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Surprise!!! An official dream of mine for decades has been unlocked: I’m thrilled beyond belief to introduce you to The Happily Eva After Collection for BenchMade Modern!

This 19-piece seating collection features beautiful, custom, Made-In-The-USA furniture pieces that are delivered to you in weeks.  I’ve always believed design should be both beautiful and functional – a philosophy I share with BenchMade Modern. Their commitment to creating high-quality, versatile pieces for today’s homes perfectly complements my vision. Together, we’re thrilled to introduce a collection designed with you, the modern family, in mind. The result? A beautifully modern furniture collection, crafted with love and a dedication to exceptional quality.

This partnership was born after I ordered a custom BenchMade Modern sectional for our new family room. The ordering process was beyond seamless, the customer service was exquisite, and when the sectional arrived in only a few short weeks my mind was blown by the quality and comfort of the furniture itself. I had never been one to really remark on a sofa before in my life, but suddenly I was asking everyone who walked through our doors to “try this couch!” After living with the couch for a few months, I was even more impressed by the quality of the performance fabric! Everything and anything came off of the couch easily.

If you have ever asked yourself how I’m able to have cream-colored furniture in a chaotic home with three messy children, the answer is BenchMade Modern performance fabrics. My obsession was officially born.

The Happily Eva After Collection for BenchMade Modern perfectly exhibits what I fell in love with about this brand: the absolutely MOST comfortable furniture without compromising on style. I love how thick the cushions are on the HEA sofas, and that you sink comfortably into them without a sunken space being left once you get up. These pieces are so sleek to the eye, and yet when you collapse into them after a long day (or night!), they are perfectly welcoming and cozy. Curling up on the HEA sofa feels like a well-earned moment of relaxation and bliss. You’ll have to keep your friends and family from falling asleep on them! The HEA sofas and modular sectionals even come with 2 lumbar pillows for extra comfort!

The Happily Eva After Collection for BenchMade Modern introduces a whole set of new pieces to the BMM lineup, including their second-ever Modular Sofa experience! I absolutely love a modular sofa because it can grow with you as a family and expand as you move spaces…or add family members! A well-made sofa is an investment, and it gives peace of mind to know that the size and shape of this sofa is modifiable should the need arise. No need to replace the sofa!

The curved base of the HEA collection brings in a lovely, organic shape, and simple but elevated lines that can complement any design scheme. Plus…wait until you see all the new fabrics! I truly can’t wait for everyone to explore this collection and find pieces that will be enjoyed in their homes for years to come.

The fact that these pieces are handmade in the USA, in just a matter of weeks instead of MONTHS, really adds the cherry on top of the Sundae. I wanted to add some photos of the production of the HEA collection so you can really get a sense of the care and craftsmanship that goes into every single piece (see more photos of the BMM process below).

The modular pieces, the stand-alone sofa, and the ottomans are available for purchase now, and the chair and bench are coming soon! As always, thank you so much for your support of this new Happily Eva After, Inc. venture. It really means the world to me and I feel so honored to be delivering a beautiful piece of the HEA brand directly into your homes.

Eva Amurri shares her collaboration with BenchMade Modern

Photographs by Julia Dags | Copyright © 2024 Happily Eva After, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. nursé says:

    omg! congratulations 🍾 eva ♡ so so happy for you! and these are wonderful very elegant and chic! great work! ♡

    06.04.24 Reply