as I answer, storing it all away in that computer like brain. But for how analytical you are, you’re also such a bright and bushy tailed GOOFBALL. Hearing you laugh and be silly just lights my heart on fire. But watching you dance!!! Oh Maj, that is my most favorite of all. The grace and power of it– the way you move so precisely with exactly what is in your mind and heart, in combination. You have style from the tips of your fingers to the tips of your toes, and witnessing that joy take hold in you just makes my heart soar as your Mom.

The past year, you’ve also turned in to the snuggliest boy in the world. Your body folds up in to the cutest little pretzel and just fits in the the snuggliest spaces, it always makes us laugh. I love when you throw your arms around my neck and tell me how much you love me, and that I’m “da best mama”. I know you really mean it so deeply. You make me feel so loved, Major boy, and you have to know that I love you ten thousand times as much. When I tell you I LOVE YOU MORE, I mean that. Forever and ever.

Thank you for your patience this past year as you got used to having another baby in the family, and all of the adjustments our life and world have made. You’re such a brave and steady kid, and I know that those are things that will always be a part of you. I truly cannot wait to watch how you shine so brightly in to the world as you grow. I know you will make so many amazing contributions to whatever spaces you decide to enter.

Happy Fifth Birthday, sweetest boy. You are magic, and we are the luckiest to love you.

Yours Always,


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Photographs by Julia Dags | Copyright © 2021 Happily Eva After, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Laura says:

    Oh, what a beautiful letter to your special boy. Happiest of Birthdays, Major James! XO

    10.19.21 Reply
  2. Catherine Shively says:

    Happy birthday Maj! I don’t know where five years went but watching you grow up has been such a blessing. You are truly a special little dude and I thank your Mama and Daddy for sharing you with us. I hope your birthday is the best one so far and here is to virtually celebrating many many more with you as the years roll on.

    10.19.21 Reply
  3. Catherine Shively says:

    Happy birthday Maj!
    I have no idea where five years went and I swear you were just a little munchin yesterday. I hope your day is amazing and you have so much fun with all your friend.

    10.19.21 Reply
  4. Irina says:

    Happy Birthday, sweet Majy boy!!! What a beautiful letter, I always look forward to reading your bday letters to your babies. So thoughtful, insightful and loving! And I love how with a strong sister like Lowie, Majy found his individuality and confidence. It shows again and again what a wonderful mom you are!

    10.19.21 Reply
  5. Arevis says:

    This made my tear up!
    Happy birthday Major, a whole hand!!! Blessings for you always.

    10.19.21 Reply
  6. Glenda says:

    Happiest of Birthdays to Major! Thank you for sharing your letter to him! xo

    10.19.21 Reply
  7. Michelle says:

    Happy birthday, Major!

    It has been a delight to watch you grow these past years. You have such a fun, sweet spirit.

    Eva, you write so eloquently and descriptively. The love pours off the page. Your children will cherish these letters. ❤

    10.19.21 Reply
  8. Morgan says:

    Happy 5th Birthday Major James! ?

    10.20.21 Reply
  9. Carole Salinger says:

    Happy Birthday Major! Watching Maj grow has been a blessing… he is truly a special boy. Thank you so much for sharing your family and the most beautiful children with us ~ it means a lot, especially to someone who has no children.

    10.25.21 Reply