Snuggle Nook Reveal

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The snuggle nook inside Eva Amurri Martino's Connecticut home

This little snuggle nook in our new home definitely deserves its own room reveal.  I just love it THAT much.  From the moment I first entered the space that would become our open plan kitchen/living area, I knew that the little nook overlooking the yard was going to be special.  It had been set up as an office space previously, and was really nicely done.  It looked like a throwback to a bygone era.  I loved the energy of it, and the window it had, but I knew we wouldn’t use an office in such a shallow space, right off of the kitchen.  I stumbled upon an extra deep window seat type space on Pinterest and the idea for the snuggle nook was born!

The before image of Eva Amurri Martino's snuggle nook
The shelving inside of the Snuggle Nook at Eva Amurri Martino's Westport home
A historic painting framed in a green neon acrylic frame in the snuggle nook of Eva Amurri Martino's Connecticut home
The wallpaper on the ceiling of the snuggle nook in Eva Amurri Martino's Connecticut home

When I first started working with Prudence on the house, she had this awesome idea to make the snuggle nook a jewel-box like space that really set the tone for the design concept in the rest of the home.  I just love the mix of black and white prints, with pops of color and neon.  It feels so modern but really luxe at the same time, and still manages to be ultra practical.  We start every morning having coffee in our little snuggle nook, and the kids hang in there while we prep meals as well!

The shelving inside of the Snuggle Nook at Eva Amurri Martino's Westport home
Eva Amurri Martino sits in her colorful snuggle nook in her Connecticut home
The pendant light in Eva Amurri Martino's snuggle nook in her Connecticut home

My absolute favorite piece of the entire “room” has to be the drawing, framed in neon lucite.  The drawing was given to us by the previous owners who had discovered a drawing that the artist who lived in the home at the turn of the century had made of the property.  It feels so special to have such a beautiful piece from the past, and I love how framing it in the bold neon lucite perfectly bridges the gap between past and present.  

Eva Amurri Martino sits in her colorful snuggle nook in her Connecticut home
The shelving inside of the Snuggle Nook at Eva Amurri Martino's Westport home
The contrasting patterns in the snuggle nook in Eva Amurri Martino's Connecticut home

What’s your favorite part of this room? Please share in the comments below, and watch the video Prudence and I shot for some more intel about the design of this space!

Eva Amurri Martino sits in her colorful snuggle nook in her Connecticut home

Design Credits…

Photographs by Julia Dags

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  1. Elyse H says:

    Honestly, this is the coolest thing! I seriously want one for my own house! Awesome idea! I think you need more pillows in there!!

    07.17.19 Reply
  2. Len says:

    So chic and modern Eva! Can’t wait to see the rest of the house!

    07.17.19 Reply
  3. Trixie says:

    I love everything! The space has been really elevated and looks the coziest! I hope to see some IG stories featuring this space x kiddos! Please share seasonal views from the window during the various seasons! I hate to say it but that is a winter spot if I’ve ever seen one! ?❤?????

    07.17.19 Reply
  4. Dana says:

    Absolutely my favorite reveal

    07.17.19 Reply
  5. Jane says:

    I don’t think I would ever leave this space. Love the contrast of patterns, I am drawn to the toile on your day bed!

    07.17.19 Reply
  6. danielle says:

    do you guys ever actually read in the nook? or not yet?

    07.18.19 Reply
    • Yes! I have been reading for my HEA book club in there, and Kyle and I have coffee or wine in there together

      07.19.19 Reply
  7. Elisse says:

    What can I say about this space? I absolutely adore it. It’s literally MY ultimate childhood dream come to life. Ever since I was a little girl (literally since the age of of 5 or 6, when I really started reading) I’ve dreamt of a window seat alcove/reading nook. I first saw it on one of those popular 80’s shows I used to watch – I’m thinking The Facts of Life – and fell deeply in love. Come to think of it, it was probably my first true love. This nook, however, is on a whole other level. Like you said, it mixes the vintage with the modern seamlessly. I never would’ve imagined all these colors and patterns could flow together but they meld flawlessly. I also love the deep set nook and larger space. It looks incredibly comforting. Finally, the shelves are so perfect for this space. You have somewhere to place a hot cup of coffee (or, in my case, tea) to cool down while reading. I’m just going to sit back and imagine how incredibly dreamy it must be to curl up in this nook with a fantastic book on a cool, rainy day. I don’t pray or hope for a lot of things anymore since harsh reality has pretty much crumbled my dreams. However, one thing I’ll probably hope for until the day I die, no matter how unrealistic I know it’ll always be, is a little window seat reading nook just like this one ?

    09.09.19 Reply
  8. Chris says:

    I loooove it! So gorgeous. We just got a little beach house in the north fork for the weekends etc and I noticed in the before pics that our floors are very similar. I was talking to our contractor about using Bona NordicSeal to make the white. Do you know what they did to your floors to get them that way? Thanks so much. Aaaaand congrats on the newest addition to the fam!!!! ?

    09.09.19 Reply