Our Summer Plans 2024

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Eva Amurri shares her summer plans for 2024

It’s no secret that Summer is my most favorite time of year. I’m definitely a warm-weather creature in my soul, and I love any season where lots and lots of time can be spent outside. I think my favorite part about summer, though, are the long days, with nighttime only creeping in at the last moment and the warm night air filled with all of the creatures abuzz all around you. (Maybe it’s wrong of me to say that in a Cicada Year, thoughts and prayers to Chicago and the South!) But really, the sounds of the ocean, the sounds of crickets, the smell of night-blooming flowers, and that post-beach day exhaustion… I just love it all! Our family is kicking off summer this year with a wedding…our wedding to be exact! That’s taking up a lot of our energy (and resources. LOL), and so we’ve decided to keep the rest of the summer fairly low-key. I’m actually really looking forward to how simple our plans are without being boring! Today I thought I would share a little glimpse at what we have on the agenda, and feel free to reach out with any tips if you have them!

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Father’s Day Getaway

I’m taking Ian and the kids on a little long weekend to Cape Cod to celebrate Father’s Day! I want to make this year extra special because it’s the year he officially becomes a Stepdad! (sobbing). I’ve spent a lot of time on Cape Cod because we have family friends who live there, but my kids have never been and neither has Ian. I absolutely love the beaches and towns in that area, and I’m really looking forward to visiting and exploring before it gets packed for the summer holidays.


Our Wedding “Staycation”

We’re getting married in the Hudson Valley, which is just far enough away to feel like a “destination” but close enough that it’s not stressful to get there! We’ve decided to stay for a few extra days around the wedding and I’m really looking forward to being in a beautiful place with family for the long weekend. I’ve never gotten married with kids before (LOL), but I can only assume that it adds a bit of a different energy to everything and those days of downtime will be much needed!

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The Westport Fireworks

Our town has a really fun (albeit chaotic) fireworks experience on the beach every year, and it’s always a highlight of the summer! Families start putting their chairs out as early as 6 am, and then by the later afternoon the beach is filled with families picnic-ing, playing, and waiting for nightfall. It’s a really fun tradition and one that feels retro in a way…just people out there hanging with other people without any screens or pretense. I love it! The kids also always have a blast and it feels like core memories are being made.


MiniMoon Road Trip

Ian and I aren’t taking a honeymoon for a while probably, but we decided to go away for a few days just the two of us right after the wedding to celebrate. We’re staying fairly local and will be just a drive away but at one of our favorite spots. I’ll most likely be unplugging for the majority of our stay which I’m really looking forward to!

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A Mixture of Day Camps

My kids aren’t ready for sleep-away yet, and so day camps it is! This year they’re doing a mixture of different things. Marlowe is doing Farm Camp and Horseback Riding Camp. Major is doing Dance Camp, Soccer Camp, and Horseback Riding camp. Mateo is doing Farm Camp and Tennis camp! And I’m over here trying to hire somebody just to manage those various dropoff and pickup times. I’m kidding, but also not.


Tennis Lessons

I’ve decided to continue my tennis lessons with a few clinics into summer! I’m looking forward to playing outdoors and improving my game!

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Weekend In Mystic

Ian and I LOVE visiting Mystic, CT every summer. It’s such a special place with lots to do, and great food! It’s so close to our town but still feels like a special getaway. We love exploring new spots every year, and I finally feel educated enough to write an official travel blog about it. Stay tuned for all of my recommendations this summer in case you’ve been wanting to visit!



I keep promising the kids that we’re going to visit Legoland someday as a family. Maybe this year is the year! LOL. Let me know if you have any tips or recommendations!


Ian Turns 40!

Getting married and turning 40 in the same summer, what a time to be alive! LOL. I planned a pretty special birthday celebration for him last year but I’ll have to top it this year somehow! Stay tuned. He of course says he doesn’t need any kind of fuss but HAVE WE MET?!


Marlowe Turns 10!

I can’t believe my firstborn will be double digits this summer! It feels like such a huge milestone and we’ll definitely be celebrating by doing something special!

Our Annual Week In Bar Harbor

We visit Bar Harbor, Maine every year… to the same house I grew up going to since I was a little girl! It’s more and more special each year to watch the kids create core memories there just like I did. If you want tips, I have lots of blog posts about it!


Fire Island With Family

We’re closing out our summer with a getaway to our new favorite family destination: Fire Island! Ian and I fell in love with it last summer, and it’s definitely a place we dream of getting a vacation home one day. We absolutely love the charm, the slow-paced lifestyle, and the independence that the kids can have there since it’s a car-free island!


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  1. Hi Eva!

    I’ve followed you and your whole crew for years! With two boys of my own (12&9) and being a business owner, I relate to your heartfelt but hilarious journey. Sometimes I feel I am on the same one! I saw you were adventuring on Cape Cod. Ironically enough, Cape Cod is our HAPPY place. Where will you be? My recommendations are ENDLESS and I could talk “Cape Cod” for hours LOL. We own and manage 7 luxury Airbnb’s on Cape Cod! My Falmouth rental property actually has your HEA candle in it (still being lit by guests years later!). I’d LOVE to partner with you someday and host your family 🙂

    Best Wishes,
    Micaran McDermott
    Cape Cod Salt Houses

    06.07.24 Reply
  2. Michelle says:

    I love that you go to the Cape & Fire Island! Since our girl is in Boston we have been taking trips to the Cape! Love it!
    And Fire Island?! My family has owned a home on Kismet since I was a kid! Such a great! place! We spent many a summer living at the beach, hubby visited on weekends!
    Enjoy your summer!

    06.07.24 Reply
  3. Mary Clare Roberts says:

    Your kids are perfect ages for Legoland.. definitely go this summer! If you stay overnight, the hotel has super fun and family friendly themed rooms. Highly recommend the whole experience!

    06.07.24 Reply
  4. Alison says:

    Wow! Your ‘low key’ still sounds pretty hectic LOL😅 Love the sound of the activities for the kids!
    The wedding is finally upon us!🫶🏼 Plus TWO milestone Birthdays!! I can’t believe Lowie is turning 10😭
    My only advice for your wedding with the kids (I was a 12yr old bridesmaid at my Mum’s 2nd wedding) is to try to relax and enjoy your special day, everything you’ve done up until now in planning everything will sort itself out on the day, so don’t worry about the little details, be present, and have a wonderful day!!!!
    Can’t wait!🤗
    Alison x

    06.09.24 Reply