Our Favorite Kids Books: Part 2

Eva Amurri Martino shares her favorite kids books

Marlowe and Major love books just as much as I do, and reading together is still part of our daily routine.  I have some classic favorites from my own childhood that I’ve introduced to my kids– but I’ve also been discovering some new ones that are so great.  It’s nice how much books written today involve so many themes centered around individuality and inclusivity! I’ve done a roundup of some of our favorites before, but I thought I would do a little update and show you the books we are loving right now! Just click on the collage below for more info.  And please let me know if there are any newer books that I must read!

Eva Amurri Martino shares her favorite kids books

Eva Amurri Martino shares her favorite kids books

Eva Amurri Martino shares her favorite kids books



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  1. Megan Lilge says:

    I just bought “If the S in Moose Comes Loose” for my 4 year old nephew! I try to gift him new books in addition to my childhood favs (Frances the badger anyone?!?!).

    09.28.18 Reply
  2. Hannah says:

    Nanette’s Baguettes!! It’s by Mo Willems. My 3 year old was/is so obsessed with this gem that we ended up having a baguette themed birthday party when she turned 3. It’s a great way to introduce rhyming plus it’s Mo Willems who’s one of the best children’s book authors. We’ve read it at least 437 times. Definetly one to check out!

    09.28.18 Reply
    • ha!
      I love that!!! I need to check out that book for sure

      09.29.18 Reply
  3. KGH says:

    Don’t Push The Button by Bill Cotter is a great one!

    09.28.18 Reply
  4. Blythe says:

    Detective Dog Nell!! Such a cute book 🙂 in fact, I think I like I more than my son does, lol.

    09.28.18 Reply
  5. Mike says:

    Great picks, my almost 5 year old and I go to the local library weekly, between he and his nearly 2 year old brother, it’s a lot of books coming and going in our home. A personal favorite of us all is The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig, it borders on making you cry and then your heart burst at the way the boy changes when he’s finally befriended. Also, wonderfully charming artwork… Lastly we all love seeing you and your family as it resembles our own in meaningful ways.

    10.01.18 Reply