Mateo’s Style Edit

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Eva Amurri shares her son, Mateo's, Style Edit

When I first posted Marlowe’s Style Edit a couple of years ago, I couldn’t have imagined how into my kids’ style picks you all would be! I love it so much! I heard mirrored back to me something that I am constantly feeling when I shop: it is so hard to figure out clothes and outfits that our kids will love as much as we do! It makes me happy to share pieces that we’ve found in our family that satisfy both my own desire for my kids to look age-appropriate, pulled together, and unique…but also the desire for the kids’ to feel completely themselves. I don’t want to raise little robots!

I quickly followed Marlowe’s blog post with a Style Edit by Major, and now it’s only fitting that Mateo gets his very own Style Edit piece. Mateo is so hilarious, and has developed his own style and personality…that’s larger than life! He’s by far my most stubborn child, and I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that he doesn’t do ANYTHING that he doesn’t want to do. Getting dressed falls into that category. He’s had a strong opinion on his clothes for about a year now, and most days I don’t even help or get any say at all. Sometimes he’ll decide he wants to wear a full swim lewk to the museum, or a sweater to the beach. I normally let him figure out on his own when his clothing choices may not have been the best ones. And if you live in Westport and happen to see my child walking around in completely weather-inappropriate clothes, no you didn’t.

It’s Mateo’s world, and we’re just living in it! Without further ado, Mateo’s Style Edit:

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Mateo's Style Edit

Kids' adjustable garment-dyed baseball hat


I love this hat because I love green stuff.

Kids' short-sleeve "deep sea" graphic T-shirt


This is a scary shark shirt, but don’t be scared because the mouth is a skeleton. It’s blue and blue is good!

Boys' dock short in linen


I have these shorts a lot of times, with different colors. I love green because green is the best one.

Kids' short-sleeve hot dog graphic T-shirt



Border Printed Shirt


Me and my brother have this shirt, and it has elephants so I love it.

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Eindhoven VL


These shoes are so good because I can put them on by myself. If you like big boy things, you like them.

Falcotto Cedric


These sandals are so cute, and I can put them on by myself.

Classic Briefs In Organic Cotton 7-Pack


Some of this underwear has stripes and some has space. I have these ones.

Skater Jogger


These pants are really good and you can get them in so many colors that are good.

Colorblocked Double Knee Slim Sweatpants In French Terry


I love these sweatpants so much when it’s cold!

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Long John Pajama Set


These pajamas are so cool! They have cars driving!!! Mom, can I get these tomorrow?

Bright Basics Survivor Hoodie


Me and my brother and my sister have these sweatshirts, but we all have different colors.

Adventure-flex Slim Pants


Jeans are my favorite pants because cool guys can wear them or grownups. Dads can wear jeans too. (Me: What about me?) Moms can wear them, but not Grandmas.

Fun Science Logo T-shirt


I love this shirt because it has bugs!

Waterproof Fisherman's Jacket


If it rains, then you have to wear a rain jacket or you can get in trouble. Maybe the police will come, I’m not kidding.

Slubbed-Jersey Polo Shirt


I like to be handsome with my brother. IF you need to be handsome then you need to wear a shirt like this, but not this one because mine is the green one. You can have a blue one.

Superhero Costume


I love to wear Spiderman costumes. He can shoot you with his webs, and do anything. I love to wear it!

Rust Rainbows Two-Piece Pajama Set


Me and my brother and my sister wear these pajamas. They have Rainbows, but it also looks like smiles sitting on more smiles.

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  1. Glenda says:

    I love all the little quotes by the items.
    Grandma’s can’t wear jeans lol
    If you don’t wear a rain coat the police will come LOL
    So sweet! He’s getting so big!

    07.27.23 Reply
  2. On jeans….moms can wear them but not grandmas! 🤣🤣 Someone better tell “Honey” that she can’t wear jeans! 🤣🤣💙 I love his commentary!!

    07.27.23 Reply
  3. Deb Reed says:

    Love his style and the organic cotton is the best if you can’t get bamboo.

    You have created three unique, amazing humans that are making their marks (or hitting their marks? LOL) to delight the world.

    Stay strong and positive!!

    07.28.23 Reply