Mommy Magic Tricks For When Your Kids Are Sick

Eva Amurri Martino comforts daughter Marlowe in bed when she is sick

Everyone knows Moms have superpowers. And we never need our superpowers more than when our kids aren’t feeling well. A Mother’s touch can transform something ordinary in to something extraordinary– the real cure-all that we grow up believing in and transferring from generation to generation. When we’re sick, we want our Mamas! It’s as simple as that. If you follow me on my social media channels, you know that this winter Marlowe has been sick A LOT: you name it, she’s gotten it. And the product I’ve been relying on more than anything is Vicks® VapoRub™ Sure, it’s awesome at fast, long-lasting cough relief (the medicated vapors last up to 8 hours!) – but the main thing I LOVE about this product is that it mixes science and medicine with the power of a Mama’s touch.


Eva Amurri Martino applies Vicks Vaporub to her daughter Marlowe's chest

Eva Amurri Martino wears matching pajamas with her daughter Marlowe and hugs her

Vicks VapoRub sits on the side table in Marlowe's room

I think we all have a memory of our Moms rubbing Vicks® VapoRub™ ™ on us over the years. The smell alone brings me back to my own childhood. I remember my Mom coming in to my room in the middle of the night during those times when I was sick and applying another coat to my chest and back– rubbing it in gently and then kissing me on my head and tucking in the covers a little tighter. Marlowe calls Vicks® VapoRub™ her “snuggle medicine” because whenever I apply it we get that snuggly, bonding time. I know that holding my daughter close and giving her love can be just as healing as the medicine itself.

Eva Amurri Martino applies Vicks VapoRub to dauhter Marlowe's back

Marlowe Martino snuggles up in her big girl bed

Eva Amurri Martino makes "sparkle" ice pops to help keep Marlowe's fever at bay

On those challenging “sick” days with Marlowe, I use a few other tricks to help pass the time and keep her spirits high. I make her Sparkle Pops– Just put water in a popsicle mold, and then add some Mommy Magic: toss some sprinkles in each mold before freezing! These pops are so cute and help hydrate sick, feverish kiddos. Marlowe got her “Two-Year-Old Molars” in recently (thanks to nobody for warning me about those suckers!) and I used these to help ease the pain and calm her down when she was fussing.

Eva Amurri Martino's "Sparkle Pops"

Eva Amurri Martino and Marlowe Martino share some ice cold Sparkle Pops

Marlowe Martino eats a popsicle in her pajamas

Marlowe Martino eats a popsicle in her pajamas

We also love to build forts together when Marlowe isn’t feeling well. Just a couple of blankets and a kitchen table transform in an instant with Mommy Magic, and turn into Princess Castle or a Dinosaur Cave! We bring in all the stuffed animals to make sure there’s “No Piggy Left Behind” when the Big Bad Wolf is lurking around. Try huffing and puffing and blowing a Magical Mommy Fort down: rejected! Nice try, Bozo!!!

Marlowe Martino sits in her Mama-built fort underneath the kitchen table

Eva Amurri Martino and Marlowe Martino hide out in their fort underneath the kitchen table

Eva Amurri Martino and Marlowe Martino hide out in their fort underneath the kitchen table

Eva Amurri Martino and Marlowe Martino hide out in their fort underneath the kitchen table

Even though the days with sick kids are so brutal for the whole family, I try to use them as opportunities to bring us a little closer – to snuggle a little harder, to use our imaginations, and to remember that the care she receives from me during those times will be how she learns to love and care for her own family one day. The sickness soon will pass, but the love in a Mother’s touch is forever.

Eva Amurri Martino applies Vicks Vaporub to two year old daughter Marlowe

Do you have any amazing “Mommy Magic” tricks for when your kids are home sick? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. Stacey says:

    I love the sparkle pops! I always struggle to keep my little one hydrated when she’s sick. I’m definitely trying this out next time. We also use Vick’s VapoRub when she’s battling a cough, but I always put it on her feet and cover with socks. And as you mentioned, lots of mommy snuggles go a long way!

    03.09.17 Reply
    • I have been hearing about this Vicks under the socks tip! Gotta try it next time!

      03.13.17 Reply
  2. Faith says:

    My daughter who is 3 loves to snuggle with our cat, Maggie when she’s not feeling well. Her favorite animal is a cat and loves anything to do with cats! I found an individual ice pop mold in the shape of a cat (Cadence the Kitty Zoku character pop) from Amazon. I dilute orange juice and put frozen berries in the ice pops. These are a special treat from her kitty Maggie that she gets when she’s not feeling well. We save the kitty ice pop mold to use just when she’s sick, and it always brightens her day! ?

    03.10.17 Reply
    • AWww that is too sweet! Yay for popsicles for sick kiddos!

      03.13.17 Reply
  3. Joy says:

    Love your matching PJs! Can you tell us where you got them?

    03.10.17 Reply
    • They are by Bedhead! But I don’t think this print is still in stock 🙁

      03.13.17 Reply
  4. Tori says:

    Essential oils are my go to when my girls are sick. I have a nine year old and a 4 year old with asthma. You just need to do your research and make sure you are using the oils properly for each child; I kind of learned that the hard way. My 4 year old cannot get the same oils my 9 year old does, and some oils are not kid friendly at all. And you have to be careful diffusing them if you have pets. BUT they can be awesome and help give that extra oomph when needed. Just make sure you read up on them before you give them a go (if you ever decide to use them ) 🙂

    03.10.17 Reply
    • Yes, so important to do your own research! I really love Doterra’s On Guard blend mixed with coconut oil and rubbed in to Marlowe’s feet under her socks before Daycare!

      03.13.17 Reply
  5. Alexis Denn says:

    I use Young Living’s Thieves Oil on the bottom of my feet (most porous part of your body). I have been using it for years as a Kindergarten teacher and it truly wards off illness.

    03.14.17 Reply