How To Use Leftover Wallpaper

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Eva Amurri Martino measures wallpaper in her studio to use for leftover wallpaper projects around the house

If you’ve ever taken a gander at any of my Room Reveals or Home Tours on my blog, you have probably noticed immediately how much I LOVE wallpaper.  I’ve put wallpaper, in abundance, in every home I’ve ever lived in– even when I rented.  This was a bold move– it did work out in my favor, but I don’t recommend it! LOL.  I love how much character wallpaper can give a room, even when used in small amounts.  I’m also kind of a pattern obsessive.  I would cover myself in wallpaper if I could! (Dear Self: I think those are called patterned clothes.  Relax. ) If you’ve worked with wallpaper before, you know that you always end up with a bit extra.  In order to get the pattern repeat right on a wall, you sometimes have  to order an extra roll or two– and wallpaper aint cheap!  Don’t let that extra bit of lovely pattern go to waste!  You can always wrap presents with it, but sometimes figuring out a way to utilize the extra paper in a more permanent way is a better fix.  Today I’m sharing some of my favorite ways to use leftover wallpaper so you really get your money’s worth.

Extra rolls of wallpaper are laid out on Eva Amurri Martino's studio island.

Eva Amurri Martino measures and cuts leftover wallpaper to use in other projects

Before I get in to my favorite ways, let me remind you of that age-old saying: “measure twice, cut once!”  It’s really old, and really true.  Make sure you are measuring your spaces before you trim the paper.  I’m a “wing it” kind of person when it comes to projects, and even I measure first.

A multicolored lamp in Eva Amurri Martino's Happily Eva After studio

1. Revamp A Lamp

Whether you want to give an existing lamp a makeover, or make a really cheap and boring lampshade a lot more dynamic, this trick is for you! Simply measure the paper to fit snugly (and exactly) around the preexisting shade.  Then, spray the shade with spray-on adhesive and carefully affix the paper.  Press down firmly.  Voila!  This is also a great idea if you fall in love with a wallpaper, but can’t afford more than one roll.  Add the flair to your room by sprucing up your lighting sources!

A lampshade is transformed with wallpaper

Eva Amurri Martino puts a liner on her keyboard desk with leftover wallpaper

2.  Line Your Work Space

I love this little trick for giving your work space a bit more personality.  If you want to revamp your home office, you can use the same spray adhesive to stick down the wallpaper, or you can use sticky putty in the corners if you are revamping your desk at your workplace.  I think this would be especially cute to do with leftover office wallpaper in the same room.  Patterns on patterns!

Eva Amurri Martino's keyboard rests on a bit of patterned wallpaper

Eva Amurri Martino gives her serving drawer a bit of life with leftover wallpaper


3.  Bring Kitchen Drawers To Life

This is a great trick for a quick little kitchen update!  Chances are you picked a wallpaper because it makes you happy, and being greeted by some happy-making wallpaper while you’re cooking or tidying up the kitchen is a nice little pick-me-up.  You can also line shelves! In my last home, I lined the bottoms of the shelves in my bar cabinet and it looked so fab (I wish I had a pic). Cut the paper to fit your drawers, and affix with spray adhesive.

A wallpaper-lined serving implement drawer in Eva Amurri Martino's Connecticut kitchen

Extra wallpaper is used on the sides of the dresser in Major Martino's nursery

4.  Beautify A Dresser

This project is so cute I can barely handle it.  Use extra bedroom wallpaper to beautify the sides of your dresser! It’s such an expected pop of character in the room, and you might not even mind when the dresser drawers are left open.  I said might.  I love how cute this turned out in Major’s nursery!


Wallpaper I’m loving…



extra wallpaper is laid out on the island in the Happily Eva After studio

I hope these tips inspired you to utilize your own leftover wallpaper in stylish ways!  Do you have any other tips for leftover wallpaper? Please share in the comments below!


Photographs by Stephanie Elliott Photography



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  1. Faith says:

    We use wallpaper on our staircase (stair risers), and bulletin boards. We also use some on coasters and food serving trays to match our wallpaper in the dining room. It’s a nice makeover for a reasonable price, and it’s quick and easy!

    05.18.17 Reply
    • I love that! I recently went to a restaurant with wallpaper on their stair risers and I found it to be so elegant and chic!

      05.23.17 Reply
  2. Great post! I have a ton of left over paper and this has my wheels spinning! Nice work!

    05.18.17 Reply
  3. Katie says:

    Love these ideas!

    05.18.17 Reply
  4. Andrea says:

    I’ve always been too chicken to use wallpaper and never thought to look at any. The prints you chose are darling! I think for me I’d buy a smaller amount and hang it in nice, minimal frames.

    05.19.17 Reply
  5. Meg says:

    Omg! I love these ideas! Especially the sides of the drawers! I always think lining the bottoms off the drawers but the sides is genius! I am for sure going to try this when I get my hands on some wall paper!!

    10.15.17 Reply