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Pregnant Eva Amurri Martino looks at baby gear

When you’ve been out of the newborn game for over three years, the world is not as you left it.  Three years is like thirty years in the baby gear product landscape! LOL. There have been so many new, hot products that have come out since I last did the baby tango, and today I’m going to try something a little different.  While I have my OG Baby Registry must-haves that I absolutely loved and used both pregnancies, I’ve been looking in to some of the latest technologies.  There seem to be pros and cons to some of the new faves out on the market.  Today I thought I would share with you some of the latest baby gear that I’m considering for this round of motherhood, and I’m comparing some similar products and sharing the pros and cons that I’ve heard or read.  I would LOVE IT if you guys could weigh in in the comments section of this post with your own experiences with these products! It would be so helpful to me, as well as for other Mamas I’m sure! Thank you in advance!

Bassinets: The Snoo vs. The BabyBjorn Cradle

The Snoo Pros…

  • Parents everywhere swear by it and the incredibly effective way it soothes babies.
  • Claims to reduce the chance of SIDS because baby can’t roll over in the Snoo Sack.
  • Introduces white noise as a way to calm baby, which helps when transitioning to a crib.
  • It’s cry-activated, so when baby is fussy it starts to gently rock them until they fall asleep. If baby isn’t soothed immediately, it will increase the white noise and rocking either until baby is calmed or until it stops on it’s own to alert parents that baby probably needs to be fed or have their diaper changed.
  • Can be controlled with an app.
  • Now it’s available via a rental program for those who don’t want to invest in the hefty purchase price, however there is also a very large resale market that many parents cash in on after their babies have grown out of it.
  • There are many handy accessories you can buy, including leg risers for colicky babies or babies with reflux.
  • It has a built-in metal shield that protects baby from wifi radiation.

The Snoo Cons…

  • It’s very expensive.
  • Some of the reviews say it wasn’t that effective, however the vast number of online as well as first-hand reviews I’ve heard have been vastly positive overall.
  • It only last for the first six months of baby’s life.
  • It’s very heavy so you can’t move it from room to room very easily, and traveling with it is not advised.

The BabyBjorn Cradle Pros…

  • It’s a much more affordable option than the Snoo.
  • Gentle rocking motion is triggered when you rock it or in response to baby’s own movement.
  • It’s compact and lightweight so it can be carried easily from room to room.

The BabyBjorn Cradle Cons…

  • It doesn’t self-activate when the baby cries like the Snoo.
  • It doesn’t have a built-in white noise machine.
  • The mattress isn’t as cushy feeling as the Snoo.
  • Less bells and whistles.

Baby Carriers: The Ergobaby Omni 360 vs. The Lillebaby Complete All Seasons

The Ergobaby Omni 360 Pros…

  • It grows with your child from birth (without an insert) from 7lbs-45lbs.
  • Carry baby front facing inward, front facing outward, on the hip and on the back.
  • Comes with a detachable storage pouch for your wallet or keys.
  • Has a lumbar support waist belt for when those back-breaking toddler years.
  • It’s machine washable.
  • Crossable straps which is much more comfortable.
  • It comes with a sun-hood to help keep the sun off baby’s face.
  • You can use it discreetly while nursing.

The Ergobaby Omni 360 Cons…

  • Some people have said they find it difficult to adjust the straps without help.
  • Shoulder strap clasps can be difficult to fasten with one hand while you’re balancing baby in the carrier with the other.
  • Not the most breathable option on warm days.
  • It’s the most expensive four-way carrier on the market.

The Lillebaby Complete All Seasons Pros…

  • Like the Ergobaby Omni 360, it can grow with baby from birth (without an insert) from 7lbs-45lbs.
  • It has six carrying positions, including 0-3mo fetal position, 0-12mo infant inward, 6-18mo ergonomic outward, 6m+ hip, 6m+ toddler inward, and 6m+ back.
  • A zip front panel open to mesh, helping keep baby cool during summer months.
  • There are pockets for wallet and keys.
  • Like the Ergobaby, there is lumbar support and you are able to both wear it with the straps crossed or parallel.
  • It is machine washable.
  • There is also a roomy hood for baby.

The Lillebaby Complete All Seasons Cons…

  • It’s not easy to switch between the narrow and wide seat positions, which means if you baby’s favorite position is outward facing, you’ll need to be switching it all the time.
  • It’s slightly less expensive than the Ergobaby Omni 360, but not by much.
  • Reviews say the waistband is very stiff.
Pregnant Eva Amurri Martino looks at baby gear

Baby Monitors: The Nanit Plus vs. The Infant Optics DXR-8

The Nanit Plus Pros…

  • Sleep stats help you with sleep training.
  • You can watch baby from anywhere in the world all from the Nanit app on your phone.
  • You can zoom.
  • The monitor runs whether or not you have the app open, and allows you to keep the sound on while navigating to other apps, or mute it.
  • You can create profiles for your partner and any other caregivers that watch baby like babysitters, nannies or grandparents, granting them access to the baby monitor as needed. You can also revoke that access when they’re not watching the baby.
  • You can connect multiple Nanit cameras to the same account, as well as upright stands for traveling or for other rooms in the house.
  • It alerts you when the desired temperature in baby’s room is out of range.
  • It gives you a day and night summary of actual video footage showing you how well baby slept.
  • If baby isn’t sleeping well, it will send you personalized tips on how to improve baby’s sleep.
  • It records with night-vision.
  • It has a 256-bit encryption to keep your monitor safe from snooping.
  • Nanit’s wifi antenna is designed to keep wifi signals pointing away from the baby, which is awesome.

The Nanit Plus Cons…

  • It’s expensive, and the Nanit Insights are an additional cost per month.
  • It doesn’t come with a display monitor, so you have to use your smartphone or a dedicated tablet to use it.
  • There is no two-way-talk.
  • You can’t pan or tilt the camera.

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Pros…

  • It comes with a display monitor, so you don’t have to drain your phone battery when using it.
  • Can view up to 4 cameras at the same time on the display.
  • You can pan, tilt, and zoom.
  • It displays the room temperature.
  • It has infared night vision.
  • Unlike the Nanit, it has two-way-talk.
  • The range can reach about 85ft with up to four walls separating you from baby.
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery so you can unplug it and use it for naps during the day and then plug it back in for overnight monitoring.
  • The battery life is 5-6hrs with the screen on, and 10hrs if it’s on standby.
  • It uses encrypted FHSS radio signals so the chances of hacking are very slim.

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Cons…

  • You can only use the monitor when you’re home.
  • Does not have an app.
  • If you forget to recharge the batteries you wont be able to unplug it.
  • Unlike the Nanit, it doesn’t offer any tips for sleep training.

Infant Car Seats: The Nuna Pipa or The Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 Platinum

The Nuna Pipa Pros…

  • Uses ‘traffic light’ system which means green indicators will show you if buckles are fastened correctly, and red will show you if they’re not.
  • Can be secure via the LATCH system instead of seatbelts, but you do also have the option of using the seatbelts if you’re in another vehicle like a taxi, etc.
  • Fits baby from birth until 32lbs or 32″ tall.
  • Side impact protection.
  • It features a European belt path, which if you’re a new mom, I strongly recommend only purchasing infant car seats with a European belt path because they are much safer. Every mom’s favorite resource for all things car seats is The Car Seat Lady, so please check out her site if you’re interested in more information.
  • It is compatible with several major stroller brands.
  • The fabric can be removed and machine washed, although you will have to rethread the harness.

The Nuna Pipa Cons…

  • There are known compatibility issues with Range Rover and BMW, but that doesn’t affect me LOL.

The Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 Platinum Pros…

  • Fits baby from 4lbs-35lbs and up until 32″ tall.
  • Comes with an infant insert for smaller babies.
  • Weighs only 10.2lbs.
  • Like the Nuna Pipa, it also features a European belt path.
  • It can be adjusted to 4 different positions depending on the age of baby.
  • It also can be secured by the LATCH system.

The Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 Platinum Cons…

  • Some people have complained that the car seat gets stuck to the base.
  • There is less padding than other comparably priced infant car seats.

Breast Pumps: The Willow Pump vs. The Haakaa

The Willow Pump Pros…

  • It’s wearable and hands-free…GAME CHANGER!
  • Zero cords or attachments.
  • Everything you need is in the pump cups and slips right into your bra.
  • It’s quiet, discreet, and spill-proof.
  • You can pump and store your milk in the same bag.
  • You can pump in any position without leaks.
  • An app tracks your milk volume.

The Willow Pump Cons…

  • It’s expensive and it’s not covered by insurance, although it is eligible for reimbursement under FSA/HSA.
  • It only works with breast cup sizes A-H.
  • You can’t charge it and pump at the same time.

The Haakaa Pros…

  • This is suuuuuuuuuper cheap. Like $12 cheap!
  • It’s a manual pump that you attach to your breast that collects milk using it’s own suction, so no hands or power source required.
  • Many mom’s apparently pop it onto while baby is nursing on the other side to gain a few extra ounces for their freezer stash.
  • Very handy for travel since it’s small, lightweight and doesn’t have small parts to clean.
  • Mom’s can get an extra 5oz a day without even trying.

The Haakaa Cons…

  • Some women find it difficult to use while also breastfeeding on the other side.

Baby Bath: The SkipHop Moby Smart Sling 3-Stage Tub vs. The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub

The SkipHop Moby Smart Sling 3-Stage Tub Pros…

  • It covers 3 stages from 0-25lbs.
  • It has a swivel hook for hanging on the shower head or on a towel rack for easy storage.
  • It has a non-slip interior and a drain plug for safe bathing.
  • It’s PVC and Phthalate-free.
  • It’s ridiculously cute.
  • There are a number of equally cute accessories you can buy to go with it, like the whale spout cover, the elbow and knee pad (LIFESAVER) and the whale bath rinser.

The SkipHop Moby Smart Sling 3-Stage Tub Cons…

  • I couldn’t find any, so please comment below if you have had a bad experience with this product!

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub Pros…

  • Also a 3 stage system that goes up to 25lbs.
  • The drain plug changes color to alert parents if the water is too hot for baby.
  • Can fit in both the sink and the bathtub.

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub Cons…

  • It’s not as cute as the SkipHop Moby Tub.

Bouncers: The mamaRoo vs. The Nuna LEAF grow

The mamaRoo Pros…

  • It has 5 fluid motions based on how parents move when soothing babies.
  • It has a built in white-noise machine and can also connect to any MP3 device to play your own music.
  • You can control it with an app.
  • You’re able to adjust the incline depending on the baby’s age.
  • An infant insert is available for purchase separately.

The mamaRoo Cons…

  • It’s very heavy so if you can’t really move it from room to room.
  • Since every baby is different, some parents have said it’s a crap-shoot on whether or not your baby will like it.

The Nuna LEAF grow Pros…

  • It’s extremely pretty.
  • It works from birth up until 130lbs! Yes, you read that correctly. One hundred and thirty pounds!
  • It comes with the infant insert.
  • It has three different reclining positions.
  • It’s battery and plug-free.

The Nuna LEAF grow Cons…

  • It’s very expensive.
  • Because it’s battery and plug-free, it means the swaying only lasts 2 minutes, so if you want continuous motion, this might not be the best option.

Loungers: The DockATot vs. the Snuggle Me Organic

I have yet to find anyone who can conclusively say what the differences between both of these are, let alone the pros and cons. If you’ve used either or both, please tell me which you loved and why!

High Chairs: The Inglesina Fast Table Chair vs. The Bloom Fresco Chrome

The Inglesina Fast Table Chair Pros…

  • It doesn’t take up a ton of space.
  • It’s easy to take with you while traveling.

The Inglesina Fast Table Chair Cons…

  • It only lasts until baby is 37lbs.

The Bloom Fresco Chrome Pros…

  • It has three incline positions: fully flat for newborns, semi reclined, and upright.
  • It has a 360º swivel and pneumatic up/down height adjustments.
  • It has a removable sculpted booster.
  • There is a safety bar for a three positions.
  • It has a scratch resistant anti-slip adjustable feeding tray.
  • It comes with a secondary play tray.
  • The footrest is removable.
  • It can be used up until 79lbs.

The Bloom Fresco Chrome Cons…

  • It’s reeeeeeeeeally expensive.
  • It might be a little overkill for most feeding situations.

Travel Cribs: The Nuna Sena vs. The BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light

The Nuna Sena Pros…

  • It’s sleek and modern.
  • It has the best breathability factor of all the travel crib options.
  • Every component of the crib can be tossed into the washing machine.
  • It has the easiest set up and break-down.
  • There is a changer accessory that is sold separately which makes it a complete nursery on-the-go.

The Nuna Sena Cons…

  • It’s pretty heavy at 22lbs.

The BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light Pros…

  • It weighs only 13lbs.
  • It also has a very easy setup.
  • The mattress is firm but extra comfortable.
  • The mattress and the fabric frame are machine washable.
  • When inside the carrying case, it can fit within any airline baggage compartment.

The BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light Cons…

  • It does not come with a fitted sheet.
  • It also does not come with the option of adding the changing table component.
Pregnant Eva Amurri Martino looks at baby gear

Whew! So there they are, folks! I’m so intrigued by all of these, and I feel like breast pumps and bassinets have really come the most far technology wise since my last rodeo.  I can’t wait to hear about your experiences with these things!

Photography by Julia Dags

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  1. Vanessa says:

    I have both the Nuna Sena and the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light and the Baby Bjorn is far and away a better crib for actual travel. The Nuna Sena is great if you don’t plan on opening it up and putting it away very often, but it’s very heavy and it’s not super easy to get all of the parts to fit properly in the bag when they’re folded up. (We actually had an incident where the plastic pieces that go into the mattress got warped when they were being stored in the bag because everything was stuffed in too tightly. We had to then order replacement parts, which was annoying.) The Baby Bjorn is great if you’re looking for something to easily throw into the car or bring with you on a plane, and is so easy to set up and breakdown wherever you are. You can also find lots of inexpensive sheets with cute patterns that will fit on Amazon.

    09.13.19 Reply
  2. Jacqui says:

    Hi Eva,

    The Moby 3 stage tub is small, my large baby outgrew it by 2 months ?

    09.13.19 Reply
  3. Jordan Pace says:

    Love and recommend my: Nina Pipa, inglesina table chair, and baby bjorn travel crib. I actually got that crib inside a full-size suitcase to Italy ?

    09.13.19 Reply
  4. Taylor says:

    We have the dock-a-tot and while it’s hands down my favorite baby product because of how well my baby sleeps in it, it is a PAIN to clean. It washes well in the washing machine but to re-assemble it when it’s done is literally a workout. Otherwise we love the piece of mind it gives us. Just food for thought! ?

    09.13.19 Reply
  5. Meg says:

    Hi there!

    I was in your exact position with my youngest. Donated/gave away all of my baby goods, and years later was pleasantly “suprised” my sweet daughter would be joining the bunch.

    The Baby Guy/ Jamie Grayson was a huge and instrumental resource for me, especially when it came to high dollar gear expenditures and new technology. I think he may have recently switched handles to his name, but his website and social feeds have so much info packed in there (from what I can remember, my youngest is now 6:)

    Congrats mama! It’s the best kind of stress prepping for a new bundle ?

    09.13.19 Reply
  6. Darcy says:

    I’m emphatically recommending The Snoo, the Ergo Omni 360, the Nanit, and the Snuggle Me Organic! We have a 16-month-old and swear by all these products.

    To address some of the cons you laid out: you can now rent the Snoo, which makes the cost more reasonable and solves the problem of only needing it for six months. Also, their customer support is incredible.

    The Omni 360 does come in a breathable mesh version, which we have and which still works fine in the winter months. I have absolutely no trouble putting it on and adjusting the straps by myself.

    As for the Nanit, we just love it. It doesn’t bother me at all that you can’t pan or move the camera, because the picture is so clear and gives you such a wide view. We don’t use the insights, though, so I can’t speak as to whether those are worth it. The only issue we’ve run into is that it has to connect to a secure network, so when we’re traveling that has been an issue just once. But I would still recommend it.

    We picked the Snuggle Me Organic over the Dock-A-Tot simply because the materials are safer and more earth-friendly. And their new cover colors are so gorgeous!

    I hope this was helpful! SO excited for you.

    09.13.19 Reply
  7. Lauren says:

    Snoo…all the way! It was the best purchase we made for our daughter! She was sleeping through the night at about 7-8 weeks old!!

    09.13.19 Reply
  8. Brittany says:

    I literally just bought the Graco carseat for my baby due in March. I used a a similar one for my three year old daughter in the newborn stage and loved it.

    09.13.19 Reply
  9. Kim says:

    Infant Optics! We love ours so much. While the battery did have a finicky day or two about a year in, just recharging it fixed everything. Love how quiet the swivel is, and how it shows the room temperature. The microphone feature is wasted on us though, as hearing my disembodied voice did nothing but terrify my one year old.

    09.13.19 Reply
  10. Caroline says:

    I HIGHLY recommend the haaka AND the willow. The haaka works really best as a “let down catcher” when breastfeeding. You won’t want to try to use it as your exclusive pump. The willow is great for pumping between feeds and while working but buy LOTS of extra bags…they’re small. Also, the Dock a Tot is 100% the way to go over the snuggle me- in my opinion. Dock a Tots can be used for babies up to 9 months- the fabric is breathable and easy to wash. Also, the bottom unlatches so if you have a long baby, they’ll be more comfortable. My daughter is 7 months old and the dock a tot is our most VALUABLE possession- ie. we take it everywhere. The MamaRoo is amazing as well. It’s not very mobile but it’s fantastic for those first 3 months. Past that, our daughter wanted to be more involved and entertained. It’s a great place for a nap as well. But, if I had to do it over, I wouldn’t have invested in the MamaRoo- I probably would have purchased a simple swing for much cheaper.

    09.13.19 Reply
  11. Anna says:

    I haven’t used the Snuggleme I bought yet (due next month!), but I will say Dockatots are illegal to sell in Canada. Snugglemes are easily available.

    09.13.19 Reply
  12. Sara says:

    We have all the skip hop whale things. The whale tub IS ridiculously cute, plus there is a whale tub thermometer and spout cover and kneeling pad (we still use those last three things!)

    09.13.19 Reply
  13. Anastasia says:

    Ergobaby 360 worked for me. I used from early on as my baby was on the big side and she was very comfortable. I went the uppababy route and used the old fashioned medela pump which worked for me but I’ve read good things for the Willow pump.

    09.13.19 Reply
  14. Joanna L. Bramer says:

    I would love to weigh in on the following items we used…
    -Ergobaby: This was hands down amazing, and how I got everything done (especially in those early days when my son just needed to be held). Speaking directly to the cons, I never had issues adjusting it, although I was mainly the only one wearing it. On the occasion that my husband did adjust things, I would adjust them back before putting it on. As for the breathability, there IS an option for that. I remember seeing a mom in my BF support group wearing it (https://ergobaby.com/baby-carrier/cool-air-mesh-breathable)
    -Infant Optics DXR-8: Saying that this has 85 ft range is absolutely true, we have a rather large yard and can safely bring the monitor outside with us to check on our son. We chose this so that we could someday expand the number of cameras to other children, since this is your last (most likely!!), that functionality is probably lost on your family. I will say the monitor has taken a beating, and the antenna no longer stays up, and I have to remove and reinsert the battery anytime my son gets a hold of it and drops it. With other children in your house, that could be an annoyance! I love being able to turn the screen off (and even mute the monitor), yet with the sidebar colored lights you can still see if little one is up and making noise. We definitely love it, but it would be WONDERFUL if it could reach the spot where neighborhood moms meet-up for happy hour 😉
    -mamaRoo: This had a lot of functionality, but as your cons mention, it is SUPER heavy. We found a spot and left it there, which meant it wasn’t always where we needed it most and didn’t get used as much as we expected. Thankfully, a friend let us borrow theirs, so at least we didn’t have to pay for it.
    -Inglesina Fast Table Chair: So I started out with this at home, and eventually got so annoyed that we now only use it for travel. The problem is, children are A MESS, and you’ll need to clean it frequently. Because it’s all fabric, it’s totally washable, but that means taking it all apart every time you need to clean it. Trust me, this is not easy. You could technically leave the table anchors in place when you do this, but pulling out the back support bar and putting it back in is still a chore. We wound up buying the super inexpensive IKEA high chair for the house (all plastic and can be wiped or sprayed down). Every mom I’ve talked to with the IKEA chair agrees it is totally wonderful!

    09.13.19 Reply
  15. Anna says:

    Actually, just double checked, it’s not technically illegal to sell Dockatots in Canada, the regulations are just so strict that Dockatot cannot be sold. If that makes sense.

    09.13.19 Reply
  16. Jinnie says:

    I vote for Nuna leaf, doc a tot and also the baby bjorn crib. My 2nd child had all 3 (both kids had the travel crib) and we loved them all SO much! Still using the travel crib and honestly would use the doc a tot if my son could fit in it lol

    09.13.19 Reply
  17. Kristin says:

    The mamaroo is worth every cent. While I set mine up so I could have a clear visual of my daughter from 3 rooms & didn’t them need to move it, I actually did not find it to be heavy at all. I was surprised at how light it felt because it is a significant size. My experience with it was that my daughter did not like it for more than 20 minutes when she was a newborn. She was 5 lbs at birth & it wasn’t until she was closer to 9-10 lbs that she adored it. The adjusted seat did wonders for her reflux/colic. Chasing older kids around sometimes made it difficult to hold her upright for 45 minutes & the mamaroo was a lifesaver in that regard. I highly recommend!

    09.13.19 Reply
  18. Tyler Anne says:

    Okay, so I don’t have a baby… But I have heard SO much about the SNOO from real life friends and people I follow online. I’ve never heard a bad thing about it and even know a couple of people (one real life, one online LOL) that did travel with it (car traveling) because they loved it so much. If I was going to have a baby that thing would be on the top of my list! Just my two cents! 🙂 Congratulations again!!

    09.13.19 Reply
  19. Catherine says:

    I’ve used the following with one or more of my three kiddos:

    The Infant Optix monitor works exactly like it says it will but mine, and those of my other mom friends, lost battery life within a couple of months and basically needs to be plugged in 24/7 to work.

    I got the Haakaa to use with my 3rd but unless your older two are with a nanny or in school, you won’t have the time or free hands to use it. My older two were always climbing all over us and it now sits as a Q-tip holder on my nightstand.

    I love the Skip Hop Moby tub for stages 1 & 3 (bathing babies always made me nervous so I’ve tried several infant tubs and this was an instant fave for the newborn stage) but stage 2 is ridiculous. Not one of the two kids I used it with could sit properly in the sling attached in the lower position, they’d slide right down to the bottom of the tub. Useless.

    I’ve only ever used the Dock-A-Tot and only with my youngest. He seems to like it well enough. I bought the Grand when he outgrew the Deluxe and he uses the sides as pillows ??‍♀️ As another reviewer claimed, it’s a pain in the ass to wash, and you will wash it often with spit up and diaper accidents. Not sure if you can still find it, but Audrey Roloff (TLC’s ‘Little People, Big World’) reviews the Dock vs the Snuggle Me and she preferred the Snuggle Me.

    I bought the Bloom Fresco high chair when we had our first because it was the only high chair on the market that could reach counter height, and we have a counter-height dinning table, (and because it’s incredibly cool, gorgeous and sleek looking, tbh). But it is honestly my biggest baby purchase regret: it’s not worth the price (the inserts are extra) and it’s impossible to clean: so many nooks and crannies! Food gets under the inserts and stinks, the straps are always filthy and there are so many parts for food to get stuck in and dirty on the way down. I honestly hate it. And it has a ton of features, like the height and recline options you mentioned, and I’ve never once bothered to use a single one in 5 years of having it. It looks cool but do yourself a favour and buy something easy to clean.

    Hope that helps.

    09.13.19 Reply
    • Jackie says:

      Couldn’t agree more about the Bloom Fresco, it’s also my biggest baby purchase regret and for all the same reasons… impossible to clean and overpriced. But also, it’s huge! It would be such an eyesore in your lovely new home. Three kids later the Bloom is in the attic and we use Phil & Ted’s Lobster Chair at our Kitchen Island and the IKEA high chair (inexpensive, easy to clean, and can be hidden away easily!) when a traditional high chair is needed.

      09.13.19 Reply
  20. Katie says:

    I LOVED the Haakaa!! I just used the football hold when using it and barely needed to pump the first 3-4 months!

    09.13.19 Reply
  21. Amber says:

    Hey Eva! Check out the Arlo for a baby monitor. It works great and we love it! We had the Infant Optics and it just didn’t hold up well for the money. Best of luck!

    09.13.19 Reply
  22. Julia says:

    We used the Nuna Pipa car seat and LOVED it! Super lightweight and held up really well (we’ll definitely be able to use it again for baby #2). The best thing is that it doesn’t need the car base, so if you’re traveling or in a cab, you can secure it just using the standard seatbelts. Also, the Pipa + Nuna’s Mixx stroller are the dream team.

    And all my votes for the Lille carrier! The lumbar support is amazing and I was able to strap it on myself without dropping the baby, so huge win. The vent is great, and it’s really comfy to wear for extended periods of time. The only thing is that you should try it on yourself. The lumbar support piece is quite wide, so the waistband can only tighten so much if you leave the support in place. I wear a size 6 pant, and when I fit it to my waist, the support is just about touching the sides of the front portion of the waistband. You’ll want to see if it will go tight enough in the hips for your frame!

    09.13.19 Reply
  23. Laura says:

    Hi Eva! Congratulations on your third pregnancy. I am using the Ergo Omni 360 with my almost five month old and it’s fantastic. Very easy to use. We also have the Infant Optics camera, which I do not recommend. The monitor constantly loses the signal from the camera so the video drops out. Just last night – right as this tired mama put her head on her pillow – the video dropped out and in 7 times in a row. Not helpful!

    09.13.19 Reply
  24. Gillian says:

    I’ve had the infant optics monitor for a few years and at first i loved it but we have had a lot of issues with the battery not holding a charge and now it has to be plugged in or wont work at all. I wish i had the nanit!! Loved the skip hop bath tub when my son was about 0-3 months but now at 6 months he barely can fit in it and can’t sit up in the regular tub yet. But he’s also super chunky so you might get more use out of it than we did. My last two babies loved the mamaroo swing and i loved it because it doesn’t take up as much space as a traditional baby swing. Also loved the snuggle me organic. It’s so so easy to clean and change the covers.

    09.13.19 Reply
  25. Sarah says:

    You must go with the snoo. It is a game changer and my baby sleeps so well now, even in her crib. My husband and I have NO REGRETS. Also, you can rent it now which is a lot cheaper.

    We are also big fans of the Bjorn travel crib. It is sooooo light and fits in our checked luggage when traveling. We also like the infant optix and our friend who has both the nanit and the infant optix doesn’t use the former because it’s annoying to bring it up on your phone.

    Lastly, have you heard of the elvie pump? It’s pretty new and doesn’t require a bag but it’s wireless like the willow.

    Hope this helps!

    09.13.19 Reply
  26. Liz Koppelman says:

    I have a million comments lol! After just going through this with #2, I’ve figured out what’s necessary and what’s nice to have.

    Love for the Nuna pipa!! Attached to my uppababy vista and my babyzen yo-yo strollers.

    Love the doc a tot. Also look into a European thing called the cocoonababy!!

    You need both high chairs. One for at home and one for going out.

    I had the ergobaby 360 For my first and barely used it. For my second I bought the babybjorn mini, it’s so easy for a floppy newborn!

    09.13.19 Reply
  27. Sarah Roebuck says:

    Yes 1000% to the DockATot! It’s pricey but so worth it. It was so easy to move my daughter around while I was working and she slept. Great for tummy time, travel, sleeping… just everything. We bought the Grand when she was about 9 months and I see us using it for quite a while (maybe until she’s 3 ??‍♀️).

    09.13.19 Reply
  28. Danielle says:

    Dock-a-tot, hands down! While I am not familiar with the other brand, I used the dock for my daughter from 9 mo – 2 years old! She literally slept in it on the floor that entire time frame for naps and bedtime. I could not get her to sleep anywhere else, ever! She would probably still sleep in it!

    Also, the Inglesina table chair was a game changer for my twins and made it easy at home and away. You don’t have this listed here but I always highly recommend the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chairs! They allow the baby/toddler/child to sit at the table for a very long time.

    09.13.19 Reply
    • Michaela says:

      We’ve just got Stokke Tripp Trapp and it’s great. You can use it up to 6 years. It’s one of the most popular high chairs in Finland. People really swear by it.

      09.13.19 Reply
  29. Lauren says:

    I love my Lillebaby. I had a Baby Bjorn for a while but he seemed to grown out of it. I took our Lillebaby on vacation love that I could walk around with easily and it was breathable. I liked the extra support for your back.

    We use the Infant Optic monitor, other people not having access to it is a big deal!

    First years bath tub for us. We didn’t really use it too long because once he could sit up, he wanted to splash around. So he moved to the sink and then to the awesome mom hack of a laundry basket in the bathtub.

    I used the mamaroo (handed done by my sister) and I loved it; but Teddy didn’t use it for too long.

    Hope some of this helps! Can’t wait to see all the posts about your baby!

    09.13.19 Reply
  30. Cher says:

    I LOVED this part of pregnancy – give me ALL the baby things!!! Ok, for us – SkipHop tub – we actually started with the 4Moms which was awesome, but useless once baby can sit up, we then got the SkipHop and wished we would have had it from the beginning! So easy to use, easy to clean and our daughter loved it! Was super easy to transition to no sling and inside our bathtub when she wasn’t big enough for just the bathtub! 4Moms Mamaroo – we purchased and are in the “our daughter DESPISED” it group. With any lounger my rec is to wait until baby is born and see what they like before purchasing – not to mention, you can’t use it once they sit up so this expensive machine lasts for approximately 6 months only. Best purchase hands down was DOCKATOT! We used the deluxe and grand – at home, traveling, it was the BOMB! Easy to clean, daughter LOVED! Not to mention it gave me such peace of mind while co-sleeping. Not sure what the difference is from the other company but I am a fan of Dockatot!!! We LOVED our inglessina! For the space saving and having our daughter right at the table with us and not “separated” I know that sounds weird but it was just easy and clean up was a breeze! We used ours until 2.5! If I could make a rec for stroller/car seat – check out the Doona! With two kiddos and newborn, you won’t find an easier system – sooo fast and sooo easy and makes travel a BREEZE! Our daughter used it until she was TWO! Whatever you choose will be amazing!!! Congratulations!!!!!

    09.13.19 Reply
  31. Tiffany says:

    I am pregnant with my 3rd too and I’ve been really wanting a Snuggle Me for this go around. I had a Mama Roo for my first two babies and neither one enjoyed it much past a few weeks old. My daughter used it for about a month and my son maybe 6 weeks. It is pretty heavy and a pain to move around the house. I purchased a $30 traditional swing off Amazon that was really low to the ground, super light and portable and my son loved it. Go figure. I’ve also heard though some babies love the Mama Roo. I’ve held on to mine…maybe 3rd time will be a charm. Ha!

    09.13.19 Reply
  32. Tracy says:

    My third was a complete surprise and we did not have anything. The only thing I can recommed is the Ergobaby because I used the same one for all three kids. I wish I could put them in it now ? the other thing may be a bit technical but because of my age with my third baby I took a blood test when I was 2 months along that tested the babys blood and let me know the sex. The piece of mind that that test gave me so early in my pregnancy is something I wish I had with the first two.

    09.13.19 Reply
  33. Amy says:

    I love my Lillebaby carrier and fully recommend it. I would suggest checking out the Complete Embossed instead of the all weather. It is so soft and lightweight compared to the other one. And it is cool enough for Southern California summers.

    We also have the Infant Optics monitor and I have a love hate relationship with it. At the end of the day, we felt most comfortable with a camera that wasn’t really hackable so this is the one. The range can be spotty and I’ve had to buy a new battery about once every year.

    I’d recommend the Haakaa in addition to a regular pump. I use both regularly. And at $12, it is definitely worth having!

    09.13.19 Reply
    • Jessica says:

      Agree! Hakaa + willow or regular pump ??

      09.13.19 Reply
  34. Stacy says:

    Congratulations on your latest project! I have 2 littles: a 20 month old boy and a 2 month old girl (my basis for these reviews/this information). I hope you find this helpful.

    Skip the fancy bassinets and follow @TakingCaraBabies. Her instagram posts, stories, and blog are informative enough to guide you through sleep training. I haven’t tried any of her courses, but I’ve implemented countless tips and tricks that she’s shared. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase any of her courses if the need arises. Highly recommend!

    The Infant Optics DXR-8 is wonderful. Even my 70 year old in-laws can use it! I’ve also used a camera with an internet connection, and while yes, it’s nice to be able to check-in remotely, relying on an internet connection just wasn’t for me. Waiting for the connection to load was not conducive to the type of night-stalking I was doing early on. The distance for reception on the monitor can be touchy. It should work most places in your home (obviously), but you may not get reception on your porch. Even still, highly recommend.

    All hail the Haakaa! I didn’t discover this gem until after my first baby and am so grateful I did. It’s not a replacement for an electric pump, I’d say it’s a supplement. I used it to catch let-down at times, but I primarily used it to relieve full breasts in the night. I used it right away and built-up a nice freezer supply before I even technically started pumping. Such an inexpensive lifesaver, highly recommend.

    I was gifted a Mamaroo with my first. He didn’t love it. My hands were mainly free though, since I was a first-time stay at home mom, so I didn’t mind holding him often/all the time. With my second, she ends up in it more often and she enjoys it. The settings are cool and it’s quiet. Recommend.

    I borrowed a Dockatot from my sister-in-law with my first and used it a ton (probably in ways not approved by the AAP). It is a pain to reassemble after washing, but I found it to be so worth it that I purchased one for myself the second time around. I think you get a longer shelf life out of the Dockatot than the Snuggle Me Organic. Highly recommend.

    Well that was wordy. Looking forward to following along with you all during this time!

    09.13.19 Reply
    • Chassidy says:

      Yes! The dock a tot gives me nightmares about putting it back together after washing. That’s another HUGE plus to the snuggle me organic.

      Also, the extra covers for the dock a tot (which I think are an absolute NEED) are much more pricey than the snuggle me covers!

      09.13.19 Reply
  35. Ravelle says:

    I loved the doc a tot! So perfect for co-sleeping. The baby is safe and snuggly.

    09.13.19 Reply
  36. Kelly says:

    Lillebaby carrier – used it for 2 babies
    Snuggleme organic – used for 1 babies
    Baby bjorn portable crib – used for 3 babies (good till my tall babies are about 16 months)

    Used and using them now and love them all.

    Used Snuggleme for only my 3rd, now 9 months. She grew out of it at 6-7 months and transition out was easy. But you can get the bigger size too, and I have TALL babies so you could probably get longer out of it if smaller baby (don’t think you’ll have this problem lol).

    I’d get both the breastfeeding suggestions. The cup one is great to get the over flow or over supply when feeding/nursing. I hear good things about the insert one too.

    You should do a poll ???

    Congrats again.

    09.13.19 Reply
  37. Gina says:

    We have the Infant Optics camera and absolutely love it. I am a lunatic who keeps the camera on all night and checks it frequently when I toss and turn. The camera and sound are clear as a bell and I love that no one has the possibility to hack it like other cameras because it’s not on WiFi. Again, I’m a lunatic.

    We love the Dock a Tot. I can’t speak to whether it’s better than any other options, but my baby girl absolutely loved being snuggled in it. She slept so well, even when she was in the process of outgrowing it.

    We have the Mamaroo swing, and I feel indifferent towards it. My baby only fell asleep in it a couple of times, but it is definitely an adequate swing with great battery life and lots of different settings that give you lots of options.

    09.13.19 Reply
  38. Tiffany says:

    For the camera, we had the Infant Optics DXR and really liked it for the first year. However, the speaker went out in the middle of the night and started making horrible unearthly sounds, so that was a fun moment of shear terror! We now use the Moonybaby and love it. We have 2 (one for home and one for travel).

    For the lounger pillow, I can’t say enough good things about the LeachCo Podster.
    She is 18 months and still lounges in it to read her books!

    Skip Hop tub all the way!!

    We have the baby bjorn travel crib. While it is light, it is bare bones. We actually add a mattress pad to it. And it is on the ground so someone with short arms like me struggled to be able to even reach the baby to pick her up.

    Oh and loved the haaaka hand pump. I used It in the hospital. She would be nursing I. One side and I was using the Haaka on the other side so I didn’t lose the precious gold that was leaking 🙂

    One super disappointing product for us was the Frieda humidifier. We love the rest of the Frieda products (major props to the nose sucker), but the humidifier was emitting an almost high frequency sound that was waking our little one. That was a restless few days until we figured it out!!

    Congrats and good luck!!

    09.13.19 Reply
  39. Rachel says:

    Nothing bad to say about the ergo Omni 360! I have been using it for 13 months by myself; you get used to the neck strap, and still use it for Disney with my 16 month olds! I recommend for EVERYONE!

    And SnuggleMe over DockATot for a newborn 100000% Not only does it prevent any kind of rolling; it’s so soft, beautiful and the OG baby lounger. We bought another one for my baby due in Feb cause my toddler still loves to snuggle in his and he’s a big boy!

    09.13.19 Reply
  40. Brooke says:

    I had the Nuna Pipa with my son and couldn’t use the load leg in my Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid (can’t use it in the non-hybrid version either). Also, i didn’t love the install.

    09.13.19 Reply
    • Jessica says:

      Agree! Why is it so hard? Uppababy Mesa all the way

      09.13.19 Reply
  41. Jessica says:

    The Snoo, Willow and Hakkaa are MUSTS. I have a 7 month old daughter and 2.5 year old twins, and had these three things with the baby but not with the twins and they are all game changers. I’d get an extra 2-3 oz milk EACH time I breastfed, so that’s like 3 bottles worth a day or more. The Snoo gives incredible peace of mind and more sleep!! You can def travel in the car with it if you’re driving somewhere overnight. The Willow makes pumping a non-issue. It’s amazing. The bags are fiddly which is frustrating but overall being able to pump anywhere is a HUGE perk.

    09.13.19 Reply
  42. Jillian says:

    We have the Lille baby and LOVE it! Ben has always been comfortable in it, and once you play with it a couple times it’s actually really easy to go from wide to narrow positions. We actually never switched that much. Also, I don’t find the band stuff at all- in fact the lumbar support is amazing. I’ve recommended it to my friends and they all love them too- and sometimes got two so each dad/mom had their own and didn’t have to keep changing their settings! ? There were absolutely zero cons for me, or ever times that I wished it did something that it didn’t. Also, being able to put him in it myself and wear him on my back was amazing.

    09.13.19 Reply
  43. Hillary says:

    The Haaka was AMAZING! I used it to collect milk while nursing. I’d say whatever you do pump-wise, it is worth the $12 to do the Haaka in addition. Since I leaked from the “dormant boob” anyway while nursing, it just made sense.

    We used the doc-a-tot and I loved it. However, the one difference I see between that and the Snuggle me is the cover. Doc a tot was kind of annoying to pull out the two different pillows from the cover to wash. Snuggle me looks like it doesn’t have that hassle. middle of the night, when poo is EVERYWHERE… may be easier to swap out than with doc a tot. But again, no personal experience with the Snuggle me 🙂

    09.13.19 Reply
  44. Anna says:

    We loved our lillebaby all seasons, but it is a pain to switch from inside to outside carrying positions. My baby absolutely loved it, and it was a game changer for baby #2, as we only used a baby bjorn 1 for our firstborn.
    The haaka is good for saving a little extra milk, but I found that the measurement lines were incorrect and actually less than what it said it was. It was better to use a regular pump to save milk than this. It’s also painful if you let it suction too long.
    We just purchased the infant optics a couple months ago and find it useful, but like every system out there, it’s not without its flaws.
    Congratulations on baby #3! Can’t wait to find out what you’re having! And you’re so right, 3 years away from baby products is a LONG time. I felt like such a fool that I didn’t know so many new products existed!

    09.13.19 Reply
  45. Caitlin says:

    My incredibly fussy newborn LOVED the doc-a-tot. I held out for a while bc of the hefty price tag, but it ended up being our most used baby item. It was the only thing I could put my daughter down in…she took naps in it, hung out there when I needed free hands, and as much as I said I wouldn’t co-sleep there were def some restless nights where she slept in it, too (we even traveled w it when she was little). I couldn’t figure out what could justify that price for basically a pool noodle and a flat pillow, but it gave my baby lots of comfort. Currently pregnant now though and strongly considering the Snoo. Not sure both would be needed based on how we used the doc-a-tot first time around…

    Also love the baby born travel crib. We’ve used it for nearly two years. It’s light weight and easy to travel with. A+!

    09.13.19 Reply
  46. JIllian says:

    We also have the infant optix monitor. We love it! We’ve always had a good view of Ben in the crib and not being able to watch him if we’re out hasn’t been anything we’ve been concerned about. We like that it doesn’t require our smart phones and the range is good! I can bring it outside with me and I can still hear and see fine. The only issue we’ve ever had is battery life, but we’ve been using it well over 2 years now so that’s just normal.

    09.13.19 Reply
  47. Caleigh says:


    Love this review of everything! Wish it was around when I was expecting.

    For the breast pumps, get both! It is nice to have the manual option when you are out or if baby unexpectedly sleeps through the night- but the electric one is far more practical for pumping and storing.
    I love my Lille Baby carrier. I am petite and found the support on the Ergo Baby too bulky for me. Switching the seat size on the Lille Baby isn’t complicated once you do it.

    09.13.19 Reply
  48. Jessica says:

    Ok, there are loads of people that swear by the infant optics but it is AWFUL. It will beep when it’s too close to a WiFi signal (your cell), the battery will stop charging (everyone will tell you the ‘trick’ to fix it but it happens again and again), and the picture is nowhere near as nice as the Nanit. After the infant optics monitor refused to hold a charge, their customer service was super nice and sent new monitors – almost too nice, like they know their batteries suck and assume they’ll be shipping new monitors at least once. Second baby, we got the Nanit and I’m in love. I didn’t pay for the insights because #secondbaby and you kind of know what’s up. And a correction to your cons, they do have two way audio, hooray!

    09.13.19 Reply
  49. Lauren says:

    Absolutely love and can’t recommend the SNOO enough. It was expensive, but as my husband frequently works nights or 24 hour shifts, it was as close to another person helping as I could get. We used it for the full six months, then have lent it out to family and friends to get more mileage out of the product. Also loved our Dock-A-Tot for travel sleep and Nuna Pipa car seat! You have so many great options—have fun narrowing down choices and congrats again! 🙂

    09.13.19 Reply
  50. Pearl Wu says:

    I currently have an almost 3 month old, and my oldest is almost 3 years old (his due date was the same as Major’s, IIRC, but he arrived three weeks early). So I’ll weigh in too!

    I’m anti-Snoo, this thing is way too expensive. But also I’m told it can disrupt breastfeeding since it can lull the baby to sleep when she should wake up to eat. We have the halo bassinest and it’s worked well.

    NO on the Graco infant seat! We had one with our first child, and the straps are so much harder to loosen/tighten. No idea on the nuna, but the Graco seat was terrible. We now have an uppababy mesa for the 2nd child and love it.

    Don’t like the Lillebaby company because of some PR snafu a few years back (I can’t remember now, I’m still in newborn stages of sleep) so I prefer Ergo. My fave is tula though, they just came out with an all position carrier too.

    Get both pumps! I always forget to use the Hakka so I gave mine away, but it’s helpful when it’s in use. I have zero experience with the Willow pump but I feel like every momma needs a pump if they’re breastfeeding and may need time away from baby.

    We love the First Years tub. We use it with both our toddler and our infant, they’re pretty durable. Not as cute as the other one, but it does everything you need it to.

    I don’t have opinions on the others, but my fave highchair is the $20 Ikea chair! It’s the easiest chair to clean and it’s cute.

    09.13.19 Reply
  51. Lauren says:

    Snoo, Snoo, Snoo!! Currently using it with my 3mo and it’s wonderful! It’s so nice and baby sleeps amazingly well in it compared to my first, who slept terribly (no Snoo!). I’ve even seen some people travel with it, but we haven’t tried that yet.

    I love the Haakaa, it’s wonderful for catching letdowns and helping relieve pressure in those early days without triggering an oversupply. If I were more of a pumping mom, I would’ve invested in the Willow, although I’ve heard suction isn’t the greatest.

    Nanit all the way! We have two of them – one for each child. We love being able to check in on our toddler when we’re not home and someone is caring for her and then throughout the night. True, you cannot move the camera, but it does tilt to show more of the room when you’re using it in a toddler’s room!

    09.13.19 Reply
  52. Kristy says:

    Hi. I have experience with the Nuna Pipa and can confirm they are not totally compatible with bmw. But other than that it was a great car seat. However my baby out grew the infant insert very quickly and he still needed head support so I had to buy a separate head support to go around the top of his head.
    I love the ergo carrier so much and my baby has been very comfortable.
    The dock a tot was probably my favorite baby item. My baby slept in it every night and for all his naps for probably too long. The only con is he grew so attached that when he couldn’t fit in it anymore it was a struggle to get him to sleep without it. It’s firm and easy to wash and travel with. I also purchased the arch to hang toys from which he loved.
    I love infant optics because it does not use WiFi! Every WiFi camera I tried had a delay.

    09.13.19 Reply
  53. Kristin says:

    Another plug for the SNOO! My 13 month old son started sleeping through the night at 7-8 weeks and never stopped. No joke, we have not picked him up in the middle of the night since 2018. My sister in law just borrowed it and loved it for my nephew and now my second is due in December and I am so happy I have it for her to sleep in. I have multiple friends who bought it off craigslist from my recommendation and it seems very easy to sell when you’re done with it!

    09.13.19 Reply
  54. Jen says:

    LOVE my Lillebaby carrier! Used it all the time with my daughter when she was a newborn and use it now (she’s almost 2). Always thought it was super easy to use, especially on my own without someone helping me.

    09.13.19 Reply
  55. Chelsey says:

    I’ve known a couple moms who used the haakaa pump and loved it. Very effective, portable, and not electric. Definitely a must buy

    09.13.19 Reply
  56. Kelsey says:

    The Snoo is a Godsend, game changer, best thing in the whole entire universe. I did it without the Snoo (first) and with (second) and it is AMAZING. Seriously. Best decision ever. You won’t regret it.

    09.13.19 Reply
  57. Meghan says:

    I’ve been using the haakaa with my first baby and it is AMAZING! I don’t use it as my primary pump (I have a Spectra), but I do use it on the opposite side when baby is nursing and have a huge freezer stash just from what would have been wasted – highly recommend! It is a bit awkward to position around baby nursing on the other side, but I find that if you suction it on properly (google it – I thought I was using it correctly at first but wasn’t) and position baby accordingly (football hold for me) it isn’t actually a problem at all.

    I also have the Snuggle Me and have found it very useful to put baby down in when I need to use both of my hands. I like it because she can’t roll out of it (she is only 3 months, so that will change as she get’s older). I do not use it for unsupervised or overnight sleep, so I can’t speak to that feature. Not a necessity I wouldn’t say, but very useful to have!

    09.13.19 Reply
  58. Emmye says:

    I loved using the dock a tot- it was great for newborn nights for both my kids , I used it instead of a bassinet and my daughter just slept on our bed in it between us. That way I didn’t even have to get out of bed for night feedings and I could easily pop a pacifier in her mouth to try to lengthen the time between feeds without even having to sit up. I also have used infant optics monitor for years… love it. I personally don’t want a baby monitor that will use an app or WiFi because of scary stories I’ve heard lol… so the baby monitor is strictly for those who are in the house watching her when she’s sleeping or napping! I like that you can move the camera so if my daughter moves herself to the other end of the crib and goes off screen I can move her into view (we have the camera up on the wall at the end of her crib).

    09.13.19 Reply
  59. Leydi says:

    I have a couple of the product you mentioned and I love them. You can’t go wrong with the pipa Lite, it’s super light to carry. The baby bjorn travel crib is the best, light and easy to pack and carry. We have the leaf, and even though it only sways I find it more gentle on baby also my toddler uses it since it has a high weight limit. As far as pumps, get the Hakka for sure it’s only $12 but if your gonna invest in a hands free one I suggest the Elvie pump. It doesn’t use bag as opposed to the Willow which uses expensive bags. We love our dockatot, our toddler uses the big one in his crib and baby loves the small one. The inglesina is great for travel or to hook it to an island, we also have the IKEA high chair $20 and super easy to clean after a messy meal. I hope this helps ?

    09.13.19 Reply
  60. Lindsey says:

    I love, love the Ergo360 and haven’t had trouble adjusting it with either of my 2 under 2.

    For travel crib/bassinet, I actually recommend the Guava Lotus Bundle (www.guavafamily.com). When used as a travel crib, I found it easier to set up than the Bjorn (which I have at a grandparents house), you can unzip the side if you want to lay down with your kiddo for comforting, and I love that I don’t have a bassinet I’ll only use for 4-6 months. Plus the bassinet can either be set to rock or stationary and is a great bedside height for soothing while laying down.

    As a fellow narrow torso/big boobs person (32F pre-kids) I love the Milkies Milk Saver for catching letdown on the other side while breastfeeding. It tucks into your bra and can hold about 4 oz before overflowing. It is easy to forget it’s there and spill if you lean over, but that’s a lesson quickly learned.

    09.13.19 Reply
  61. Britt Roth says:

    I’m a nuna person! Haha! The carseat is great and very light, which is awesome! The pumps you listed are more for just catching the letdowns while feeding on the other side. I have the hakka and really didn’t use it, mostly because I was an exclusive pumper. When i did try to use it, i couldn’t get it to really suction so that was all me. There is also a site where you can rent the snoo and other higher priced bassinets because well, you never know if your little one will like what you get them. The site is listed on one of Aaryn William’s youtube videos and I believe that you can rent the snoo for about $3.75 a day. I am a complete doc-a-tot advocate!!!! That this is Amazing!!!!!!! My daughter Loved it and am planning on using it again for Baby #2!!! 14 weeks over here!!! Congratulations on your little one!!!!!

    09.13.19 Reply
  62. AM says:

    We used the Rock n’ Play and it was the best baby item ever!!! I don’t know how we would have done without it. With that being said, I’m now well aware of the recall and scary stories. So if I ever have another baby, I always say I would get the Snoo. I haven’t personally used it. But anything that can be controlled by an app is a huge plus! That was an amazing feature on the RNP.

    Love the 3 stage sling baby tub. Fischer Price makes one!

    Pick your infant car seat based on what stroller you have. You want it to be compatible, so you can attach it.

    09.13.19 Reply
  63. Heidi says:

    Check out the new Clek car seats for infants. They make the best car seats!

    09.13.19 Reply
  64. Mary says:

    For the monitor, it is so so helpful to have one that connects to an app. You can see it no matter where you are, which is really comforting. That being said… having a backup one with its own monitor in case the WiFi goes out (thanks optimum) is also a good idea.

    09.13.19 Reply
  65. Barbara Maloney says:

    ZenSwaddle, and Dock-a-Tot. Game changers!

    09.13.19 Reply
  66. Judee says:

    SNOO all the way. We have twins and travel with ours (road trips). It was a life saver! The wean settings are great when prepping your baby to move to a crib.

    09.13.19 Reply
  67. Chassidy says:

    With a baby due in 40 days, I can weigh in on some.

    We went with the Ergo option. My husband is 6’4, so we tried on 900 carriers to see what was comfortable for both of us. This was the definite winner. Fit him and me (5’4, 7 months pregnant) very well and was super comfy.

    We went with the haakaa because I’m not one for “building a stash” but wanted to catch the leaking milk (I’ve been leaking for months already) so my husband can feed baby or my mom can watch him for a date night. (We also got a breast pump free through insurance just in case my plan to never pump falls through)

    We have the mamaroo. I love it. It’s so heavy though, I’ve been trying to find a reasonably priced Leaf to use as well. However, I believe there is an attachment for the leaf that automatically rocks it!

    We have both the dock a tot and the snuggle me because I’m a lunatic and felt we really needed both.

    As far as high chairs, I highly recommend looking into the studies done on high chairs with foot rests and without. That’s how we chose ours!

    09.13.19 Reply
  68. Kristen says:

    We had twins and the Snoo was a total game changer over what we did with our first baby. The biggest benefit was that it completely sleep trained them from the get go, so when we went to transition each stage it was so easy. My in laws still comment how shocked they are by how well trained our boys go to bed. You can rent it, or resell it, or buy them used. I sold mine for almost the same amount I paid. We also did load it up and travel with it if we were driving, it’s not that bad, it’s just bulky.

    The willow is another HUGE upgrade. I travel a lot for work and I used it to pump on the plane, in the airport, in the rental cars. I would take my older son to the playground and pump, I used it while walking around Disney World. The only downside is that, for me, if I was home and able to pump with the Spectra I still preferred that because the Willow caused some blocked ducts if used for extended periods. So I tried to only use it when pumping any other way wasn’t an option.

    Finally, Westport has a great ‘buy nothing group’ I got a mamaROO and some carriers that I tried out, my babies hated the mamaRoo so then I just gifted it back out to another mom to try

    09.13.19 Reply
  69. Jaycee Tate says:

    I’m going off the list (only slightly…)
    For a baby carrier I highly recommend a wrap for a newborn. My absolute fav is Solly. It’s a super light fabric, which is perfect for spring and summer (March baby anyone?) It is very simple to use and getting baby in and out is a breeze. Also if you choose to breastfeed, you can adjust to yours and baby’s comfort. Plus they are very cute on, not like the bulky soft structured carriers – but I do love them for when baby is a little older!!!

    09.13.19 Reply
  70. Emily says:

    Great choices! I have a 3 month old and here are my thoughts…

    -We LOVE the Snoo like so many other people. It takes the worry out of sleeping, allowing you to rest and maximize how much deep sleep you get. Knowing your child won’t roll over and the snug sleep sack soothes our baby immediately. The company has awesome customer service too!

    – We have the Ergo 360 and after using it a few times I’m realizing it’ll be better when our son is a little older/bigger, it’s not great for newborns. I’m regretting not getting the Baby Bjorn baby carrier, seems less bulky.

    – I STRONGLY recommend The Doona car seat/stroller in addition to your standard car seat/stroller. It’s amazing. Yes, it seems silly to have 2 strollers, but it’s SO GREAT for travel and quick trips (especially when you run in to NYC for the day) and the pop-up function makes getting in and out of the car/train/plane so easy. The wheels just tuck right under the seat! Check it out!

    -We use the Stokke “Flexi-bath” that comes with a newborn insert. It folds up for easy storage and is easy to clean and dry in case any accidents happen while bathing.

    -If you need bottles, Comotomo bottles are the best!! Switching between bottle and the breast isn’t an issue and cleaning them is super easy!

    -We have the Keekaroo Peanut as a changing pad and put a swaddle blanket over it to make the surface softer. We also ended up using it all the time in his first month as a “dock-a-tot” kind of thing – moving it from room to room and he slept in it so easily and the firm surface helps to diversify the surfaces he’s able to sleep in.

    -Aden + Anais “super soft” line of swaddle blankets and bibs are absolutely the best! The material is so much softer than the standard muslin making it so gentle on skin and very breathable.

    -We have found that standard cloth diapers (*not being used as actual diapers!) are our best friend for spit-ups/spills, head support and misc. surface protection. Gerber makes an organic cotton option which we got a couple packs of at Target.

    -Dapple products are so gentle! We love the bottle soap for cleaning all pump parts and bottles and their surface wipes for sanitizing surfaces when needed.

    Sorry for the long winded response but I’ve loved finding things that actually work vs. things that are a waste of money!

    Congratulations! Good luck!

    09.13.19 Reply
  71. Allison says:

    I just had a baby (4 1/2 months ago) and have tried the majority of these products. We love everything we got except a couple things—one of which is the skip hop sling tub… this thing sucks if you have a long baby! Our daughter was born 21 inches long and she always sat in it with a croked neck. I ended up buying a super cheap soft foam mat to lay in the big tub so she could stretch out. Also we had both the dock a tot and snuggle me and I preferred the snuggle me because it’s meant to mimic arms and IT DOES. As an infant my baby lived in that thing. Once she hit 3 months tho, again her length made it uncomfy because she didn’t fit in it anymore ?

    09.13.19 Reply
  72. Haley says:

    So many good choices! The ones that made the biggest difference for me —

    The Ergo is hands down the BEST carrier ever. I don’t know what took me so long to buy one (well, I do, but I regret waiting as it was worth every penny!). My baby just turned one last week and I still use it every single day. Traveling internationally, working, cooking, cleaning, gardening, hiking — we’ve used it anywhere and everywhere. It’s really easy to adjust the straps (my husband and I have traded off mid hike several times and it’s a quick adjustment) and is so comfortable. I also love that I can switch positions easily without help. I used a stretchy wrap when my baby was really little and I was often fretting about positioning and if it was tight enough/not tight enough. I would buy five more ergos. It’s that great.

    Breast pumps — get them both! I’ve never heard of the willow pump but it looks awesome. The Haakaa is AMAZING in the beginning when you’re almost always bursting with milk. I used to get a ridiculous amount of milk without trying or thinking much about it. For Mamas with oversupply like I had it was God sent. It was harder to use later on and wasn’t very useful once my milk supply regulated. I felt like I was milking myself (TMI!). At $12 you can’t go wrong having a couple of them on hand (the shape gets a little wonky after you’ve sterilized them countless times.).

    09.13.19 Reply
  73. Kelsey says:

    Nuna Pipa! I have the Pipa lite lx and it’s great, I’m petite so the lightweight aspect of that model was what sold me, plus it’s very nice looking!

    Had a dock a tot and returned it to buy a snuggle me organic. The snuggle me does just that, it snuggles baby. I wish they made them in adult sizes!

    I also have the infant optics monitor and I’m happy with it. I didn’t want a monitor that worked over wifi or with an app (for privacy and such) and this one is great. The battery charging aspect does suck a little but I just have a charger by my bedside or in the kitchen.

    My number 1 recommendation for “baby gear” is taking the ‘Taking Cara Babies’ sleep classes! They will change your life. My daughter has slept through the night most of her life and transitioned to her crib at 6mo and sleeps 7pm-630am ever since (she’s 10 months now). We haven’t ANY night wakeups since.

    Whatever baby gear you choose will be the best choice for you and your fam! You got this mama!

    09.13.19 Reply
  74. Martha says:

    The haakaa is a NO BRAINER. Get that in addition to whatever electric pump you decide on. In fact, definitely get at least 2. It collects so much letdown while you are nursing. You can also use it as a pump / one on each side.

    09.13.19 Reply
  75. Courtney says:

    I used the skip hop tub and the inglesina high chair and liked both and will be using both again for number two. Only thing with high hair is it is a bit of pain to clean since it is all fabric (but I think you can machine wash the cover of you take it all apart). When baby was older we switched to the ikea high chair which we are still using at almost 2 and it is super cheap and easy to clean!

    09.13.19 Reply
  76. Jamie says:

    Good list!
    I have experience with the lillebaby carrier and the infant optix monitor.

    We got the lillebaby as a primeday deal when my son was a baby, he’s 2.5 now but we use it for our 8 month old daughter. The waistband is a bit stiff but the switching between seat positions is pretty quick once you know how to do it. I LOVE the infant optix monitor. I didn’t want a wifi enabled monitor that tracked a bunch of stuff (plenty of stress with out data listed in my opinion). We have dual cameras on both kids and it’s so good. We can be in the very back of our property at our fire pit and still get a signal and the battery life is awesome.

    I also really loved the Halo bassinest for both my babies.

    09.13.19 Reply
  77. Melanie says:

    I’m not going to be a lot of help, my youngest is slightly older than Major, BUT, I had to pipe in and say, I would buy both of those breast pumps. Pumping is so awful I would have given just about anything to make it easier. Just my two cents!

    09.13.19 Reply
  78. Mariel says:

    For carriers, I actually love the Tula Explore the most. The material is thinner on baby’s back so it’s cooler, and the waistband and straps are softer and less stiff than the other brands. Also, just wanted to mention for the Dock A Tot and similar products, they are NOT intended for safe sleeping and state directly on the site the baby is meant to be watched in it at all times, as the soft bumper sides pose suffocation risk. Just in case you wanted to use a product like this for co-sleeping. Congrats on baby #3!

    09.13.19 Reply
  79. Veronica says:

    Congrats!!! We have the Infant Optics monitor and Really love it. The range is great – in our two story 4000 square foot home we can use it downstairs and even in the backyard! The picture is really clear and we love the night vision. The battery is the biggest issue. It seems to drain really quickly, so we have to charge it basically every day. Which, in this world of tech appliances isn’t that huge of an issue as we have charging cords everywhere as I’m sure most people do! I also used the dockatot with my daughter. She loves it and I love how it makes her feel more snuggled! Good luck!!

    09.13.19 Reply
  80. Loved the haaka, snuggle me organic, baby instax monitor and the baby bjorn travel crib. ❤️ Also, bugaboo fox stroller for neighborhood and yoyo-zen stroller for travel.

    09.13.19 Reply
    • nancy clarissa updike says:

      Artipoppe makes beautiful carriers (super $) but can pick your fabric and oh so fashionable. Has a nice hip belt so doesn’t hurt my back now that babe isn’t tiny. Used the baby bjorn mini carrier the first couple months and was great for a newborn!
      I catch my let down with the haaka and don’t have to pump anymore which is so nice! The snuggle me organic is easier to assemble after washing which is why I went with it… plus it is organic! ?

      09.13.19 Reply
  81. Catherine says:

    Hook on high chairs seem great for travel, but I learned not all restaurants have sturdy tables. And there is usually a bigger gap between baby and tray so food gets dropped easy. And to remove the fabric for washing is hard because it should be since it is holding 35 pounds. We just sold our hook on and got a floor to table Graco which I really like.

    As far as dock a tot…I saw someone do a hack with a four sided changing pad! They slip around less because some have rubber and changing the cover is a breeze and it does the same thing as a dock a tot if not even safer because of less crevices.

    And finally as far as portable crib. Guava baby all the way!!!! It’s light like a baby Bjorne but unzips. While I’ve only had to snuggle/nurse my little one to sleep maybe 5 times while owning it (I had it for months 5-now at 2) the unzipping feature was life changing in the moment for sleep because you can sneak out.

    I know adding other baby gear options into the mix is the least helpful when you’re getting a ton of recommendations already but I figured I would anyways.

    Ohhh and the hakaa thing got in the way for my baby when nursing. I’m 8 months pregnant now and am going to try breast shells. They catch 1-2 ounces on the opposite side but tuck in your bra and out of the way.

    09.13.19 Reply
  82. Larissa says:

    NUNA EVERYTHING. And Lillebaby for the carrier for sure! I didn’t get the willow pump but my coworker did and the post pump milk transfer / cleaning process seemed to be not worth it. We pumped at the same time and I was done way faster post pump than her. Time savings is worth being connected to a plug to me

    09.13.19 Reply
  83. Lauren says:

    Absolutely the Nuna Pipa car seat. It’s the best car seat you will ever own – I’m now on my second (gave my first to a friend) and we also have the Rava (outstanding too). My husband isn’t as car-seat-obsessed as I am, but having dealt with other brands, he now swears we will never own anything but Nuna seats.

    By the same token, the Leaf is also an awesome piece of gear! Totally worth the investment and the only swing my fussy first child tolerated. We ended up selling our mamaRoo. The Sena is a fabulous option for home, but I agree with others who’ve mentioned it’s a bit too cumbersome for travel.

    Get a Haakaa because it’s so cheap and useful, and look into the new Ameda Mya pump instead of the Willow – it’s practically hands free (though not hidden like the Willow, but neither is the Haakaa so it’s not apples-to-apples). Insurance covers the Ameda, unlike the Willow.

    We continue to use and love our Infant Optics. Sometimes, simpler is better, and I truly prefer it to the app-based monitors.

    For sleep, check out Taking Cara Babies course if you’re not familiar with it. It will serve you far better than a Snoo for a fraction of the cost! Have you considered the Halo Bassinest with nontoxic organic mattress upgrade? In the event of a c-section, it’s a life saver, and just great for nursing in general.

    Congrats on #3!!

    09.13.19 Reply
  84. Jessica says:

    The Haakaa is a game changer. I wish I had it with my first baby. But I started using it with my youngest 2 years ago and it captures the letdown from the breast your baby isn’t latched on. It’s an easy quick way to get 1-2 ounces. I quickly started a freezer stash that way and honestly it took a lot of the stress of not having a freezer stash. Oh, one more thing about the Haakaa. I would use it just while nursing. If I was working or needed to express milk in place of nursing I used a regular breast pump. I preferred the spectra and like the S1 because it had a rechargeable battery so you didn’t have to be plugged into the wall. They also now carry replacement parts at Target which is a win!
    Lillebaby 100% all the way. It’s amazing. So easy on your back and can be used from newborn to toddler without needing inserts. I also like all the positions. I still have mine from two years ago and I just can’t bring myself to part with it even though I don’t really use it anymore but my giant two year old can still fit in it.I recommend the embossed or the organic. It’s softer and actually cooler than the all seasons. Also it’s not that difficult to switch from the wide seat to the narrow. It’s literally a couple button snaps. They also recommend that baby not be out facing until at least 6 months and to not be carried that way for long periods of time so I rarely use the carrier out facing.

    I haven’t personally used the snuggle me organic but I’ve had friends use it and have really liked it. It seems to be more snug for baby than the dock a tot.

    09.13.19 Reply
  85. Missy says:

    Go Willow pump all they way. I was a beta tester for them because I’m in Tha Bay Area. I didn’t get compensated or get a discount but I’m so glad I got it. It was at the end of my breastfeeding jouney so it really allowed me the freedom to play with my daughter while pumping and so if you have older ones, you’re not tied to a pump. I also had a Haaka. I mostly used the Haaka while breastfeeding and the willow on it’s own.

    We have also been using the Infant Optics for almost 3 years and it still works great. For travel, we use our Wyze camera that links to our phones and is only $25 on Amazon.

    Also, there is a third travel crib option the Guava Family travel crib/bassinet is awesome. We have used it for almost three years for travel (first as a bassinet and now as a bed. We

    09.13.19 Reply
  86. Michaela says:

    I chose the Ergobaby 360 carrier because of the facing outward option and it’s been a real hit with my husband. With a bigger baby and small mama it becomes less ergonomic this way at some point. The carrier is light and comfy. The only thing I’d improve would be the padding on the straps. Where the padding ends the straps feel a bit harsh near the baby’s head. I used to put a bit of soft cloth around them.

    09.13.19 Reply
  87. Virginia says:

    Hi Eva,

    I highly recommend the Snoo! My baby slept through the night (11pm – 7:30am) with it starting at 3 weeks. She’s hungrier in the morning but that’s it! She’s 3 months now and sleeping in it from 9pm – 7:30am. The size M and L Snoo swaddles have armholes so you can start letting them have their arms out at 2 months if you want. There’s also a weaning feature for transitioning to crib. Also, we have traveled without it and had no issues. We just bring the Snoo swaddle with us and put her in the travel bassinet with white noise and she sleeps through the night. I feel like the Snoo trained her to sleep through the night. Plus the swaddle attaches to the side of the Snoo so you don’t have to worry about them rolling over in the swaddle because they physically can’t. And lastly you can “lock” the Snoo on a certain setting if you feel like it moves to much or fast for the baby. We found when she was really young we didn’t want it soothing her too much. I recommend renting, it’s super easy and comes with the sheet and swaddles and then you can just ship it back when baby is done with it. Saves some money and gets the thing out of the way!

    I really dislike the ergobaby 360 Omni, it’s stiff and ill fitting. I like the Solly baby wrap instead.

    I have not personally used the Willow pump but have heard nothing but good things from friends.

    Hope this helps!

    09.13.19 Reply
  88. Gina says:

    I can only comment on a few.

    We LOVED the Nuna pipa. Super lightweight, easy to clean, good safety ratings (that should prob be first, lol). And they’ve made some improvements on it (covering the release button for starters), that would have previously been a con but they fixed it.

    We also really loved the dockatot. But as previous reviewers have said, it’s a pain to reassemble after cleaning. By looking at the other option, it looks like that one isn’t as tight of a fit and might be easier to reassemble after cleaning.

    So happy for you and your family!!!

    09.13.19 Reply
  89. Naomi Belviso says:

    I used the SnuggleMe. Personally, I loved it. I co-slept with my third baby and used the SnuggleMe and it was a life saver. Kept him hugged tight all night. I have never used the DockATot… not even really sure what the real differences are. I know the SnuggleMe might hug them in more when you lay the baby in it where the DockATot is stays more structured? I have friends who used the DockATot and loved it. I went with the SnuggleMe bc of the reviews I read and the price point.

    09.13.19 Reply
  90. Polly Yakovich says:

    Honestly I would never, never, never, never have a newborn without the SNOO no matter the cost. I swear I’ve forced like 20 people to get it as well and they all agree they couldn’t live without it. And I traveled with it a ton, but only putting it in an SUV and driving it an hour or two each time, so not a flight or anything.

    09.13.19 Reply
  91. Nikki says:

    I have bothe the ergo and Lille. I thought the Lille felt more supportive.
    Since you have 2 older kids, I would actually check out the Angelcare Baby bath support, which you place directly in the tub with the older kids. I used it after recommendations from other moms and I loved it.
    I have neither but have seen the Doona car seat stroller and think it’s maybe the best option. 4moms also has a self installing car seat. Otherwise all the other infant carriers seem same same to me.
    Everyone loves the Haakaa. For the price there’s no reason not to get it
    I have the mamaroo. It’s now on its 4th baby. I keep lending it out. My son actually much preferred the giant fisher price swing

    09.13.19 Reply
  92. Casey says:

    Ok so we have/had a lot of these things:

    1) carriers: we bought the lillebaby first – I hated it, my husband didn’t mind it. So then I bought the ergobaby and loved it! The problem I had with the lillebaby was the should straps were too bulky and I couldn’t put it on myself. The ergobaby fit my body type better and I could put myself in it with my son. I think the best bet with these is trying them on at the store if possible and seeing what is most comfortable
    2) monitors – we have the infant optics and it was great for the first couple months and then the battery went and now we have to have it plugged in all the time. I would go with the other one.

    3) Pack n play – we have the Nuna and it has been amazing – we’ve traveled all over New England and out to California with it. It is so easy to set up and take down.

    4) My son has been in the dockatot since he was 6 months old we even upgraded him to the grand and he still sleeps in it at 2.5 years old. We probably could stop using it, but sleep is too precious I don’t want to risk it. Lol!

    5) I didn’t have either of the Breast pumps, but I did love my Spectra S2 and S9 when I was pumping for my son.

    Congratulations!!! This is such an exciting time and I wish you guys all the best!!

    09.13.19 Reply
  93. KLRad says:

    If you are interested in the dock-a-tot look into the RedCastle CocoonaBaby. It’s from australia and is ?.

    09.13.19 Reply
  94. Pam says:

    Cradle/Bassinet: I know the Snoo is super polarizing and because of the cost, we ended up with the Baby Bjorn cradle which was totally fine. I had nothing to compare it to but it did the trick and my daughter slept as well as she could (for being a newborn) in it.

    Carrier: I first got a Baby Bjorn, hated it (awful lumbar support), then got the Lillebaby, liked it better, but THEN came across a new DTC brand called Colugo and I LOVE their carrier: super comfy, easiest one to put on (has magnetic clasps and you can kind of put it on like a T-shirt). Highly recommend checking it out – http://www.hicolugo.com

    We love our Nuna Pipa, Infant Optics, Dockatot, Baby Bjorn travel crib.

    In terms of bouncers, I think I’ve seen you post about the Baby Bjorn one from when your older kids were babies, and honestly I think it’s still the best.

    For highchair, another new brand, Lalo (www.meetlalo.com), just came out with one that’s really nice looking, has a mid-century modern/sleek look, the tray goes in the dishwasher and it seems comfy.

    09.13.19 Reply
  95. Jill says:

    We had the baby Bjorn cradle for my second and I loved it. It was super easy to move around the house and I liked that it didn’t take up a lot of space.
    Nuna makes a PIPA Lite which only weighs 5.3 lbs. I have a Graco that I loved, but I would have bought the Nuna lite if they made it when I bought my car seat. That being said we used the Grace for both of our kids and it’s held up great.
    I loved having a dock a tot the second time around. We also used the Boppy lounger all the time.
    My first daughter loved the mama Roo our second daughter wasn’t a fan. From my experience and friends it’s seems like it’s really a hit or miss product.

    09.13.19 Reply
  96. Mary Clare says:

    We have the mamaRoo and it was one of the only things our baby would go in… but it was a lot of trial and error! Some other items we love but aren’t on your list… Halo bassinet, Stokke highchair, Uppababy car seat. Good luck! Excited to share in your journey!

    09.13.19 Reply
  97. Sara says:

    LOVE LOVE my snoo. Best thing we have. Super worth it.

    I really like the mamaroo and so does my baby (he’s 5 months).

    I have the same ergo360 and like that, as well. However my baby only liked it once he was able to face front.

    As for high chairs, you’re leaving out a great option: the Peg Perego. It has many features the bloom has but is cheaper ($300).

    I also love my 4moms travel crib, which you don’t have listed here.

    I also love something you don’t have listed – the owlet. Amazing peace of mind.

    09.13.19 Reply
  98. Leighann says:

    You should check out Jamie Grayson (The Baby Guy)! He knows and has tested all things baby gear.
    Congratulations on the new little one to love!

    09.13.19 Reply
  99. Sara says:

    Completely forgot about the breast pump. I have the Elvie. I chose it over the willow because of milk collection methods: the Elvie collects milk into bottles that can be stored in the fridge between pumping sessions, with your milk from previous sessions. Or can be transferred into breast milk collection bags of your choosing. The willow collects milk into their own (expensive) bags that are single use only. If you only pump a few ounces, you’ve now wasted an entire bag on that session. You’ll run through your storage bags so quickly. It’s the definitive reason I chose Elvie. And you don’t need to charge them while you pump, they charge quickly in between sessions !

    So my recommendations: SNOO (!); Elvie (you can also get a Hakaa); mamaroo; 4moms portable crib; Owlet; Peg Perego high chair + car seat (safety reasons). We have the Motorola Halo but I wish I had the Nanit!

    I have a dock a tot but my baby feels eh about it.

    A fellow westport mom

    09.13.19 Reply
  100. Jillian says:

    Whatever car seat you get should go with your stroller. We had the uppababy system and it was great. As was the bjorn pack and play and the infant optics camera. After two plus years we replaced the battery and it’s still going strong. We had the mama roo it was ok. The best thing we had was the bjorn bouncer. My daughter loves it. In fact we still use it and she is 2.5! And of course every infant needs a cuddle and kind doll. Every purchase give 10 meals to those in need and the dolls are amazing and baby safe. Good luck!

    09.13.19 Reply
  101. Amy says:

    It’s so fun to read all the comments because everyone has a favorite. I’m expecting my fourth baby any day and what I have learned is that you really don’t “need” much for the baby.

    That being said, my sister loved her Snoo (she purchased it used and resold it for the same price so that might be an option – or renting it). We use the Ergo but I honestly think any carrier is fine. Dock a tots makes me nervous and after the rock ‘n play was pulled from the market, I feel like it’s only a matter of time before those products are as well.

    I did purchase a Doona infant seat this time around because with three older kids and all the drop offs/pick ups, I loved the idea of not having to haul around a stroller too.

    Otherwise I bought an $8 sponge for the bathtub (just lay the baby on it and fill the tub with 2” of water and you’re done!), the Aden and Anais swaddles and a few pajamas and the spectra pump (which was free through our insurance).

    09.13.19 Reply
  102. Abby says:

    Okay, I hate to speak ill of a product, but I had that exact model Moby bathtub for my baby and it had a serious mildew problem. The soft sponge ring inside never properly dried out and I kept noticing the back of my daughters head sort of smelling like laundry that had sat too long in the washing machine 🙁 I had been washing the mesh lining part and hanging it to dry so I never dreamed it would’ve come from her bathtub, but sure enough that was the culprit. We ended up getting her the Angelcare bath tub and loved it.

    09.13.19 Reply
  103. Elizabeth Shackley-Deyo says:

    Hi Eva-

    Unfortunately I can’t weigh in on any of these products but I HIGHLY recommend any of the Frida Baby products. My husband and I cracked jokes about the NoseFrida when we were registering for our daughter and it was all fun and games until her first serious cold and the nasal aspirating bulb wasn’t doing squat. I used the MomFrida spray bottle when I delivered my son 6 weeks ago and it was SO much better than the regular one. The nurses even commented that they had to see about getting them instead for the birthing center. Our 6 week old had to start antibiotics today and wouldn’t take his meds but we got the MediFrida and he instantly took them. I swear I’m not paid to say any of this, I’m truly just passionate about the brand. I’ll be gifting the products for any upcoming baby showers!

    09.13.19 Reply
    • Elizabeth Shackley-Deyo says:

      Oh, and actually I highly recommend the Haakaa pump! Great for catching that extra letdown while nursing, or even in the shower! I’ve found that I get a couple ounces while showering and it literally saves it from going “down the drain”.

      09.13.19 Reply
  104. Chelsea says:

    I can’t reccomend the Hakka enough! I was able to freeze about two ounces per feeding which really added up. I just stuck it on the opposite side. I wouldn’t recommend it as a primary pump but a handy milk saving tool or a discomfort reliever on the go! I think the ergo baby is worth every cent as we use ours with our 1 year old and 3 year old. I also highly recommend the milk snob breastfeeding cover. It’s so soft and breathable and since I’ve had my oldest they’ve also included swaddles and moby style wraps. They are amazing quality with tons of designs to choose from. Also the Kindee pumping system is amazing. You pump straight into the storage bags and then the bags pop into the bottle insert and the nipple pops into the top of the storage system. All practical items for a mama on the go

    09.13.19 Reply
  105. Taylor says:

    I used the Snuggle Me with both of my kiddos. It worked like a charm and is the number one baby gear that I recommend. The difference between the Snuggle Me and the Doc a Tot, is that the Doc a Tot is just a place to set your baby where you can’t roll over onto them or they can’t roll around. The Snuggle Me actually hugs them and fits snug so they feel like someone is holding them while they are sleeping. Both my kids were sleeping through the night at young ages because of the Snuggle Me and I’ve gifted it to many friends/family who love it as well. A good friend of mine was having problems with her baby son sleeping. They bought the Snoo and it helped give them a few hours but then I let her borrow the Snuggle Me and he slept through the night. And pro tip, if you don’t want to co sleep, it fits perfectly into a bassinet. 🙂 I know every baby is different, but it’s definitely worth a try!

    09.13.19 Reply
  106. Maura says:

    I love the snoo and dockatot! Used both for both my babies. If you get a dockatot and don’t want to bedshare it fits perfectly in the halo bassinest and fits well in the Chicco lullago (which is awesome for travel). There always seems to be a great sale for the Snoo in the fall…a little before Black Friday. We got ours for $700 something? Happiest baby customer service is incredible too, so if you have any issues they are so quick to help. I’m having my third baby any day and just bought the elvie breast pump, which I’m really excited to try! I went with the elvie over the willow because it doesn’t require buying replacement bags!

    09.14.19 Reply
  107. Adina says:

    I found the nuna pipa to be heavy! Despite the fact that it’s one of the lighter ones. Plus it’s pretty pricey.

    09.14.19 Reply
  108. Mary says:

    Please do not get the Snoo. It is so ridiculously expensive and a lot of people have trouble transitioning babies from a rocking, soothing bassinet to a motionless crib. Babies should also be eating through the night and if this rocks them to sleep every time they fuss, I’d think it would be hard to tell when they are hungry or not.

    Also, I loved my Lillebaby carrier. Never had any issues with switching back and forth and always felt it had a sturdy hold.

    I’ll probably be getting a Dockatot or Snuggle Me next time around. I don’t care about brand names, but I’ve heard great things about these types of cushions.


    09.14.19 Reply
  109. Grace says:

    Eva congratulations on your new pregnancy! Have you checked out the Doona stroller/car seat? It was a game changer for me. You pull the car seat out of the car press a button and there you have the legs and a full on stroller! It’s the coolest thing. It was very convenient for me because I had my oldest (then 3 years old) and it was very fast and easy to get in and out of the car with the little baby. Also traveled with it, took it inside the plane and fits most planes seats. Only Con is that you can’t use it for as long as other car seats. Mine lasted my baby until 18 months. But it was worth it! I hope you check it out. Blessings to you and your beautiful growing famili!

    09.14.19 Reply
  110. Whitney says:

    We have the Lillebaby and love it. Infant Optics has great picture quality but I will say we’ve had issues with the battery losing its charge quickly. Mamaroo is a great swing. And the table chair definitely. It’s so nice to have them be closer to the table!

    09.14.19 Reply
  111. Jenni Driscoll says:

    Love my Ergo 360. Straps are easy for me to do myself. I’ve had absolutely no issue with that. It’s comfy, and I love that my now 8 month old can face out bc he’s so curious. Love this product.

    I had Infant Optics camera and it died on me randomly one day (after only owning it for a year). I didn’t drop it or anything. Just stopped working. Also it would lose connection constantly which was so annoying. I personally use Motorola for my two kids and I’ve had no issues with those.

    Hope that helps.

    09.14.19 Reply
  112. Keelan says:

    Soon to be first time mom over here. I looked into the Willow but was disappointed that the bags are not reusable and expensive. I’ve been thinking about the Elvie. Does anyone have any experience with it?

    09.14.19 Reply
  113. Maya says:

    We just got the SnuggleMe and although my one-week old daughter has barely used it for a day, I can already tell you it’s amazing. She looks so comfortable in her little cocoon, and when I set her down she doesn’t immediately wake up crying (how she was doing from the second day she was born). Love love love it!

    09.14.19 Reply
  114. Alisha says:

    I was beyond excited for the mamaRoo. I had heard so many incredible things about it before I was even pregnant, and of course did extensive research while I was, which only confirmed it was THE best. Well, my daughter pretty much hated it. We could get away with maybe five minutes here and there once in a blue moon, and that was about it. She didn’t ever want to relax in it, and would kind of look at me like, “What is this sh*t? Why aren’t you holding me?” Lol. I can’t complain about the product itself; it has a lot of great features. I also didn’t find it too heavy to move around the house, just maybe a little awkward since the base is pretty significant and doesn’t detach. It was one of my most anticipated products, but we barely used it at all, and ended up selling it. I had originally wanted to keep it in case we have another, but we decided we’d try the Nuna Leaf next time. I love how long the Nuna is useable, but I do wish it had a plug-in option.

    09.15.19 Reply
  115. Miriam says:

    Hi Eva! Love the way you laid out these pros and cons of some of my favorite products!!

    HAD to add… We have the Baby Bjorn travel crib. The one feature we REALLY wish it had is a side zipper to get into the crib from the side instead of the top. I’ve seen this feature on the Guava and some other travel cribs. We love how lightweight and easy the Baby Bjorn is to assemble, but actually getting our son in and out of it when he was an infant was difficult because we had to fully lay him down. (Hello back pain). Once he was crawling/ walking it became much easier. We traveled a LOT when he was little so I remember this so clearly!


    09.15.19 Reply
  116. Jessica says:

    You can rent the Snoo! It’s about $100 a month, but way less expensive than buying it for the last baby.

    09.15.19 Reply
  117. Kelly S says:

    Discovered the Haakaa with my second born two months ago and it’s incredible! He feeds a lot so I haven’t been pumping nearly as much as my first and the Haakaa is just the right amount of relief for my boobs – especially in the middle of the night. I’m able to get an extra 1-2 ounces out a couple of times a day. Love this product.
    Oh and big big fan of the Babybjorn Travel Crib. It’s been incredible for travel.

    09.15.19 Reply
  118. Alexandra says:

    Guave Lotus travel crib – light weight, easy to fold up and down and grows with baby. I would recommend it ahead of any others. And it has an option for add ons to make it a rocking bassinet, so you would eliminate the need fo another bassineet.

    09.16.19 Reply
  119. Ruth says:

    We have both the Lillebaby and the Ergo baby carrier. Lillebaby is definitely the better option. Easy to put on and off without help and the all seasons aspect is great for a summer and winter carrier!

    09.18.19 Reply
  120. Rachel says:

    The Nanit 100%. It is so convenient to have on your phone when you are out. I thought I would miss the 2 way speaker, it really isn’t necessary. The insights are great especially when they are little and if you are sleep training. We do still use them but is not necessary probably once they are 2. We have the guava lotus travel crib, I think it is similar to the Bjorn but cheaper. It rests on the ground and the mattress seems comfortable my son sleeps great in it!The inglesina is great but we don’t get much use at home I think with an island it would be more useful. I have heard great things about the Snuggle me but we are a Dock A Tot Family. Literally the only thing my son would sleep in for the 1st 4 months and I have recommended it and lent mine out and haven’t heard one bad things from anyone regarding it!

    09.19.19 Reply
  121. Jill Schoenecker says:

    RE: cons about the SkipHop Moby tub, the only issue we had with it was that when you adjust the sling as the baby grows, there are open “notches” that baby’s toes and fingers could get caught on if they squirm around. We simply covered these with waterproof electrical tape…not fancy but get’s the job done!

    10.17.19 Reply
  122. Jill says:

    RE: cons about the SkipHop Moby tub, the only issue we had with it was that when you adjust the sling as the baby grows, there are open “notches” that baby’s toes and fingers could get caught on if they squirm around. We simply covered these with waterproof electrical tape…not fancy but get’s the job done!

    10.17.19 Reply