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Eva Amurri Martino shares her daily vitamin and supplements routine!

*This post is not meant to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please check with your physician before starting any supplement regiment.*

It’s been really important to me the past year or so to get in to a consistent routine with my vitamins and supplements.  I’ve found that when I’m consistent with supporting my health, my mood follows suit and I’m just generally a happier, healthier, better version of myself.  It’s really hard for me to stay consistent with it, and I actually made it an intention for the new year last year to be better! I ended up working on a system where I put my vitamins in weekly pill case and then leaving it on the kitchen counter so it will catch my eye and remind me.

I’ve also managed to find the supplements that seem to really work for me! It’s not easy to develop your own routine, and everybody is different, but today I wanted to share what works for me.  As you know, I’m not a medical professional, so make sure you talk to your own doctor first before changing your supplements.

Eva Amurri Martino shares her daily vitamin and supplements routine!



Collagen Peptides

Vital Proteins

I’ve been using these for the past couple of years and I love them! They’re great for boosting your skin, hair, nail, and joint health, and they are flavorless so it’s easy to consume them.  I do a scoop in my coffee or tea in the morning, and one scoop in the afternoon.  It makes my coffee really creamy and I love that I’m getting 18 extra grams of protein just by drinking coffee!

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Women's Multivitamin


I love this multivitamin! I found the brand because I used it for my prenatal vitamin and had a great experience with it!

Eva Amurri Martino shares her daily vitamin and supplements routine!



Vitamin D3 5,000 IU


Any time I’ve had my blood tested during pregnancy or after, I’ve had a minor Vitamin D deficiency.  I got in to the habit of supplementing my vitamin d while pregnant, and then I noticed when I stopped taking it I would feel kind of crummy.  So I’ve kept it up! Vitamin D is great for boosting immunity, too. I take 5,000 IU daily.

Eva Amurri Martino shares her daily vitamin and supplements routine!



Biotin 5000 MCG

Sports Research

I started taking Biotin six months ago to help my hair and nails, and I’ve been happy with the results– I think it’s been particularly helping my hair grow. I take one capsule a day in the morning.

Eva Amurri Martino shares her daily vitamin and supplements routine!



Ultimate Flora Probiotic

Renew Life

Probiotics are so important for gut health, immunity, and digestion.  If you take one thing every day, take a probiotic! I always go for high-quality probiotics because you really get what you pay for, and the refrigerated probiotics are where it’s at! Make sure to take your probiotics at least 20 minutes before eating, or in between meals at least an hour after eating.

Eva Amurri Martino shares her daily vitamin and supplements routine!



Raw Zinc

Garden of Life

Zinc can be great for stabilizing mood, as well as an immunity booster.  I double up on this supplement if I’m feeling under the weather.

Eva Amurri Martino shares her daily vitamin and supplements routine!



Oil of Oregano

Gaia Herbs

This is my wellness secret weapon! Whenever I start to feel under the weather, I take one capsule of this twice a day and I totally swear by it.  It’s such a great natural cold remedy.

Eva Amurri Martino shares her daily vitamin and supplements routine!




Nordic Naturals

Taking fish oil every day for skin and organ health is super important to me.  Its also great for brain function! Just call it the anti-Mom-Brain. Ha! It’s really important to make sure that whatever Fish Oil you take is third party tested, though, to make sure the mercury levels are safe.

Do you have any supplements that you love making a part of your daily routine? Let me know in the comments below!

Eva Amurri Martino shares her daily vitamin and supplements routine!

Photographs by Julia Dags

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  1. Jen says:

    I just started taking the vital proteins collagen peptides and I think it tastes like straight up beef broth. Lol. I’ve just been drinking it in water because I’m scared to ruin my beloved morning cup of tea. Am I crazy? Or does “Unflavored” mean “no added flavors”

    01.07.19 Reply
    • Omg don’t drink it in water! LOL. I’m sure that tastes disgusting. Put it in milky tea or coffee for added creaminess

      01.07.19 Reply
    • Alana says:

      I personally can’t stomach collagen peptides, even in a smoothie! Maybe it’s in my head, but something about the taste overpowers everything else for me. oh well!

      01.10.19 Reply
    • Mimi says:

      Hey! Some of them definitely do! I like the marine collagen (from Vital Proteins), thought it’s pricey. (Stock up when Whole Foods has their 25% off supplements sale!). I haven’t tried it in coffee recently, but it is tasteless in smoothies.

      01.11.19 Reply
  2. Glenda says:

    I take 1000 mg Garlic supplement. (healthy heart and keeps normal cholesterol levels normal); 1000 mg fish oil; Calcium, magnesium, and zinc plus Vitamin D supplement; Multi Vitamin; and a chewable Caltrate which supports collagen for bones. It’s combo Calcium, Vit D and mangnesium.

    01.07.19 Reply
  3. Hannah says:

    This was SO helpful and validates so many of my own choices, thank you for sharing!! I just revamped my supplement routine last month and added the collagen peptides based in an insta story you posted a while back!

    Have you tried this women’s multi?
    In case the link does work, it’s Best Nest Wellness: SUPERHERO

    I recently switched after telling my doctor my tummy was ALWAYS aching after taking my multi so she recommended one with methylated vitamin Bs for easier digestion and utilization by my body – I love it!

    01.07.19 Reply
  4. EP says:

    Does the zinc make you nauseated? I have tried so many brands but anything with zinc makes me feel like I’m going to hurl about 10 min after taking it (Multivitamins included). Taking it with a meal helps but that means I forget to take it often. Just wondering if anyone has other solutions?

    01.07.19 Reply
  5. Take a look at this for your daily vitamin! I use this customized nutrition program from IDLife and it’s tailored to your individual needs. What I like best is that I get comes in daily AM/PM packs and takes the guessing game out of when to take them. Mine comes with vitamin D, probiotics, and biotin..the coolest part is that it automatically ships to my doorstep each month!

    01.07.19 Reply
  6. Brigitte says:

    What a perfect post for the New Year! I’ve been wanting to start a supplement regimen for a while, but it’s overwhelming to know where to start, and what brands are best. Thanks for these suggestions!

    01.07.19 Reply
  7. Monica Webster says:

    The omega-3 is such an important supplement for all. I use the same brand that you do, it is one of the best.

    01.11.19 Reply
  8. Michaela says:

    I like vitamins from Garden of Life because they’re whole food based, organic without fillers and synthetic ingredients. They’ve helped me throughout pregnancy and they don’t upset stomach. They have also omega 3 fish oil, probiotics etc. For vitamin D I like Better You vitamin D spray. I also have one for my newborn. It’s also very natural, extracted from lanolin. It’s supposed to have better absorption than tablets.

    01.14.19 Reply
  9. Gea Ayala says:

    They finally did a scientific study to test when exactly is the
    Short 2 min video.
    Conclusion: best with a meal containing some fat content or 30 min before
    (I pass this on knowing personally that it is easier to remember to take supple. at mealtime)
    p.s. I love your website!!!

    01.18.19 Reply