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Eva Amurri shares her kids' favorite toys

In light of our Playroom Reveal going live yesterday, I thought it would be the perfect time to put together a little blog post about our current favorite toys! We are big into play around here. My kids only got their own iPads two years ago, and they are limited to 1 hour/day. As a result, if they want to do anything besides stare at the wall, they have to get creative! Marlowe is 9 now, but she still is really into pretend play, and she often loves playing with her brothers. From creative games, to relay races or making up their own shows– our play spaces over the years have been places where their bond as siblings grows, and they learn so much about themselves and the world. If there’s one thing I LOVE buying for my kids, it’s fun new toys that will help us play together as a family, or inspire them creatively. Each of my kids is so different in what they like to play with, too!

Marlowe is really into Calico Critters lately, because she loves animals and it’s a nice mix of the animal passion and a dollhouse-based toy. She is also our big stuffed animal lover. She loves that over any other gift, and will actually use ALL of them– setting up animal hospitals, building homes for them, and grooming them. She also is really into Mini Brands recently, and organizing all the little products in a tiny grocery store. Marlowe is also our major art lover! She takes studio art classes during the week and loves practicing in our art nook of the playroom.

Major is my little performer and athlete! He doesn’t play with toys as much as his siblings unless they are sports-related! He has so much energy, and loves setting up relay races, mini golf challenges, and climbing all over the indoor sensory gym. He also loves a costume! He’ll choreograph dances and act out scenes on the stage for hours. Occasionally, he’ll help Mateo build with trains, too! Legos are all his particular passion, though Marlowe has started joining him lately.

Mateo is our train and vehicle guy! He loves setting up the train tracks and lining up all the trucks and cars to build garages. He is also our little amateur chef! He plays in the cafe every single day and uses all kinds of play food. Mateo has also taken over the Barbie love from Marlowe, and I invested in some more Kens for him. He likes changing their clothes, and then coming up with fun dates the couples can go on together. He also wears costumes pretty much every day. I’d be lying if I said they stayed in the playroom: I find them squirreled away all over the house!

Today I thought I would share a roundup of some of our recent favorite toys. Check these out, and look for the full collection which can be found HERE.

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Our Favorite Toys

Calico Critters Red Roof Tower Home


This is such a great intro toy to the Calico Critter universe. Marlowe prefers this over her dollhouse!

Calico Critters Sunny Picnic Set


There are so many little add-on sets for the calico critters, but this is a cute fave.

Calico Critters Adventure Tree House Gift Set


I got this for Marlowe for her bday last year and she loved it!

Marvel Spider-Man Crawl 'N Blast Spider Action Figure


Mateo loves playing with this! Anything that mixes Spiderman with vehicles is a win for us.

Spider-Man Costume


This is the Miles Morales Spiderman costume, Mateo’s favorite!

LEGO Bird's Nest


I’ve started getting visually appealing Legos for Major to build so that I like having them on display. I love this bird nest!

Razor A 2 Wheel Kick Scooter


All three of my kids love riding their scooters, on the streets, in the driveway, and in the basement.

LEGO Creator 3 in 1 Flowers in Watering Can


This Lego watering can is so pretty!

Toy Fire Truck


Mateo has this and loves it!

Maxx Action 2-N-1 Mega Mover


Ditto this construction truck and trailer.

Melissa & Doug Top & Bake Pizza Counter


Mateo got this for Christmas and loves taking our pizza order and delivering to us.

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Melissa & Doug Prepare & Serve Pasta Playset


I had to have this pasta play set for my little Italianos!

Melissa & Doug Pasture Pals


Animal figurines are heavily used in our home, and this set of horses is extra cute.

Fun Little Toys Wooden City Train Tracks


Trains or bust! We have so many tracks and trains and use them a LOT.

Mini Brands Series 5 Capsule


If your older child hasn’t heard of mini brands yet, try them out! I love them, too!

Big Mo's Toys Indoor Soccer Game


Major loves this fun indoor soccer game for rainy days.

Wooden Play Kitchen


We have this play kitchen and love it! looks so chic too!

Cutting Fruit Chef Set


Every little chef needs an apron and chopping station!

Pirate Set


Argh there matey! Ship’s ahoy!

The Play Box


The best place to start with small babies is the Lalo Play subscription! Age-appropriate and developmental toys get delivered right to your door.

Olivia's Little World Baby Doll Deluxe Stroller


We love this cute, multipurpose stroller.

Doctors Set


My kids love playing doctor with their stuffed animals and dolls.

Starry Night Dragon Cape


This dragon costume is so fun for putting on plays!

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