Obsessed With…Shift Dresses

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I’ve been super in to Shift Dresses recently– I’m sure because they’re one of the only non-maternity clothing shapes I can still fit in to! I just passed the halfway mark in my pregnancy with this baby boy– and it’s true what they say about popping out faster than your first time around! I love the shape of a Shift Dress because it’s so classic and timeless, and never looks like you’re trying too hard. Shift Dresses are also great when you’re pregnant because they don’t cling to the body, so you can buy them in larger sizes to accommodate your Bump.  Hang on to them for after baby arrives to throw on while your tummy is still swollen.  I just adore this elegant and summery dress by Madewell.  So cute with black leather sandals, or even a wedge espadrille for a night out! (By the way, it’s also On Sale now, with code: HEYJUNE)  This week, I’ve combed the internet for some other fab shift dresses!  Click on the images to shop the collage looks.



Photograph by Anel Dzafic

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  1. Greg Fillmore says:

    Hello Eva,
    You continue to have that “pregnancy glow”, pretty neat when the new arrivals are getting closer!
    I believe we reincarnate, just a personal belief, but unless there’s a sign posted “Philosophy and Religion talks welcome” , I get to keep that amoungst those I trust, sadly that’s our world, but LOTS of talk about sports and whats on tv!
    Speaking of whats on tv, I happened upon one on my current trip (most viewing is on laptops for me now), I turned it on ESPN Classic, and well…., it’s the BRILLIant time for TENNIS, SIMPLY a PERRFECT time for Breakfast at Wimbledon.
    I rewatched Lindsey Davenport from 1999, defeat the Martina Navratalova of tennis of that time, Steffi Graff. It was relaxing. LOTS of good memories of playing tennis with family.
    When I saw this post yesterday, I thought your dress would be a very good dress to judge some tennis matches, since having the “pregnancy glow” prevents you from active participation in Love Deuce as well as Aces and Match Points (a good Woody Allen film named that minus the ‘s’) , but as the judge you get to be ‘the decider’ of the angle of the ball, with the line, from the racket.
    Anyway, breakfast at Wimbledon includes strawberries. Hopefully, not too many rain delays at this years festivities.
    “This is Greg Fillmore (imagine your favorite English comedians British accent!, for me its Rowan Atkinson 😉 ) , humbly sharing with the wise co leaders at Mrs. Eva Amurri’s Martinos superior blog, that tennis, with your English cousins, over the tele, with some strawberries, with cream, is just MARVELOUS, mixed in with a PINCH of BRILLiant!”
    Thanks for all your help here, with your humble, wise, advice Eva.
    You are appreciated.
    Greg Fillmore

    06.08.16 Reply