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I broke my foot, Y’all.
The fifth metatarsal, to be exact.  My very first broken bone. Can I please explain to you how many times I have run across  treacherous terrain (Subway grates, gravel, cobblestone) in six inch heels, or jumped from excessive heights, or gingerly leaned backwards on my way down rain-slicked hills– all with no injury whatsoever.

And it was my bare feet on a flat lawn that did me in!! To be fair, this is a dancing injury, though I would not describe my dancing abilities as “Extreme”.  I was just gettin’ down to some great music with some greater friends when my foot came down in to an uneven part of lawn and snapped.  Not to be gross, but the second I heard the pop I knew it was broken.
Long story short, I now have a super chic (not) walking cast, and about four weeks of rest in front of me.  I begged the ER doctor for a walking cast since I need to be able to carry the baby around while my husband is out of town (always).  And while I give major props to this “cast” that I can remove at night to bathe and sleep, there is one flaw: The boot is raised about two inches off of the ground.  I was in desperate need to balance out my legs, and realized that the only way to do this is with a sneaker on the other foot.  And, because I cannot spend the next month wearing the same pair of running shoes that I wear to the gym (albeit occasionally), I had to investigate more sneakers to buy.  Obviously!  Pain medicine and online shopping go together really well.  I swear.

Good news:  The sneaker game is on point these days.  Here are my faves.  Click through to view!

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  1. Jen Franklin says:

    Broke my 5th the same way, nasty injury that! I strongly suggest following the doctors orders. I was suborn, took my book off a week early. Now every time I try to sit-down cross legged, THE PAIN! So yes have fun with the boot!

    06.29.15 Reply
  2. Lorna says:

    Get well soon Eva. Prayers for a speedy recovery

    06.29.15 Reply
  3. Melissa says:

    I feel your pain girl! I was in a boot like that for 4 months last year. I went from a closet full of pointy toe stilletos to sneakers, flats, and oh yeah orthotic flip flops😁 Im determined to turn in my grandma shoes and get in those heels once again! Rest up!

    06.29.15 Reply
  4. Dorie says:

    Eva, NOT fun!!! Especially in SUMMER. Glad your cast is removable! You wrote you could ‘run in high heels??’ I can’t ( and never could…) WEAR high heels. Not on Prom night, graduation, etc. (100 years ago) Slaughters the ball of my foot with pain. Be well soon!

    06.30.15 Reply
    • El says:

      LOVE these! Thanks for sharing!! Eva, I had the same boot for 2months, during the summer as well. Luckily, it was during a time when wedged flip-flops were the rage & I was able level out my boot with some cute wedges! Primarily though, I felt blessed to be able to take the boot off for sleeping, showering, getting into a pool to cool off (obi no real swimming). I hope you’re foot heals quickly!

      07.13.15 Reply
  5. Diana says:

    My fracture is now 13 weeks old with delayed union. Similarly, I had made the mistake of casting aside my stilettos for flats and hit the uneven pavers just right. Silly girl! If it doesn’t heal soon I’m going to have to bedazzle this cast/boot! The uneven gait is a huge issue! Thanks for the cute sneaker option.

    07.06.15 Reply