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Eva Amurri Martino carrying her daughter Marlowe in a carrier with a suitcase ready to travel

While I travel decidedly less than I did a few years ago, travel is still a big part of my job– and something I’ve loved since I was a kid! We travelled all over the world when I was growing up– we used to have to order extra pages in my passport every time! LOL. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about how to be comfortable and set for success when traveling.  I have amassed quite a few favorite products! Today I thought I would share some of my greatest hits.  I really feel that being all set for travel adds to the experience and helps you to relax so you can make the most of your surroundings.  I hope you like these items as much as I do! Just click on the collage below to shop.  And let me know in the comments if you have any Travel must-haves to share!

Eva Amurri Martino carrying her daughter Marlowe in a carrier with a suitcase ready to travel

Eva Amurri Martino carrying her daughter Marlowe in a carrier with a suitcase ready to travel


Photographs by Nina Suh For Love and Lemonade Photography.

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  1. Shelley D. says:

    My boys are adults now,but we traveled a lot when they were young,mostly to destinations that catered to their interests.
    So,lots of Disney trips,beaches & pool related ventures.
    This was prior to Ipads,etc.,so books,Game Boys,snacks,& definitely headphone related items.
    Btw, love your hair& makeup in these photos.Very dramatic&alluring,but time consuming & not very practical with two energetic kiddos.

    04.20.18 Reply
    • Oh my gosh, how did you travel without an ipad!!! That’s my main travel trick!!

      Thanks, the hair actually isn’t too hard! I have some hair video tutorials on the blog if you search 🙂


      04.20.18 Reply
  2. Carole Salinger says:

    Hi Eva —

    Love your travel essentials! Just an FYI, the Herschel is sold out at Nordstrom.

    04.20.18 Reply
  3. Kate says:

    Hi Eva, Do you have any tips for traveling (long hauls) with a toddler? My son will be 14 mos, when we travel from CA to Europe! I’m dreading the flight and time changes! What tips do you have for occupying a toddler, baby travel gear, clothes to pack and how not to overpack!?! Thanks so much!

    04.20.18 Reply
  4. Elisa says:

    Great stuff! What baby carrier are you using in that photo? My 17 month old just completed her 50th flight – but is getting a little big for her ergo baby.

    04.20.18 Reply
    • It’s a Baby Bjorn! It was by far my favorite to travel with her in, but she got too big for it around a year

      04.21.18 Reply
  5. Nicole says:

    Can you share the name of the company that sent you the rolling suitcase and awesome kids neck pillow and koala hood? It was in your Instagram video a few days ago. I love it!

    Thanks so much!

    04.21.18 Reply
  6. Jen Christman says:

    Hey Eva,
    Thanks for your post. Your dress if gorgeous! Love the open back (but can still wear a bra) Would you share where its from?

    04.21.18 Reply
  7. Meamo says:


    01.18.19 Reply