Pump Pump Revolution!

Eva Amurri Martino pictured with the Naya Health Breast Pump

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about my breastfeeding experience with Marlowe.  It had several things to say, but was mostly about how much I hated pumping.  Well, turns out I was using the wrong pump!  Now the breastfeeding landscape has gotten major facelift, thanks to an uber-fabulous product designed by a mom of three! OF COURSE a mom designed this game-changer (why are moms so industrious and amazing?!) Janica Alvarez was just a mom who wanted to provide breast milk for her baby when she went back to work.  But she was frustrated with her breast pump (age old story), its lack of output, its noisiness, and its general weight and clunkiness.  So like any pioneer woman, she got busy and created a solution.  Luckily, Janica’s husband Jeff is a medical device engineer and was able to bring her vision to life!  Together they cofounded the awesomeness that is Naya Health.  The Naya Smart Breast Pump is not only totally gorgeous to look at (important), light (only three pounds!), but it is also high performance in every way. The pump uses patented HydroComfort Technology™ to create a suction that is even stronger, and quieter, than hospital grade pumps! The pump’s flanges, however, are made of a soft silicone.  What do you get when you add these things together? A greater output of milk (Hallelujah!) with much more comfort to your nipples (DOUBLE HALLELUJAH!). The Naya is also the first “smart pump” out there, meaning that it is connected to a Naya companion app  that monitors your pumping and can offer support geared specifically to you and your needs.

Eva Amurri Martino of lifestyle and Motherhood blog Happily Eva After opens the Naya breast pump

The Naya Breastpump pictured in Eva Amurri Martino's Happily Eva After studio

The Naya Breast Pump pictured in Eva Amurri Martino's Happily Eva After studio

I think my personal favorite part of the Naya pumping system is a feature that is a dead giveaway to the fact that a woman dreamt it up­– the chicer than chic white carrying case!  It looks like an insanely stylish purse– I actually laughed out loud when I saw it for the first time because I couldn’t believe how nice it was.  The entire vibe of the Naya Smart Breast Pump is one of an experience created by a woman for women, and celebrating the things that we ladies who are pumping find important.  We want to feel like WOMEN– not like cows, with something tugging sluggishly on our udders.  We want a lovely, comfortable, discreet, and successful experience, and we want to make it snappy.  Because we have things to do, children to raise, board rooms to slay, and empires to conquer.  And sometimes we need to take our Naya pump parts out of our carrying case and use it as our regular purse…did I say that out loud?

Eva Amurri Martino pictured with the Naya Breastpump light grey pumping case

Now that it’s so easy to pump, please excuse me while I very easily Pump-And-Dump– a favorite activity! Ha!  Something tells me that Janica would approve…

Eva Amurri Martino of lifestyle and motherhood blog Happily Eva After pictured in her studio with a glass of sparkling rose

Oh, and just when I thought I couldn’t love this company any more, they created a hilarious video about just how different (ahem) things would be if men could breast feed.  Check out this cheeky take on pumping in the workplace– and let me know if you can relate! I only wish that Kyle could lactate a little bit..and deal with those late-night feeds.  Now if another pioneer woman would please step up to the plate and tackle that issue, I think we would all greatly appreciate it…anyone?  Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Don’t look at me, I’m on my second glass of sparkling Rosé…


 **Many thanks to Naya Health for sponsoring this post!  As always, the thoughts and opinions expressed above are entirely my own.


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  1. Tai says:

    That video! The leaderboard slayed me!

  2. Rachel M says:

    That video is everything!!! ????

  3. Jess says:

    What a cool pump. I nursed my daughter for 14 months and must’ve spent a thousand hours pumping (most of which I spent in my 4th grade classroom!) I assume this beauty wouldn’t be covered by insurance like my old Medela was, but this would’ve been a big upgrade.

    • I know the feeling!! Hopefully insurance companies will get with the times and start covering devices and practices that are nurturing for women! A gal can dream…

  4. Emily S says:

    Ok- laugh out loud funny! I remember having the excuse that someone was making copies when I was pumping and on phone in case anyone would ask what all that noise was!!!

  5. Emily says:

    Hi Eva,

    Let me first say that I enjoy your blog very much. Your children are beautiful and I appreciate your candid take on motherhood and everything else.

    I want to ask you about pumping and dumping. Our body makes breastmilk from our blood and alcohol is metabolized by the liver from our breastmilk at the same rate it is metabolized from our blood (1 drink takes approximately 2 hours to metabolize on average). Breasts aren’t just holding tanks for milk per se as milk is “let down” during a feeding. So, there really isn’t ever a reason to pump and dump unless you are drinking, feeling the effects of alcohol and your baby is missing a feeding while you deservedly enjoy. (And/or your breasts are uncomfortably full). Essentially, if you’re ok to drive, you’re ok to breastfeed. This is a fantastic website if you haven’t discovered it already! http://kellymom.com/bf/can-i-breastfeed/lifestyle/alcohol/

    • tamara says:

      I was so sold until I saw the price- that sucks majorly! It’s so not affordable, why wouldn’t they make it accessible to most households?