25 Products I Use Everyday

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Eva Amurri shares 25 Product She Uses religiously

As somebody who gets a lot of products across their desk, I get asked a lot what my absolute favorite things are that I’ve discovered. The truth is that my favorites do change over time, whether it’s with my mood, with the season, or because my needs or routines change– I feel like the only true constant IS change sometimes! Anyway, when I’m asked what I “can’t live without” product-wise, I always think about those products that I end up using every single day. Whether it’s something as simple as a lip balm, or a tech gadget that makes my job easier, the true test is how indispensable certain things make themselves in my life during any given season. Of course, there are many items I use “regularly”…but those things I use every. single. day. are a different breed. Those are the real MVP’s!

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I’ve written blog posts before rounding up my daily must-haves, but I’ve found myself reaching for different things the last 6-12 months and realized it was time for another, updated post! Everything posted below I absolutely love and would 1000% recommend. As always, feel free to ask me additional questions that aren’t answered in the descriptions below.

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25 Products I Use Everyday

Papier Gratitude Journal


I never was able to keep up with journaling, but after I found this ultra-simple gratitude journal I got into such a good routine! I jot down a few things morning and night, and I love how it keeps me really focused on the good in my daily experience.

iS Clinical Cleansing Complex


I use this facial cleanser religiously and LOVE it. It keeps breakouts at bay and doesn’t dry me out.

Traceless UVA/UVB SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen + Primer


It’s honestly worth a Beauty Pie membership just to get this daily SPF. It’s so lightweight, doesn’t break me out, and works as a great primer under makeup

L'OR Barista System


I use this coffee machine every single morning. I love how it makes Ian’s espresso and my drip coffee from the same machine. I’ve had this for two years and it’s still going strong!

Hair Growth Nutraceutical


I’ve been prioritizing my hair health in anticipation of our wedding, and I take this nutraceutical every day. I’ve noticed longer lashes and thicker brows, too!

Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara


Even if I’m not wearing makeup on my face, I will almost always swipe on a couple coats of this awesome curling mascara! Still my fave after all these years.

HOLD UP! Brow Styling Wax In Clear


This brow wax has INSANE hold and has changed my eyebrow game. They look so full when I use it!

Stanley Tumbler


I stay hydrated by filling up this 40oz tumbler daily, and adding electrolytes! It’s crazy how long it stays cold.

Father Figure Eau de Parfum


I’ve been obsessed with wearing this fabulous scent. If you like fig, you’ll LOVE this. It has a really bright green nose of fig and cassis, but warm undertones of vanilla and sandalwood.

YSL Loveshine Lip Oil Stick


This YSL Loveshine tinted Lip Oil is an absolute must in my purse daily. It is so hydrating but also delivers a gorgeous wash of color. A must-try if you haven’t yet!

Abstraction Sunglasses


I got these sunnies a couple of months ago and can’t stop wearing them! I love the slightly tinted lens and neutral frame. They’re lightweight, too, so I can wear them comfortably over long periods of time.

Willow & Sweet Agave Plumping Lip Mask


I discovered this lip balm a few months ago and have been obsessed! I love that it’s all-natural and really helps quench and plump my lips. I use it morning and night.

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Edie crossbody bag


This has been my go-to bag ever since I got it. It’s such a great size, and the strap is adjustable to make it perfect for either shoulder or as a crossbody.

Mini Portable Charger


I don’t leave home without this portable phone charger! It’s super small, and mighty, and it eliminates any anxiety that I’ll be stranded without battery.

Mother of Pearl SQUARE iPhone Case


This is the iPhone case company I LOVE. The rectangle shape is so chic, and the colors, prints, and finishes on them are gorgeous. I always order mine with a matching phone ring for easy and comfortable grip.

Rose & Vanilla Worry Free Natural Deodorant


This is my daily deodorant. It’s all natural, and really works! Plus it comes in so many lovely scents!

Antibacterial Hand Gel Bottle


I always keep this hand sanitizer in my bag. It contains essential oils for a nice smell and disinfects my hands without drying them out.

Niya Bra


A supportive and well-fitting bra is so hard to find when you’re large-chested! This is the nude bra I wear daily and I highly recommend it! Also comes in black and white.

Micropore Tape


I recently started trying “mouth taping” at night for a more restful sleep and better oxygen absorption, and this is the tape I’m using! I really like it.

CYMBIOTIKA Vitamin C Individual Packets


I’ve been consuming one of these liposomal Vitamin C packets daily and I’ve noticed such a difference in my immune system and feeling of wellness! Highly recommend.

Portable Light with 3 Light Modes


As a content creator, I use a ring light attachment every single day, and this one is my favorite I’ve ever owned. The battery lasts a long time, it has different color tones, and recharges via USB. You don’t even need to be a content creator to use this, it’s great for Zoom meetings or selfies regardless!

Brazilian Bum Bum Refillable Body Cream


I discovered this body cream a couple of months ago, and now I use it daily! I love the scent and how it tightens and moisturizes my skin.

Pima Bundle in Hydrangea


I wear a matching pajama set every night to bed. These by Lake are so soft, extremely well made, and come in such pretty and classic colorways.

Pompadour 24-Piece Faux Shagreen Flatware – Jade


This silverware is our daily go-to. It’s so pretty but also VERY durable and holds up in the dishwasher.

Set of Four Kintaro Dinner Plates - Putting Green


This is our daily china set! It holds up to family use and is classic without being boring.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Me: you use 25 freaking products in a day?
    Reads article.
    Also me: okay, yeah these are all valid.

    04.05.24 Reply
    • hahaha It’s crazy what you actually use when you sit down and think about it!

      04.08.24 Reply