Our Quick Trip To Croatia

Eva Amurri Martino walks along the waterfront of Sibenik Croatia

Right at the tail end of our Italian Vacation, Kyle and I hopped over to Croatia for one of my best friend’s weddings! The trip was super short (only 48 hours), but was really special and since we were sans kids it felt much longer than two days! Today I thought I would share some pics and info from our quick trip to Croatia, since I was so struck by the beauty of the town we visited!

Sibenik Croatia photographed by Eva Amurri Martino
Eva Amurri Martino sight sees in Sibenik Croatia
Kyle Martino walks through Sibenik Croatia
Kyle Martino sight sees in Sibenik Croatia

First of all, Kyle and I arrived with our party pants on. LOL. We were in Croatia to attend my friend Damon’s wedding to his fiancé, Zeev.  Zeev is from Israel, and Damon is from New York, so they wanted to find a beautiful location someplace in between that wasn’t too tricky for friends and family to travel to.  They had gotten engaged in Sibenik, Croatia the summer before and had loved the vacation they’d been on– so they went with that! Kyle and I wouldn’t have missed the wedding for the world, and neither of us had ever been to Croatia, so we had the plans for about ten months by the time we went.  

Eva Amurri Martino explores Sibenik Croatia
Eva Amurri Martino explores Sibenik Croatia
Eva Amurri Martino walks along the waterfront of Sibenik Croatia

Then, lo and behold, when we were visiting with my Nonna in Rome before our trip to the Amalfi Coast, she asked about our plans while in Europe.  We told her that we planned to take a quick trip to Sibenik for a wedding before heading home to the states and she was shocked. “Did you know that’s where your great grandmother was born?!” I couldn’t believe it.  I hadn’t known that, and now we were going to the exact little town where I had roots! It seemed totally meant to be.  When my great grandmother was born there, it was still technically “Dalmatia”, though, which later became Croatia.  Kyle now has the great pleasure of telling me I’m part Dalmatian.  LOL. But I digress…

Eva Amurri Martino reads a menu at a cafe in Croatia
Eva Amurri Martino reads a menu at a cafe in Croatia
Kyle Martino enjoys the hotel lobby in Sibenik Croatia

I was just so charmed by Sibenik. It’s right on the water, and has total medieval vibes without a lot of the gentrification and tourist trap feeling of more famous European towns.  It’s a harbor town, and you can take water taxis everywhere! Kyle and I had the best time walking around, shopping, stopping to eat at cute little restaurants, and exploring the old fortress at the top of the town.  Croatia is known for its lavender, and there were beautiful handmade lavender sachets and soaps around every corner.  I even found a really cute Croatian boutique that had the cutest clothes and accessories! It’s called The Swan Atelier, and I highly recommend it! 

Eva Amurri Martino in a pool in Croatia
Plants in Sibenik Croatia
Eva Amurri Martino on a boat in Croatia

We also really loved our hotel, The D Resort Sibenik.  It’s a very modern, convenient, and nicely run hotel in a marina in Sibenik with gorgeous views and really cool amenities.  It also seemed really kid friendly! The best part of the whole trip, though, was watching our dear friends get married.  Their venue was a beautiful vineyard outside of Sibenik, with delicious local food, rosé and a stunning sunset.  Then the entire wedding became a dance party until four in the morning! We even brought swimsuits and turned it in to a pool party at a certain point. Just don’t ask me what point that was, because I’m not to clear on that.  Bahaha! Fun times had by all!  I would definitely be interested in returning to Croatia soon with the kiddos! Have you visited? Please let me know your recommendations in the comments below!

Eva Amurri Martino wears a hot pink dress in Croatia
Eva Amurri Martino sips a glass of rosé at a wedding in Croatia
Eva Amurri Martino sips champagne in a hot pink dress in Croatia
Eva Amurri Martino and husband Kyle at a wedding in Croatia

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  1. Mel G says:

    OMG your wedding outfit! You looked fabulous!

    07.23.19 Reply
  2. Mills says:

    I want you to do a post on the bra brands you love. You always look supported. I don’t think a bra I own would do what yours does in that fuchsia dress.

    07.23.19 Reply
    • I wasn’t wearing one with the dress! But I do feel like I know a lot about bras since I’ve been every size. At my largest, 32G, at my smallest, 32C. That’s quite a range. LOL. Good post idea!

      07.23.19 Reply
  3. Maja says:

    Dear Eva, you should definitive return to our beatiful country and visit Istria and Pula my home town… you wont regret it

    07.23.19 Reply
  4. Kristina says:

    Hi. I come from Slovenia which is neighbour country of Croatia and Italy too. My English is not too good but I hope you will understand me. I follow you almost 2 years. You and your family are part of my life. I adore Marlowe and Major. So…25 year ago Slovenia, Croatia, Bosna, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia were one country named Yugoslavia. Great times even if someone on west think that we were like Russia in hard comunism. Your first lady comes from Slovenia. So than war came becasuse some of coutries want to become undependend and everything went terrible wrong. But our conections stay close and we all are visiting Croatian sea, becasuse it is a large area. We in Slovenia have sea too, but short coast. So every single miles of that coast, ours and Croatian is just magic. Take a look about Dubrovnik, Opatija, Hvar,… All those island on Croatian coast that fameus from USA are visiting every year. So you should visit Croatia for sure and than, please come to Slovenia too. It is georgeus. That is all. Wish you and your family all the best.

    07.23.19 Reply