Happily Eva After Glam Room Reveal

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Eva Amurri Martino's Glam room in her new connecticut home, featuring a metallic ultra feminine theme

A lifelong dream of mine has been to have an ultra-feminine room in my home where all of my womanly-ness can just explode all over the place without any regard for whether or not my husband approves of the decor.  A little nook that’s just mine– where I can do my makeup, brush my hair, spray some perfume, and put on my jewelry like something out of a Ann Margaret movie.  By some miracle, our new home in Connecticut had an absolutely perfect little nook for me to transform!! I almost gasped when I saw it.  Just inside the hallway to the Master Suite, The former “Lady Of The House” had used it as a little room for her desk and hobby accessories, but it seemed like in recent years it had become more like a storage dump room.  I was determined to revamp it and create a little Queenly sanctuary.  After installing a marble countertop, I knew I needed it to be wallpapered and to have a special gold motif.  I’m so happy with how it turned out, surprise surprise, guess who loves it too?  That’s right, my little Mini.  I find her hiding out in here all the time with the doors closed, gently touching all my necklaces and tickling herself with the makeup brushes.  We may be related after all….Ha!

The "before" shot of Eva Amurri Martino's Glam Room reveal in her new connecticut home


Eva Amurri Martino's ultra-feminine glam room featuring a gold motif

Details of Eva Amurri Martino's glam room in her connecticut home


Close up of the jewelry display in Eva Amurri Martino's glam room in her connecticut home

A close up of the makeup storage in the glam room of eva amurri martino's connecticut home





The home made jewelry display Eva Amurri Martino's glam room in her new connecticut home

A close up of the necklace display in Eva Amurri Martino's glam room in her connecticut home featuring various gold necklaces




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Design Credits:

Wallpaper:  Hygge & West

Roman Shade:  Custom by The Beehive

Makeup Mirror:  Going Lighting

Chair:  CB2

Chair pad: CB2

Makeup Storage:  The Container Store

Jewelry Stands: Amazon

Gold Frames: Amazon (similar)

Black and White photograph by Sante D’Orazio







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  1. Rebecca says:

    The wallpaper with that shade… AMAZING!!! It will be a great place for a little me time with the new baby!

    10.04.16 Reply
  2. Karen D says:

    Wow what a gorgeous room! It’s been a dream of mine too to someday have a room like that! Love your style!

    10.04.16 Reply
    • Thanks!! It was totally my dream and I always feel so lucky when I sit in it! So fun!

      10.04.16 Reply
  3. Tara says:

    You really have an incredible eye for renovating! Your glam room and living room both look so much bigger and brighter! I cannot wait to see your kitchen…

    10.04.16 Reply
    • Thanks so much! Stay tuned for kitchen next week! 🙂

      10.04.16 Reply
  4. Katie says:

    This is amazing! & also my dream one day to have a little room like this in a home 🙂 It is crisp and clean. Great job!

    10.04.16 Reply
  5. Alexandra says:

    I absolutely love this room. It is so beautiful yet super cozy. Enjoying all your room reveals. Gorgeous home! <3

    10.04.16 Reply
  6. Jess says:

    Looks so glam! I love it!

    By the way, I’m sure you mentioned this back in the summer, but who makes that little whale tunic Lowie is wearing in that photo? I would love to get one for my daughter!

    10.04.16 Reply
  7. Jordy says:

    I adore that wallpaper. How many rolls did you need for this space?

    10.04.16 Reply
  8. Bri says:

    I need this type of space in my home. I love the gold details. I’m already trying to find a space where i could that wall paper. Love it.

    10.04.16 Reply
    • Thanks! I fell in love with it too!!! Remember you can always just order a roll and do the back of cabinets or the backs of a book case or something if committing to an entire space is too much!

      10.04.16 Reply
  9. Jen says:

    I love it!!!!! A mini bar would be nice too! Sssh….. don’t tell anyone I said that. LOL ?

    10.04.16 Reply
    • …maybe just a standing champagne bucket…

      10.04.16 Reply
  10. Dawn Smith says:

    The natural light coming from that window is RIDICULOUS. So good! Every woman deserves a space for themselves ??

    10.06.16 Reply
  11. Kelly says:

    Oh, be still my happy little girly heart! I LOVE THIS SPACE… note to self, must also find abode to have an ultra feminine little head quarters. Go you! It looks fab xx

    10.06.16 Reply
  12. Tiffany says:

    Beautiful. Almost like a breath of fresh air and relaxing. I could definitely use that type of setup.

    01.10.18 Reply
  13. Amelia says:

    Hi Eva! Where is the mirror from? I’ve been looking for one similar and can’t seem to find it! Thank you! ❤️

    12.28.18 Reply
  14. Andra says:

    Still love this room the most ?. I’ll miss your tutorials in here.

    12.28.18 Reply