DIY Farmhouse Sock Bunnies for Easter

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Eva Amurri shares cute DIY Farmhouse Sock Bunnies for Easter

This year, I was itching for an Easter craft that was fun, simple, and sweet—and that I could mostly make with things I had lying around the house. If your house is anything like my house, you have a lot of random socks lying around. I must have about twelve partnerless socks sitting on top of my laundry machine, from feet of all sizes, and I have zero idea where the other one has disappeared off to. It’s a true mystery. I keep them on top of the washing machine just in case they show up, by some stroke of luck. But let me tell ya, staring at a pile of mismatched socks for months on end is a little bit demoralizing. I don’t recommend it.

For Easter this year, I decided to make some DIY Easter sock bunnies with those socks! They turned into the cutest little Farmhouse bunnies that are rustic and sweet—and the cutest seasonal accessory for on top of a mantle or snuggled on top of a table. The kids wanted to make some grown-up bunnies and some baby bunnies—and I love how these turned out! I also wanted to note that I hot glued the ears as well as the eyes of the bunnies, and then sewed the nose…but if sewing is totally not your thing you could always hot glue a piece of felt for the nose! I love how it looks with the little string hanging off the sides as whiskers though. There’s something so retro about these sock bunnies and I’m here for it! My last little note is that I filled my sock bunnies with rice…but you could use dried beans or lentils if that’s what you have lying around. Or even sand!



Step by Step...

Step 1

Create Bunny Body

Begin by making the body of the bunny by filling your sock with about 1 cup of rice. You can always make the portions of the bunny bigger or smaller with the filling to achieve different-sized bunnies!

Step 2

Tie with Ribbon

Tie a bow at the top of the mound with your prettier ribbon. 

Step 3

Create Bunny Head

Now fill the next part of the sock with about half the amount of rice, to form the head.

Step 4

Tie with String

Tie at the top with the thinner piece of string. 

Step 5


Take your scissors and cut down the middle of the top part of the sock above the second ribbon. 

Step 6

Create Bunny Ears

Using hot glue, glue the inside of each ear together to form bunny ears. 

Step 7

Create Bunny Eyes

Next, glue the buttons on to form eyes. 

Step 8

Create Bunny Nose, Whiskers, + Tail

Lastly, use the string to create a nose by stitching in a loop, leaving the string long on both sides to create whiskers. Glue a pom-pom to the back for a tail. Display your little DIY Easter Sock Bunny! 

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Photographs by Julia Dags | Happily Eva After, Inc. © 2021 All Rights Reserved

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