Girls’ Day: Santa Anita Racetrack

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I recently was on an airplane alone with my nine month old baby, on hour eighteen of what was supposed to be a six hour travel day, and I thought to myself suddenly and vehemently: I NEED TO PLAN A GIRLS’ DAY! (I was also maybe crying and covered in baby food and unidentifiable liquids). So after recovering from said “vacation” and checking myself out of the asylum (I kid, I kid), plan a Girls Day was exactly what I did.  I wanted to do something out of the ordinary– on a weekend and during the day time– and when somebody suggested Santa Anita Park everything clicked.  Getting dolled up and sipping champagne at the Race Track?! Yes please.  Two dollar bets? Right in our wheelhouse.  Santa Anita Park has been open since 1934 at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains.  Picturesque is an understatement, and the vintage flavor can definitely still be felt.  The best part is that there is truly something for everyone, with suites, seats, restaurants, bars, and bets in every price range.  I even saw LOTS of kids there having the best day of their lives, although thankfully my own spawn was banned for the day.
And when the day came, it could not have a been a more fun or perfect Girls Day, and also managed to cure all of my Mommy angst.  If you become a little snappy, are exhausted and/or find yourself staring in to the fridge trying to remember if this is where you put your cell phone, you may need to plan a day with your ladies. Get your partner/parents/babysitter to lasso your kiddos, and plan something fun AND WEIRD.  You will thank yourself.
Ok back to what’s not weird: The Santa Anita Race Track! First of all, I love my Girls.  Everyone has their own thing going on, is generally overworked and overextended, but when we all get together it’s impossible to stop laughing and almost every single time everyone gets along.  I can’t stress this last part enough.
So we all posted up in a gorgeous suite that had its own betting machine, ordered food, sipped on some cocktails, lay some stupid bets, won some money, lost some money, lost our minds, and had an excuse to get dressed up. We even took a tour from our wonderful Suite Concierge and watched one of the Races from the Winner’s Circle (photo above).  I’m already planning my next trip… with the husband, and maybe even with the baby.  And you guys… I won four dollars! Dinner’s on me.



Head to toe Tory Burch, with Carlos Falchi clutch


Margot, Lily, Christiana, Elsa, Stephanie, Crazy #1, Kate


Pretending My Heels Aren’t Stuck Forever In The Horse Sod AND/OR Pretending To Be A Statue.


View from The Winner’s Circle!

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