Mateo is Two!

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Eva Amurri shares her letter to her son, Mateo, who turns two


Happy Birthday, Buggy Nuggets!


What a difference a year makes, and what a big boy you have become! You have absolutely transformed our lives the last year, and added so much sparkle…and a WHOLE lot of excitement. LOL! In my last birthday letter to you, I described you as our Joy Storm– and that has proven to be true this past year. You are a mercurial wonder.

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I have never met a person so fiercely independent and who knows exactly who they are at such a young age. I learn so much about strength and determination from you every single day. If you want to do something for yourself, you will refuse to accept help, and will actually “undo” any help given so that you can start from the beginning all by yourself. You learn your limits quickly, and you have made my heart leap again and again as you make bold moves and figure out just how far you can jump or climb…and explore just how dangerous something actually is. Hahaha. When you have your mindset on something and it doesn’t happen just so, the fury and indignation that follows is something that I’ve never seen so pronounced in a person under 30 years old.

But there’s another side, too, my little Pisces. With the high-running emotions that can lead to frustrations with the world around you, there is the other side of that coin. Your intuition and ability to connect deeply with others is always right there at the surface. I’m blown away by the extremely specific and deep connections you have with each member of our family, and also everyone else you cross paths with. I was so worried that your birth and babyhood during a global pandemic would affect your ability to find and solidify friendships, but I’ve been proven wrong! You have the cutest little crew of buddies, and it makes me endlessly happy to watch you playing and laughing with them. You take on a caretaker role with them, too, which I find so funny for somebody who is the “baby” of the family!

Let’s also talk about your sense of humor! I have never met a two-year-old as hilarious and completely “in on the joke” as you. It blows my mind. You talk nonstop and listen intently to new language and expressions. Then, you repeat them– and completely correctly at that! I’ll never forget hearing you sigh and say things like “Come on, Dude!” or “I gotta get outta here”. I truly can’t wait to hear what comes out of your mouth every day.

Oh, Bug. My little twinsie. The joy you bring us is immeasurable. How was there ever an “us” before YOU?! You continue to be that spark for our family that we so desperately needed. A little rocket that lights up the path and reminds us how much wonder there is in the world. When I think about your second birthday, what I think about most is how truly lucky we are to have gotten the chance to love you in this life. I look forward to every month, year, and milestone ahead. And I know, with absolute certainty, that while you will definitely be my child who gives me the biggest run for my money, you will also be the one who anchors me profoundly to my own identity. You inspire me every day to live my own life as boldly as possible. And, you remind me what courage felt like at my darkest hour. Thank you for being that beacon of light for our family.

I wish you the happiest and most jolly of birthdays, and the fullest life of your wildest dreams. I love you forever and a day.



Eva Amurri shares her letter to her son, Mateo, who turns two

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  1. Morgan says:

    Happy 2nd Birthday, Mateo!!

    03.11.22 Reply
  2. Laura says:

    Your birthday posts to your kids always make me cry; they’re so from the heart. Happy Birthday to your littlest man!

    03.11.22 Reply