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Eva Amurri shares her favorite kids spring style

As a Mom of three rambunctious kids, I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER that spring is officially on our doorsteps! Even the smattering of beautiful, warm-ish days recently have really lifted our spirits and made us excited for the beautiful weather ahead. My kids have absolutely had it with our house at this point, and they’re so excited to adventure and play outside in more mild weather. I’ve been picking up some kids’ spring style pieces for them recently, for everything from our family Easter celebration, to weekend play clothes, outerwear, and new rain gear! Today I’m sharing the pieces I got them, in case anybody needs some cute inspo for these warmer months ahead. 

I LOVE shopping for my kids, and try to get unisex pieces wherever possible so that I can pass them down through the ranks. Marlowe is a bit of a Tomboy so she doesn’t mind not having pink everything all the time, especially in the more hand-me-down worthy pieces. I usually pass her more girly things on to my friends and family members. I love passing clothes down (and receiving hand-me-downs!). I think there’s something so sweet about good kid energy preserved in those little sweet pieces. It makes my heart happy. 

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I’ll start with easter pieces! Major is seriously into suiting these days, thanks to Newsies, and I got him this seersucker blazer and matching pants for Easter!



I got Mateo these matching shorts to Major’s seersucker pants, and he’s going to wear them with a knit onesie underneath for Easter! He’ll rewear the shorts throughout the summer with tees, and polos. I ordered in 2T.



Mateo will be wearing this polo bodysuit for Easter, and I love it for all spring long!



I couldn’t resist these adorable saddle shoes for Mateo this spring. They’re the only shoes he’ll keep on his feet right now!



This is Marlowe’s Easter Dress! She picked it so I know she’ll wear it, and she can re-wear it all spring and summer. It’s such gorgeous quality. 



I love Janie and Jack button-downs for boys– I get Major one or two every season, and then pass them down to Mateo! They’re that gorgeous quality that is perfect for hand-me-downs! (size note: Mateo is already wearing shirts Major wore last year… yikes!)

Comfort Stretch Overall Shorts


These ruffled overall shorts are another great piece I picked up for Marlowe. She loves them so much that the boys both wanted a pair of overalls! I got them a brown utility style that will wear well all spring and summer long!

Baby Woven Overalls


I got the boys these overalls. They’re so cute! 

2-piece Cotton Set


I found these sets at H&M for the boys, and I love how versatile they. I plan to mix and match the pieces with other things!

Glow-In-The-Dark Pyjamas


I ordered the kids these matching rainbow pajamas that glow in the dark! They’re going to flip!

Jersey Lined Printed Rain Mac


Marlowe needed a new rain jacket, and I got this one for her. I love the print, and the boys can wear it after her!

Leather Padded Sandals


I ordered these leather sandals for Marlowe for spring and summer. They’re so cute and will hold up. (Boden makes awesome accessories!)

Towelling Throw-On


I ordered all three kids this terry throw on for the beach and kind of want one for myself…not gonna lie. It comes in great colorways!

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Original Kids First Classic Rain Boots


My two big kids are moving up in their rain boots sizing. I always order them these yellow hunter boots! I keep the other sizes out in case their friends want to throw on a pair to play in the yard during the wet months. 

GapFit Toddler Fit Tech Pull-On Joggers


These Fit Tech joggers are Major’s favorite! I just got them in grey for Spring. They have a bunch of colors though!

GapFit Kids Recycled Print Pocket Leggings


Marlowe LOVES GapFit leggings, so I ordered her a couple of new pairs for Spring!

Disney Mickey Mouse 100% Organic Cotton PJ Set


My boys needed these sleepy mickey PJ’s!

Vintage Pullover


Old Navy has the CUTEST Vintage pullovers and sweatpants for spring in the best garment-dyed colors. They’re pretty unisex too!

Unisex Secure-Close Color-Blocked Sneakers


Don’t sleep on the toddler shoe selection at Old Navy. It’s always so good for boys and girls! I got Mateo these velcro sneaks. 

Sleeveless Tiered Slub-Knit Dress


I ordered these slub knit, simple tiered dresses in every color for Marlowe. Only $10 each!



Pretty obsessed with these Bug Pajamas for all three kiddos! I always size up in Hart + Land!

The Essential Tote


I got a Rothy’s tote to use as a beach back for Spring and Summer (their shoes are indestructible AND eco-friendly) and I am actually freaking out over how gorgeous it is. These totes are a MUST and come in so many colors. Their reversible style is great too!

The Kids Sneaker


Speaking of Rothy’s, these sneaks for kids are machine washable, so comfy, and very chic. And they come in so many colorways.

Scrunched trim top


These scrunch trim tops are perfect for Marlowe. They dress up her leggings a bit more and come in great colors!

Garment-dyed pocket polo


I collect Jcrew polos for the boys (the fit is SO good, and they really hold up). I picked up this indigo wash for Major, and it will be Mateo’s next Spring! There are also lots of pretty pastels if that’s more your speed. I have my eye on “Bohemian Rose” too!

Kids' cashmere crewneck sweater


I really love the pricepoint and softness of J.Crew cashmere, and I try to get one beautiful sweater every year for Marlowe that she can wear and then pass down to the boys. This was my selection for Spring, and I love it! Perfect for chilly spring days under a denim jacket.

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Photographs by Julia Dags | Happily Eva After, Inc. © 2021 All Rights Reserved

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  1. Mary G says:

    Oh gee! As soon as I saw you on the first foto wirh the grey dress and the oversized flannel shirt you seemed pregnant to me!!!🙈🙊Perhaps because I remember you wearing a similar dress during your last pregnancy and perhaps because …you know … we (your loyal readers) hold our breath a little bit …💕💕 Besides that, I was wondering about the reddness on Mateo’s right cheek, I have seen it on other babies too, would you mind sharing whether you use any special moisturizer or cream?

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