My Favorite Bath Products

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Blogger Eva Amurri shares her favorite bath products

One of my favorite ways to pamper myself and unwind – especially during this pregnancy – has been to take baths! I’ve found that it’s a really meditative way to focus on myself, to connect with my growing baby bump, and to take those important moments of quiet time.  Plus there is nothing cozier than a warm bath on a chilly day.  The best! I realized that I haven’t shared some of my favorite ways to pamper myself in the tub, so I thought it was high time to show you my faves. 

I’m also including a dry brush, since one of my favorite pre-bath rituals is dry brushing my body prior to hopping in the tub! This is great for combatting cellulite, and overall for circulation and the health of your skin.  I probably should do it before showers also, but I’ve found it hard to remember to do besides as a pre-bath ritual…maybe I’ll get better at it with time. Ha! To dry-brush, make sure to start at your feet and work upwards in sweeping, firm strokes.  You want to always be “working” towards your heart center.  So when doing your arms, start at the hands (backs and palms) and the brush inwards towards the heart.  From the tops of the shoulders, brush down towards the heart.  I brush my belly in clockwise, circular motions. 

Dusk Rose Bath Slab

Miss Patisserie

Salt Soak

Mer-Sea & Co.

Coconut Milk Bath Soak


Rose Sea Soak

French Girl Organics

Rock Formation Bar Soap


Bistro Tile Bath Collection


Hibiscus Robe


Solstice Organic Robe


G.Tox 5 Salt Detox Body Scrub


Body Butter


Polishing Body Brush

Aromatherapy Associates

Morning Mojo Bar Soap

Ursa Major

The Body Lotion


Silk Scrunchies


Bubble Bath


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Blogger Eva Amurri shares her favorite bath products

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Photographs by Julia Dags

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  1. Kristin says:

    I love some great bath products and have never heard of most of these brands. Will be checking some out – intrigued by the bath slab.

    Wishing you restful and peaceful days before the big arrival. Very inspired by your journey.

    03.05.20 Reply