My Favorite Breast Pump Ever!

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Eva Amurri shares her favorite breast pump from Motif Medical

**Many thanks to Motif Medical for sending me this pump and sponsoring this post. As always, the thoughts and opinions expressed below are entirely my own.**

By my third Motherhood “Rodeo” I’ve certainly learned a lot, especially about what I do and don’t like when it comes to baby gear.  With my first two kids, I had very different breastfeeding journeys – but both times, I relied a lot on my breast pump…and I was super disappointed, to say the least.  I couldn’t stand pumping, mostly because it took so dang long! I felt like every single time it would take me forever to get however much milk I needed, and that the process wasn’t as efficient as it could be.  This time around with Mateo, I’m still using a breast pump but my experience has been SO different – and that’s because I finally found the best breast pump ever…AND it’s covered by insurance! I’ve been singing its praises on social media the past six weeks or so, but today I’m really excited to share with you the love I have for the new Motif Medical Luna Breast Pump. It has totally changed the game for me!

Eva Amurri shares her favorite breast pump from Motif Medical

Pumping is a great way to either up your milk supply in between feeds, or pump extra milk to store and bottle feed for later. I even know some mamas who exclusively pump and bottle feed the whole time because they prefer feeding their baby pumped milk from the bottle. Whatever your style, I think all Moms can agree that what we want most from a breast pump is to extract that precious milk as easily and quickly as possible.  And as discreetly as possible! 

Eva Amurri shares her favorite breast pump from Motif Medical

The Motif Medical “Luna” is a pretty little machine with a ton of power.  I am, quite frankly, amazed by how much milk I’m able to pump in almost no time.  For example, it takes me 3-4 minutes to pump four or five ounces on one side! My last breast pump did that in 10 or 12 minutes! The Luna has a little night light on it that helps me when I’m pumping in the night to relieve engorgement, and since it takes so little time to relieve me, I’m able to fall back to sleep really easily. It’s also really quiet so it doesn’t wake Mateo if he’s sleeping beside me.  Another perk that the Luna has a closed system so that milk doesn’t get into the tubing or suction parts of the pump – way fewer parts to stress about cleaning daily! 

Eva Amurri shares her favorite breast pump from Motif Medical

When I’m pumping with the Luna, I like to use the 42 cycles Expression setting at Level 6. Once I’ve had the pump on my breast for about a minute, I increase the level to 7 or 8, but I’ve never had to go above that. I normally pump about 4 minutes on each side to express milk after a feeding, or 1 to 2 minutes on each side to relieve engorgement.  If I’m replacing a feeding with a pump, I will pump one side for 6 minutes. Obviously every woman is different, but I thought I would include my own pumping schedule below, since I’ve been getting questions about it! I’m not leaving the house for work right now since we are all quarantined, so I’m not replacing many feeds with pumps at the moment.  Once I’m back at the office, I will be using this pump in place of breastfeeding Mateo for most of the feeds of the day!

Eva Amurri shares her favorite breast pump from Motif Medical

My Pump Schedule…

Eva Amurri shares her favorite breast pump from Motif Medical

7:30 am:

This is when my breasts are the most full, so after feeding Mateo, I pump to get extra milk to freeze.  I pump about 2 minutes on whichever side he ate on, and then 3-4 minutes on the other side.  I’ve saved so much milk this way!

9-10 pm:

My last feed of the day is at Mateo’s bedtime at 7 pm. I like to pump before I go to bed, so that I can ward off getting super engorged. He’s now doing longer stretches at night, but they aren’t 100% consistent yet. I will pump for 2-3 minutes on each side before bed, and then save the milk to freeze. 

As-Needed During the Night:

If Mateo does a longer stretch at night (Yay!), my breasts get really engorged with milk. I pump a minute or so as needed to relieve each breast.  I usually do this once or twice a night, and the milk really adds up!

Eva Amurri shares her favorite breast pump from Motif Medical


This Giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to our winner:

Amy Skirvin!

Please check your email for details on how to receive your Motif Luna!

Since I’ve been genuinely LOVING my Motif Medical Luna pump these last couple of months, I thought I would give one away to an HEA Mama!

To Enter: Comment below using your name and a valid email address with your favorite AND least favorite thing about breastfeeding.* We all know the process has its ups and downs! LOL. Entries will be accepted until May 12th, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST. One entry per person. I will randomly select one winner on May 13th, 2020, who will be notified by email.

Please read the full terms below before entering. Good Luck!

Eva Amurri shares her favorite breast pump from Motif Medical


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  1. Comment on this blog post in the provided comment form below where it says “COMMENT” with your favorite and least favorite thing about breastfeeding.
  2. Include your name where it says “NAME” and a valid email address where it says “EMAIL”.

Prize Details and Delivery. The winner will receive:

  1. One (1) Motif Luna Double Electric Breast Pump shipped directly from Motif Medical.

All prizes are for personal use only, non-transferable, with no cash redemptions and/or substitutions.

Winner Selection and Official Rules. Each entry will be assigned a number, and the winner will be chosen at random by Google’s Random Number Generator, and announced on May 14th, 2020. The winner will be notified via email and must respond within 7 days. Happily Eva After will make only one attempt to notify the winner at the email address provided by the entrant. If we do not receive a response to our notification email for any reason by the specified time, we have the right to select a new winner. The winner will be listed on this page on the date specified for 7 days before a new winner is chosen.

Eva Amurri shares her favorite breast pump from Motif Medical
Eva Amurri shares her favorite breast pump from Motif Medical

Photographs by Julia Dags

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  1. Milca Day says:

    My favorite part about breast feeding is how easy, convenient and cheap it is to feed a baby. My least favorite is how easy it is and it’s
    So hard to quit. Lol also I feel like a walking meal for about 14 months instead of a person. Does that make sense! Hope I win. I’m due
    at the end of the month so winning this would be awesome!

    05.06.20 Reply
    • Krithika S says:

      My favorite thing about breastfeeding is bonding and snuggles. My least favorite thing is night feeds!

      05.09.20 Reply
  2. Morgan Farque says:

    I’m expecting a baby in August and would love to try this pump to build a stockpile while breastfeeding. When I return to work I’ll need the extra milk and will need to pump at work. I love how fast and powerful it is!

    05.06.20 Reply
  3. Taylor says:

    My favorite things about breastfeeding has been the bond it’s established with each of my 3 children. I have a 6 week old who spent his first 27 hours in the nicu. But as soon as I was able to, I nursed him, and we were just as bonded as my first 2 children. My least favorite thing about breastfeeding is that I’ve never been great at pumping. My breasts have never responded to a pump the way they do to my kids. I have to work really hard to get anything out. I’d love to try a different pump that has worked well for you!!

    05.06.20 Reply
  4. Mary Willis says:

    My favorite thing about breastfeeding is the closeness and snuggles. My least favorite is that my husband can’t do a night feed, because my little one point blank refuses bottles!

    05.06.20 Reply
  5. Danielle May says:

    What I love about about breastfeeding is the bond you build with your baby! I love that your body is their source for living the first few months. SO POWERFUL! breastfeeding can be stressful indeed. Two things that were hard for me were that I often would over analyze feeding times from day to day and wonder if my son had enough. I would also become stressed because you are needed on demand and you can’t really have your partner help even when you’re tired. Baby #2 is due in September and this pump would be perfect!

    05.06.20 Reply
  6. Katie says:

    The best part of breastfeeding is absolutely the intense bond with my baby and knowing that I am the ONLY person who can provide this amazing thing for them. It’s empowering and incredible as a woman. The worst part is being the ONLY person who can provide this for them – we all know the 3am glare at your partner while they sleep soundly.

    05.06.20 Reply
  7. Hadley says:

    Love this post! I didn’t love my breast pump the first go around, this was seems much more efficient.
    My favorite thing about breastfeeding was the closeness I felt with my baby and my least favorite is having huuuuge boobs until I was done breastfeeding. Also cleaning pump parts multiple times a day…

    05.06.20 Reply
  8. Jaime says:

    Best part: the bonding ❤️ Worst part: the pumping!

    05.06.20 Reply
  9. Kelsey M. says:

    There’s no feeling in the world like being the one able to comfort your baby & fill his tummy all while bonding. Plus, it’s free! The worst part about breastfeeding is in the beginning – sore nipples, engorgement & leaky boobs are a feat of their own! I would love to try out this record setting pump!!

    05.06.20 Reply
  10. Maggie G says:

    My favorite part of breastfeeding my son is being able to just pop out a boob and feed my son! I also love the bond I have with my son and feel like that was strengthen due to breastfeeding. What I dislike is having all the stress of being the only one to nourish your child (if you aren’t using formula). Especially, the added stress around if you are producing or pumping enough when you do have to be separated from your child.

    05.06.20 Reply
  11. Frannie says:

    Hi! My favorite things about breast feeding are the amazing health benefits. My least favorite thing is that I haven’t done it yet, I’m expecting twins with my first pregnancy!
    Thanks <3

    05.06.20 Reply
  12. Elisabeth says:

    My favorite thing about breastfeeding is the snuggling (and sniffing his sweet head during). My least favorite part is how big of a commitment it is and also how painful my nipples were in the beginning until I got support for a good latch!

    05.06.20 Reply
  13. Miriam O. says:

    Now that I am getting the hang of breastfeeding, one of my favorite things about it is, watching her eat. Getting to see her joyful milk drunk face. I feel so empowered that I am able to feed this tiny human. However, it isn’t all ? & ?. One of my least favorite things is now that I am back at work, I am struggling to keep up with my babies needs. Since this pandemic hit, I saw my self returning to work earlier than I had planned, and I didn’t start on a stash for her in time.

    05.07.20 Reply
  14. Jackie V says:

    FTM-to-be here! Expecting my first in a couple months. Looking forward to reading other moms comments here 🙂

    05.07.20 Reply
  15. Lydia Alexander says:

    My favorite part of breastfeeding is the snuggles. And the sweet sounds. Least favorite is the cracked and sore nipples! I’m due in December and would love to try this pump out!!

    05.07.20 Reply
  16. Haley says:

    Favorite thing about breastfeeding: no matter where my Mama brain is at it or what I manage to forget, I have the food ready to go!

    Worst thing about breastfeeding: the whole beginning! No one told me how much it hurts and how much anxiety comes along with being hour kiddos only source of nourishment or growth. You can feel like a failure even when you’re doing everything right.

    The pump I used for my first baby just didn’t work and resulted in my not being able to pump at all. With a new PhD program starting and my second baby on the way, this pump sounds AH-MAZING!

    05.07.20 Reply
  17. Marisa McDonnell says:

    My favorite part about breastfeeding is the amazing bond I gain with my baby. Also, it’s an incredible feeling to know your body produces everything your baby needs to survive. My least favorite part about breastfeeding is dealing with the pain of clogged ducts and mastitis.

    05.07.20 Reply
  18. Jessica Davis says:

    My little lady is 4 weeks today and Omg I would love a new pump! I currently have a medela and it takes foreverrrrrr. I think it would be awesome to set specific suctions.

    The part of breastfeeding I love is the connection and bond that we form during that time. The part I don’t like is those moments I know she’s hungry but she’s too distracted or maybe she’s HANGRY and then just shakes her head in frustration and I’m left stressed, engorged and with my boobs flying!

    Xoxo Jess

    05.07.20 Reply
  19. Amanda K says:

    Due with baby #2 in November. The best part of breastfeeding was the bonding time with baby, the extra time just the two of us. The worst was the pain in the beginning, figuring out what position worked best. I also had a hand pump, so I’m hoping to avoid that this time around.

    05.07.20 Reply
  20. Amy Skirvin says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your breastfeeding journey. When more people talk about it it helps me feel like I’m not alone and have a tribe of women going through the same thing. This breast pump sounds like a dream.

    I struggled a lot breastfeeding and pumping when my son was born (first time mom). I used to sit on the couch while pumping and just cry from pain and exhaustion. My husband would tell me to just stop and give him formula. Worst thing you can say to a mom who is really giving it her all to care for her little baby. (Nothing against formula, it was just not part of my plan).
    So Obviously my least favorite thing about pumping and nursing was the pain and exhaustion and making sure my baby was always getting enough, and the fear of having enough saved incase I dried up randomly. But the best thing? Too many to choose! Their little hands cupping your breast as they look at you and make the cutest sounds in the world as they eat. The private special moments of bonding only you and your baby share that no one else can be a part of.

    I’m giving birth to twins in 8 weeks and going to give it my all with breastfeeding and pumping, doing all I can physically and emotionally for them. Hopefully the Motif pump will make a difference!

    All my love!

    05.07.20 Reply
  21. Helene Brogan says:

    My favorite thing about breastfeeding is the feeling that I’m able to provide him with his favorite food right from my body. It builds a connection even though I’m an exclusive pumper and could never get a proper latch.
    My least favorite thing is definitely how long it takes and how bulky my pump is. I pump for 30 minutes 5x/day and it’s time that I can’t be fully present with my son.

    05.07.20 Reply
  22. Katie says:

    My favorite part of breastfeeding my first was the connection with my littlest love. I was the only one who could feed her and share that bond with her. However that was also the hardest part! My first refused bottles which meant I was literally the only person that could feed her. I couldn’t be away from her for more than a few hours for the first year of her life! It was so hard to have such limited time and occasionally made me feel trapped! I was the only one who could get up with her, thank god she was a good sleeper early on. I had a hand-me-down pump the first time around and plan to use the same one because it’s not feasible to purchase a new one right now.. it would be amazing to have something new and powerful this time around as I am determined to make bottles an option when needed with my second! This has been such a strange time to be pregnant. It was such a hard road to get to a second baby and it has not at all been what I expected!

    05.07.20 Reply
  23. Laurel Holst says:

    Breast Pump Sweeps:

    Breastfeeding was by far one of the most painful experiences of my life, even after recovering from an emergency c-section. I felt like I truly had to commit to the health of my son by breastfeeding despite the fact that he couldn’t latch for the first 10 weeks before discovering he was tongue tied. Once we fixed that he latched but I still bled everyday for the 7 mos that I breastfed/ pumped with him.

    The time he spent cuddled up with me, holding my hand while I winced made it all worth it. It was as if he was becoming empathetic by the day- he was never greedy, he tried to be so gentle with me and we ended up having the most perfect moments of my whole life during those precious and trying months.

    I’m expecting a girl next month, still have my Madela pump and am dreading pumping more than childbirth. If you say this helps, I’d love to try it out!

    Congratulations to you and your family,

    Laurel Holst

    05.07.20 Reply
  24. Brittany says:

    My favorite thing is that I get to provide breast milk for my baby who has several medical issues. My least favorite is the time ( I exclusively pump), it’s a lot of time pumping and then washing all the bottles and pump parts.
    Question for you… Do you pump one side at a time?
    Thank you for doing this give away!

    05.07.20 Reply
  25. Stacey says:

    I’m a new mom and due in early September with our first. But I’m most apprehensive about breastfeeding being painful or uncomfortable, making sure we get the hang of it, and that our child is getting enough nutrients. I’m very excited to form that very special bond with her and to give her something I know I’m the only one capable of giving to her.

    05.07.20 Reply
  26. Brittney says:

    Ah, breastfeeding! I love the closeness, bonding and health benefits, but my least favorite part is establish a good latch. Ouch!

    05.07.20 Reply
  27. Gaby Juarez says:

    The best part about breastfeeding is being able to physically produce something from my body for the benefit of my little one–I think it’s absolutely AMAZING! The worst part for me was not being able to nurse my son directly off my breast and having to exclusively pump. I’m due with our 2nd baby in Sept and I hope my breastfeeding journey with her will be a bit more smooth sailing ?

    05.07.20 Reply
  28. Holly says:

    My favorite thing about breastfeeding is knowing that I’m providing my baby with good nutrition as well as antibodies to help fight off viruses and bacteria. I don’t take that for granted in the least and always pump extra to donate to mamas who can’t breastfeed. I actually feel guilty that I am able to breastfeed, so being able to donate to a mama in need is the least I can do, and I’m happy to do it. It takes a village, folks! My least favorite thing about breastfeeding, and I’m just being real here, is how time consuming it is. Whenever I’m breastfeeding, I admit that I’m not always present as I’m usually thinking of what needs to be done around the house, who needs to be where, what commitments I have, and what promises I’ve made that week. But, I do it anyway because I want my baby to have the best start in life. Breastfeeding is hard and not the most comfortable thing in the world and honestly after nine months of feeling like a beached whale, I just want my body back, but I do it anyway because, well, I’d probably be racked with guilt if I didn’t. And if I couldn’t breastfeed, I’d choose formula and my baby would still be off to a good start because ultimately fed is best.

    Note: If you see this posted twice it’s because I tried to enter yesterday and it didn’t work.

    05.07.20 Reply
  29. Angie says:

    Tongue tie in the beginning 🙁 and little hands resting on my boo boo’s 🙂

    05.07.20 Reply
  30. Colleen says:

    My favorite part is the time and connection with my baby, but my least favorite part is the time being hooked to a pump as the one I used the first time around took awhile.

    05.07.20 Reply
  31. jo says:

    favorite: the mindfulness
    least: the soreness

    05.08.20 Reply
  32. Michelle says:

    Finding out we are pregnant with our first is the best Mother’s Day gift ever! I am so excited to bond with our “little pierogi” and breast feed. I am a full time nurse so I will have to pump when I go back to work but I know my milk will help our little one grow! Being able to pump faster and more would be wonderful.

    Thank you!!

    05.09.20 Reply
  33. Joanna says:

    My favorite thing is how healthy it is for my baby and my least favorite is the stress of it sometimes.

    05.10.20 Reply
  34. Kaley davis says:

    My favorite part of breast feeding is knowing my baby is getting all the health benefits from it. My least favorite thing about breastfeeding is I exclusively pump which takes up a lot of time

    05.11.20 Reply
  35. Kaley says:

    My favorite part of breast feeding is knowing my baby is getting all the health benefits from it. My least favorite thing about breastfeeding is I exclusively pump which takes up a lot of time

    05.11.20 Reply
  36. Cecilia says:

    I am due with my first in August! So I don’t have a favorite and least favorite thing about breastfeeding since I’ve never done it yet. I am excited and nervous to try. I will have to pump at work and I am worried about how that will fit into my schedule and how much my job will be accommodating to pumping.

    05.11.20 Reply
  37. Heather Kate says:

    I’m pregnant with my 3rd baby (a little dude!) and this pump would be perfect!! Thanks for sharing it too, didn’t know about it. I love the quiet moments with just me and the baby when breastfeeding so much bonding. I don’t like the leaking or waking up on pain!

    05.11.20 Reply
  38. Hillary Calhoun says:

    Being an exclusive pumper, pumping breastmilk is a huuuuuuge part of my day. Especially with having two babies in 2 years, all minutes pumped are valuable. After multiple bouts with mastitis and clogs and lazy eating, pumping was sadly my only option.

    My favorite thing is knowing I’m doing it all for a reason bigger than myself, I’m doing it to provide for my littlest love. love the connection I feel to my baby giving him pumped breastmilk. And it makes it worth all of the hours pumping each day to see him growing and thriving, and his happy little smile with a full belly.

    My least favorite thing about exclusively pumping is having to wake up before anyone in my house to pump and get bottles ready. And the pumps throughout the day that take time away from actively playing with my toddler. Any pump that lessens the minutes spent plugged in would be a dream.

    Motherhood is a beautiful and wild adventure. ❤️

    05.12.20 Reply
  39. MALYA LEVIN says:

    My favorite thing about breastfeeding is experiencing the incredible ability of the human body! Least favorite is the exhaustion. Worthwhile but intense!

    05.12.20 Reply
  40. Hi! I would love to enter!

    05.12.20 Reply
  41. Camille w says:

    My favorite part of breastfeeding is the one-on-one snuggles I get with my newborn! My least favorite part of breastfeeding is feeling like I can’t spend as much time or pay as much attention to my 3 year old. Also, pumping… pumping is a favorite because I’m fortunate enough to be able to donate my pumped milk to “mothers milk bank” for NICU babies to have access to! But, pumping also takes a big chunk out of my day and my pump is over 3 years old and isn’t very strong so I have to pump for a long time to fill up my milk bottles.

    05.12.20 Reply
  42. Emily says:

    So kind of you to offer this great opportunity! Thanks to your info and advice, the Motif has quickly climbed to the top of my new mom list. Thank you!

    My first (rainbow babe) baby is due at the end of June and while I don’t have the experience yet to share my favorite and least favorite parts of breastfeeding, there are definitely things I am looking forward to and other things I am not quite as excited about.

    I am SO looking forward to the bond and time with my little chick. It is the biggest reason I am so hopeful that breastfeeding will work out for us. I am excited about the time that it can give us together.

    As for what I am not as excited about – I am worried and nervous about what breastfeeding and pumping will look like for me as I return (IF we are able) to work as a kindergarten teacher in the fall. Hoping all goes well!

    05.12.20 Reply
  43. Anna English says:

    Thank you SO much for this post and the ability to search on your site! I’m due with my first in October and I remembered you posted about this pump so I came and ran a search and I’ve already ordered it ??☺️!! We’re also going to be having a little Lowie, although her given name will be Eloise. ?

    06.10.21 Reply
  44. santhathi says:

    That’s great information! You have put lots of efforts into preparing this wonderful material! It helps lots of people! Useful information. I am very happy to read this. Thanks for giving us this useful information.

    09.25.21 Reply