Scrabble Coasters for Father’s Day

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Eva Amurri shares her Scrabble Coasters for Father's Day

I always like to think up a fun little craft for Father’s Day to do with my kiddos, and this year’s is one of my favorites! Crafting can be a tricky thing, because you want the end result to be cute, of course, but it also has to be functional in some way. It’s nice if we can actually use the things that our kids make us for these holidays! This year I wanted to make something home-related and decided on coasters. We’re big board game fans in this family, so I decided to craft some coasters made out of Scrabble letters. These Scrabble Coasters are so fun because you can put absolutely any names, phrases or sayings that resonate for YOUR special dad in your life.

I love how these turned out, and that they are both something Kyle can use on the regular and a cute little keepsake. A note for construction on these: if you want to write multiple words and names that involve lots of letters, it may be best to order two packages of Scrabble letters! That way you won’t run out of any letters you need.

Wishing all who celebrate a very happy Father’s Day! Let me know if you end up making these to gift!

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  • Start by taking two cork squares and sticking them together. These are self-adhesive so no glue is needed.
  • Next, determine what you want your saying to be, the cork squares fit five Scrabble pieces across and five Scrabble pieces down.
  • Once you determine your saying, place the scrabble pieces on the adhesive side of the cork square to complete your coaster.
  • Trim off any access cork if it shows outside of the Scrabble pieces. Gift them to dad for Father’s Day!

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