Motivational Mondays: Keeping Memories

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Welcome to the farewell Motivational Monday!  As the last Monday of March is upon us, I wanted to focus on another resolution I had that I’d like to hold myself to: Remembering Everything!  As a Mom of a young child, I oftentimes feel like the time is just rushing by.  Of course in the moments, every day can seem so long– I found the early baby stages to be that way especially!  Then I felt like I looked up one day and my daughter was a year and a half old and there are certain details that I can’t even remember!  Her school asked me the other day what age she started sitting up by herself, and truthfully that whole period is such a blur that I couldn’t recall.  And that is only my first kid! I decided then and there that I want to structure my memory keeping better so that the time doesn’t pass us by without leaving some lasting impressions. Today I’m sharing the easy to adopt methods I’m implementing to preserve the memories from our most precious years as a young family:


To read the full post, and discover the ways I’m keeping my memories intact– head on over to Mom.me!!


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