blackberry farm, TN

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Kyle was in Nashville filming for work and I had– of free will, surprisingly– dragged Marlowe on four planes alone (an ordeal for another blog post) to visit with him there.  We were going to see him for six days before he took off on a month-long trip to Europe without us, and so I was desperate to get in some good old family bonding.  We only had a few days left when Kyle texted me from set with a sentence that normally spells trouble: “I have an idea– are you up for an adventure?” Immediately my heart sank.  An adventure with a Nine Month Old? Where’s the Xanax.  But luckily I gritted my teeth and said yes, because it turned out to be my favorite thing we have ever done as a family. 100 points to Kyle.

Enter, Blackberry Farm. A three hour drive from Nashville, and nestled in the lush and mysterious Smoky Mountains, Blackberry Farm is an intimate and one-of-a-kind luxury resort. The Beall family founded the resort on their 9,200-acre property in 1978, offering just a smattering of suites and cottages on a working farm.  Staying here gives you the feeling of being family-in-from-out-of-town, but with the privacy and care that (let’s be honest) is normally only reserved for strangers. Add to that a two-time James Beard award-winning restaurant, exceptional wine cellar, and golf carts to explore the entire property including a kennel full of puppies and you get three very happy Martinos. And did I mention the heartbreakingly beautiful views? Swoon.

The best part about our stay at Blackberry Farm was that it was truly a family friendly vacation while also being a grown up paradise. Adults can do anything from Fly Fishing to hiking, wine tasting to indulging in day of pampering at the gorgeous spa. And for the kids? EVERYTHING. Marlowe’s eyes were popping out of her head from the minute we arrived, and we took the golf cart around the property showing her the animals and visiting the lake and stables. They even have a swing with a trajectory that dreams are made of. If I could live here I would (My husband interjects here and reminds me about sushi and shopping), but I will look forward to visiting again one day to create even more incredible family memories.



The picnic tables on the lawn at Blackberry Farm


Wildflower arrangements


Lowie at the boathouse


Happy hour all-around


The best swing in the world…and behind it, a fire pit for nightly S’mores roasting!


The kennel where they train Truffle Dogs, which are then purchased by owners around the globe. The have about 15 puppies at any given time. TO PLAY WITH. (Baby carrier: Lille baby x Tokidoki)


Exploring “The Barn” restaurant, a two-time winner of the James Beard award.


A gorgeous amuse-bouche: kale chip with honeysuckle!

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  1. Raven says:

    We are 30 miles from Blackberry Farm (with plenty of sushi & shopping, btw) 😉 and I am loving your review & gushing over your photos. We have never been but it’s on my Bucket List. *Especially* now that I know about the puppies! Oh my word.

    07.13.15 Reply