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Marlowe is getting promoted to Big Sister this Fall, and from what I hear that period of time can be “transitional“.  I think “Transitional” might be the nice word for “Total Freaking Nightmare”.  Or so I’ve put together.  Anyone who hears you’re pregnant with baby number two has a million pieces of advice for how to make sure your Firstborn adjusts well, is gentle with the baby, is excited about the baby, doesn’t try to smother the baby, and generally understands that when welcoming this squirming crying newborn in to the world you are not also planning on leaving her on a stranger’s doorstep.  After listening to a lot of advice, I came up with a plan to begin Marlowe’s Big Sisterhood prep– by partnering up with one of my favorite organic baby companies: Apple Park!_1060352

I’ve been a fan of Apple Park since I was pregnant with Marlowe– and included many of their items on my registry!  The company’s mission is to create environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and recycled baby products that are also adorable and totally luxurious.  I can personally attest to the fact that Apple Park takes the term “well made” to a whole other level.  It’s one of those brands where you touch the products and they just feel good.  I thought they would be perfect to involve in Operation: Get Marlowe Excited For Little Brother!

So here was my plan:  Get Marlowe a present that she thinks is totally cool and fun.  Get a coordinating group of goodies for her little brother, and involve Marlowe in packing them up especially for him as a nice present to welcome him to our family.  Follow this packing and explanation with more treats and sugar.  Pat self on back.





This part was super fun.  My Firstborn is super obsessed with Loveys (and sucking her thumb. Whoops) and so I knew I had to include one for Baby Boy! A matching adorable Apple Park Monkey backpack, and some fun Monkey pajamas rounded out the theme.  Then I spotted these insanely cute owl booties that almost made me fall off my chair. Too adorable.   Marlowe is really in to Owls right now (there’s one that Hoots outside her window in the mornings) and I knew she’d want to include them in her little brother’s gift bag.  She also loves squirrels and I thought she’d love the matching blanket as well!  I arranged all of the gifts before presenting Marlowe with Operation: Get Marlowe Ready For Little Brother.




STEP TWO: Give Big Sister Some Presents (DUH)

Bribery! The age-old appeaser! For the owl-obsessed Toddler, a brand new owl backpack was in order! I just love how chic this bag is, and totally gender neutral.  I got her the matching owl Lovey as well, which she immediately starting hooting at.  You know, to make him feel more comfortable.



STEP THREE: Show Big Sister The Presents For Baby Brother And Discuss!

I put all of Baby Boy’s goodies inside his monkey backpack.  I told her that we got some things to give to her little brother when he comes out of Mama’s belly, and asked her to take them out one by one so we could see what they were.  Marlowe looooves opening presents so she was really in to this part.  We talked about all of the items and what he could use them for.  I showed her that his backpack was a lot like hers, and I even told her that we had some matching monkey Pajamas for her to wear at the same time as her little brother so they could look the same!  She was especially drawn to the owl booties (knew it) and wanted to inspect them very closely and put her fingers inside.




STEP FOUR:  Bust Out The Matching Pajamas.  Cry A Little.

Of course after telling Marlowe she could match with her brother she wondered where the heck her Apple Park pajamas were.  Who can blame her?  She also wanted to put them on immediately.  ‘Atta girl.  I’m hormonal and so the vision of my Firstborn daughter in a cute pair of pajamas…and the knowledge that our little boy would get to match with his Big Sis one day soon just sent me over the edge.  It was so sweet to see how excited she got over this also!




STEP FIVE:  Give A Special Sweet Treat To Solidify The Awesomeness Of Being A Big Sister

This one is obvious.  Nothing like a little treat to make your kid really psyched.  Luckily I’m a sneaky Mom and my child thinks that homemade Strawberry and Mint Lemonade Popsicles are ice cream.  Everybody wins (and nobody has a problem sleeping at night).  We had a seriously happy camper who was really curious about and excited by packing up a backpack of goodies for her little brother.  I’m sure there will be quite a few bumps in the road to Siblingville, but at least we are getting the ball rolling.




And, because Baby Boy isn’t here yet to lay claim to his own pajamas, Marlowe also got the ball rolling on the age-old “Siblings-Stealing-Clothing” drama and used his pants as a hat.  It’s hard being Fabulous.

How have you prepped your Firstborn for the introduction of a new sibling? Any great tips or tricks? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!!




** Many thanks to Apple Park for sponsoring this post! As always the thoughts and opinions expressed above are entirely my own.

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  1. Abbi says:

    Both my boys have Apple Park loveys (a squirrel and a bunny), and they have truly stood the test of time (3 years and 15 months, respectively)! I’m so glad to see they’re a sponsor- we love supporting great bloggers and companies. Adorable baby brother kit!

    05.26.16 Reply
    • That’s awesome, Abbi! Great products really do stand the test of time 🙂


      06.01.16 Reply
  2. Karyn says:

    Great ideas, Eva! I prepped my daughter for her baby brother by reading “I’m a big sister” by Joanna Cole. Also, we had balloons in the hospital room for big sis when she got to meet him for the first time. When she walked in the room, I made it a point to not hold him. So either he was in the hospital crib or daddy was holding/feeding him. It was a pretty smooth first meeting. She’s been a good big sis in the almost 1.5 years since, but jealous bouts rear its ugly head here and there. =)

    05.26.16 Reply
  3. Regine Karpel says:
    05.26.16 Reply
  4. Lauren says:

    Love this!

    05.26.16 Reply
  5. Kate says:

    Hi Eva,

    Great ideas, thanks for sharing! I also love the floral PJs Marlowe is wearing in the post. Where are they from?

    05.26.16 Reply
    • Hi Kate!
      That floral getup is actually a jumpsuit that my Mom got her in Europe and it didn’t even have a tag. I tried to track it down to link to it, but no luck. Sorry!


      06.01.16 Reply
  6. Amanda says:

    Two bigs tips that worked for me:
    1) be sure not to hype up the new baby as something fun and new play friend etc. Babies don’t get to that stage for at least 18months in their eyes and that’s a long and disappointing time to wait.
    2) when they arrive refer to them as ‘your brother/sister’ in conversation, so they feel ownership and connection. This has been a strong message in our family and I can sense how much it has cemented their bond.

    05.26.16 Reply
  7. April says:

    Marlowe is the cutest! Everyone had me freaked out about how my (then) almost three year old would react to her baby brother, so we had lots of discussions with her early on! We bought her a couple of books about welcoming a new baby, but she didn’t seem to completely understand until the end of my pregnancy when my belly was HUGE. I honestly think she had a harder time adjusting while I was in the third trimester than after the baby came.

    We made sure to introduce her to him when we had no other visitors at the hospital. We wanted to give her that time to take it in, and have a special family moment (that we made sure to capture on video, because it’s the cutest). We also bought a few new gifts and activities to keep her occupied/excited as people came by to meet our little guy. Apparently it worked, because she adores him! Well, so far anyway… he’s only three months. 😉

    05.27.16 Reply
    • April,
      I’m totally hoping that the huge belly (with baby boy kicking around inside) helps Marlowe actually “get” the fact that there is a human being in there! I’m planning a homebirth so there won’t be a hospital, but I’m looking forward to that first meeting! so sweet!


      06.01.16 Reply