My Glasses Story

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Eva Amurri discusses her glasses story

When I was a kid, I always wanted glasses. I was so desperate for the glasses of my dreams that I found an old pair of discarded readers from a nanny or grandma when I was in third grade, stashed them in my backpack, and told my teachers for three full days that I needed them to see in class. And yes, the headaches from wearing somebody else’s prescription glasses for days on end was no joke. My mom got my eyes tested all throughout my childhood, and I never did actually need those glasses. Not even a little bit.

Over the years, I ended up feeling lucky that I didn’t have that extra thing on my plate, and didn’t think much about my eyesight. That is, until recently. I’m not sure where things changed, and whether it is my new career that has me spending HOURS daily on a phone and computer, or whether it’s my old(ish) age…but about six months ago I noticed my eyesight changing. Or, something changing. I started getting headaches after writing for more than an hour on my laptop. Early in the morning, or late at night, it started becoming harder to read the small print on my phone. Even seeing the TV from my bed was a little off at times. The biggest issue I had was eyeball fatigue. If I was writing for several hours, or spending time working, my eyes would start to ache. I knew it was time for an eye appointment.

When I finally got one, I couldn’t believe how thorough it was! I read letters on a projector, of course, but I also got images taken of my retinas, and the health of my eye tissue assessed. They even tested the pressure of my eyeballs! By the end of the appointment, I had a diagnosis: astigmatism in my left eye. My doctor told me I definitely need to wear glasses to work and/or read. Especially on a computer. She also suggested I include a blue light blocker on my glasses to help protect my eyes. Part of me was so surprised that my day in glasses had finally come! LOL. I ended up picking some cute clear frames, but I can’t wait to add even more to my collection. I’ll put some that I’m coveting here in this blog post.

in this picture

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When I was there finishing up my appointment, they asked me if Marlowe has had her eyes checked. She had always done the basic vision test at the pediatrician, but they told me that around 1st grade they like to do a full eye exam to at least get a baseline for eye health in kids. I shared with the doctor that I’d had a feeling she might need glasses and made an appointment.

With Marlowe home all last spring, and half the day this school year, it’s been the first time that I have an eye on her while she does schoolwork. I’ve noticed her mistaking letters at times, or even having a hard time focusing on the paper in front of her. She’s SO attentive when she’s playing with her animal figurines or doing a project, and so my instinct was telling me that something about focusing on words, numbers, and letters was getting tough for her. I would also notice her rubbing her eyes a lot after doing homework or after Zoom classes.

I’m so glad I listened to my instincts because after taking Marlowe in for a full eye exam, it turns out she needs glasses too! The doctor told me that it’s important for her to wear the glasses while reading or doing homework…or really any close-up work. If she is dedicated to wearing them for these purposes, her eyesight won’t deteriorate as quickly, and she can hopefully stave off full-time glasses-wearing for a while.

Marlowe is SO excited about her glasses and even picked out her own pair herself: black frames with a cool light blue rim around the inside. I can’t wait to give you a full report on the transition into wearing them. I’m especially excited to see if the glasses make it easier for her to sit and focus on her school work. Here’s to hoping! hahaha.

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Warby Parker 'Violet' in Rose Gold


I love the retro vibe of these glasses! The rose gold metal frames also give it a really elevated, modern look as well.

Ray-Ban 6392 Ja-Jo


These frames are bringing alllllllllll the hot nerdy girl vibes, and I’m here for it!

Gucci GG0209O


These blush colored tortoiseshell glasses from Gucci are SICK! Def worth the splurge!

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  1. Tara says:

    omg I desperately wanted glasses as a little kid too!! also crutches, braces and/or a retainer hahaha

    01.06.21 Reply
    • hahah! I wanted braces too…and then I got them for almost four years. Careful what you wish for I guess! LOL

      01.06.21 Reply
  2. Elyse says:

    My first grade teacher noticed that sitting towards the back of the class (last name started with R) that I was having a hard time seeing. She let my mom know, and like you, I ended up at the eye doctor. I got glasses but was not at all in love with the idea of having to wear them because no one else in my family wore glasses. I would take them off once I got to school and put them in a case in my desk. My parents asked my teacher how my new glasses were working out and she was confused and said “what glasses?” – lol. So my mom decided to take the case away from me and told me without the case I was not allowed to take them off. I was afraid to put them down anywhere without the case so was forced to wear them all day. Problem solved. Looking back it always makes me laugh.

    01.06.21 Reply
  3. Nicole D says:

    My 6 year old son just got glasses. It has been so difficult to get him to wear the glasses as often as he’s supposed to….

    01.06.21 Reply
  4. Katie says:

    You’re journey sounds SO much like mine!!! I’m a couple of years older than you, but the last in my family of 4 (Dad, Mom, and Sister) to need them! I started noticing the fatigue first. I didn’t know what was happening!! My husband, who has needed glasses full time since 2nd grade was like…welcome to the family! You need glasses…lol. Out of the six of us (hubs and 4 kiddos) there is ONE…REMAINING…HOLDOUT. Lol…it’s only a matter of time for her!!! Thanks for sharing such cute specs with us!

    01.06.21 Reply
  5. Glenda says:

    OMG! I wanted braces as a kid and would put foil on my front teeth lol I wore glasses since I was in first grade. At 17 got contacts and love em.

    01.06.21 Reply
  6. Cat Shively says:

    My oldest has wanted glasses for as long as I can remember. She’s 11 now with better eye sight than her father and I. Both of us had glasses by her age. Fingers crossed both my kids miss out on needing them but with the whole family wearing them…love yours and Miss Lowie’s. So cute! I just got myself a few new pairs (one pink and one purple) and I LOVE them.

    01.06.21 Reply
  7. frann says:

    Yesterday I took my son to the doctor and he was prescribed optical glasses for farsightedness and astigmatism, I hadn’t realized it, just playing with it I noticed, by covering only one eye and trying to see in the distance.

    11.29.22 Reply