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Eva Amurri Martino relaxes on the couch in the Happily Eva After studio wearing a white sweatshirt

Happy Mental Health Month! Mental Health and wellness have been forefront in my own mind recently, after a pretty harrowing end of the year for our family.  Since I’ve thankfully gotten to the other side of a lot of my recent mental health struggles, my focus has turned to helping others in their time of need and spreading awareness– as well as searching to erase the stigma associated with Mental Health. This month, I’m partnering with Philosophy to do just that!

You probably know Philosophy as the mega-successful and adored beauty brand that boasts the cult faves “Hope in a Jar” facial cream as well as “Amazing Grace” eau de parfum– among many other products.  Those cult faves have been around since I was old enough to be aware of beauty products, aka a hundred years!  LOL. But I bet you don’t know that Philosophy does its part to fight the good fight and support those struggling with mental health issues.  1% of the brand’s u.s. net profits are donated to The Hope & Grace Fund, which supports a variety of mental health programs in communities across our nation.  Not just during Mental Health month, but all the time.  This year, they’re doing even more.

Eva Amurri Martino features Philosophy's Amazing Grace body cream in honor of Mental Health Month

Philosophy just launched the limited edition Amazing Grace Body Emulsion, with a bottle designed by Marissa Betley, a mental health activist + founder of project 1 in 4.  100% of the net proceeds of this body emulsion will be donated to the Hope & Grace fund! The cream is so hydrating and has the light, fresh scent that Philosophy became famous for– I love it.  They’ve also launched an amazing “How are you really?” PSA that reminds us to delve deeper with people, to get past the pleasantries and check in on a more meaningful level.

The environment at Philosphy's Amazing Grace press day for the Hope and Grace initiative benefitting Mental Health awareness and support

Last week in NYC I had the opportunity to learn more about Mental Health Month, to try the Amazing Grace Body Emulsion firsthand, and to view the new PSA for the first time, as well as take part in mindful mediation.  I also was able to share my own mental health journey with the attendees of the event and speak of my experience in person for the very first time.  It was definitely emotional to talk through the painful events that led to my postpartum depression, anxiety, and PTSD symptoms– but ultimately it was very healing as well! I really strive to be able to talk openly about what happened, and my own ups and downs, without it effecting me so deeply afterwards– and practice really helps with that.  I was surprised by how well I was able to articulate my feelings about my own mental health– it showed me that I’m in such a better place emotionally and mentally than I was a few months ago! Overall, the supportive atmosphere felt so healing as well.  It reminded me that people really do want to support and hold space for those who are or who have struggled with mental health issues.  It’s SO important to open up and allow others to help you through.  The Philosophy “How Are You Really?” PSA definitely struck a chord with me.  When I was going through my own challenging times, I don’t think I really answered honestly when people would ask me how I was.  I would defer to the autopilot “Good” reply right away.  I also don’t think enough people took the time to ask any further than that.

Eva Amurri Martino stands in The environment at Philosphy's Amazing Grace press day for the Hope and Grace initiative benefitting Mental Health awareness and support

The environment at Philosphy's Amazing Grace press day for the Hope and Grace initiative benefitting Mental Health awareness and support

The environment at Philosphy's Amazing Grace press day for the Hope and Grace initiative benefitting Mental Health awareness and support

This month, and after, I’m committing to really checking in with the people I care about more consistently– to catch up with everything as usual, but then to make sure I delve deeper and allow them to open up if they need to.  Sometimes just listening is the best gift you can give somebody.  I’m really proud of Philosophy for being a beacon of light in such a stigmatized space that still needs so much support.  1 in 5 Americans is currently experiencing some form of Mental Health issues.  That statistic is too common to ignore.  I’m happy to be Philosophy’s Mental Health Month Ambassador, and I hope to continue to support those struggling with mental health issues for many years to come!

The environment at Philosphy's Amazing Grace press day for the Hope and Grace initiative benefitting Mental Health awareness and support

If you have words of encouragement or support for those struggling with Mental Health Issues, or feel moved to share your own story (it can be very therapeutic!) please do so in the comments below!


**Many thanks to Philosophy for partnering with me to spread this important message! As always, the thoughts and opinions expressed above are entirely my own






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  1. Sam says:

    Thank you SO much for sharing this and for being so candid about your own struggles. I love to see a brand changing the conversation about mental health and will definitely look into getting involved in their campaign.


  2. A says:

    Thank you for sharing this post and all of your advocacy in this area. It’s so true that, too often, we respond with “fine” when the real answer is screaming silently in our heads. After my first was born, I had some serious baby blues and if it weren’t for friends/family, it would’ve really spiraled out of control. I am a few days postpartum now and trying to do a much better job being honest about my feelings and generally being more gentle with myself.

    I feel a bit silly asking a question about wardrobe on such a serious post, but I wondered if the off-the-shoulder top you wore to the NYC event has built in support. I am a nursing mama who is a bit busty and struggle with finding clothes that are cute but provide adequate support. I realize you’re not nursing anymore, but as someone who is also going through the fun of post-pregnancy body, I wondered if you had any favorite labels and/or advice.


  3. Jen says:

    I applaud you for brining awareness to all the people you influence daily. Sometimes when you’ve reached the other side of a difficult time it’s easier to forget & move on but you are choosing to make a difference. Thank you!! I too have suffered with depression, anxiety & PTSD but received the help I needed on many occasions & I’m so thankful for all the support I received. Not everyone has that support so we must continue to bring awareness.
    Your instastories with your kiddos make me smile everyday! Thank you!!

  4. Sydney says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your struggles. As have battled depression almost my whole life and always felt very ashamed. I am doing better than I ever have since I had my daughter in October. Still, it crops up every once and while and knowing that I am not alone and that it’s okay to share my struggles is a true blessing. Thank you!

    Have a beautiful day!


  5. Priya says:

    Thank you for sharing this post.
    I am doing better than I ever have since I had my daughter in October.

  6. Shahed S says:

    Hi Mrs. Martino:

    This was a great article. For me, the worst thing about having depression is the way it causes me to lose hope. I always had issues with social anxiety through my high school years which caused me to be withdrawn. I struggled with depression over the years, watched other people develop close relationships while I could not due to not being able to approach people.
    My depression got a little better when I enrolled in a law school. I thought that maybe going to law school would help me with my anxiety and depression. I did make friends there and learn a lot, but as soon as I graduated, I reverted to being withdrawn. My conclusion would be that fighting a mental illness has to be an inner battle. I personally made the mistake of thinking things which were OUTSIDE myself could change me. I think it has to come from the inside. Does that make sense?
    Reading your articles and looking at the pictures on the blog have opened my heart the last two years. It is a joy to feel the positive energy that you exhibit. I hope that I can overcome my phobias that prevent my growth, and exhibit the love that you give to your readers, including me 🙂

    Thanks, Shahed

  7. You’re really a very strong woman, discussing about self mental health to help others.

    Thanks And Salute From Lisa

  8. Alli says:

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  9. hirwa says:

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    your post Are very use full to all

  10. sunidhi says:

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