Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards With Cutout Hearts

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Eva Amurri Martino shares a DIY for how to create fun Valentine's Day cards using cutout hearts

This blog post was originally published on February 12th, 2018.

Valentine’s Day is just a couple days away! And I know I don’t only speak for myself when I say that homemade cards rule with romantic holidays like this one.  The idea of making your own cards for Valentine’s Day can seem a bit overwhelming, so today I thought I would share how my kids and I are crafting homemade Valentine’s Day cards this year using cutout hearts! Cutout hearts are so easy to make with construction paper, and you can use them in so many ways to be creative.  You can make some really sweet cards for the ones you love in no time.

Eva Amurri Martino cuts paper hearts out for Valentine's Day cards

Eva Amurri Martino displays three ways to utilize cutout paper hearts to make cute Valentine's Day cards


Eva Amurri Martino cuts paper hearts out for Valentine's Day cards

Marlowe Martino shares a peacock Valentine's Day card

Eva Martino holds up a peacock VAlentine's Day card

The Heart Peacock

I just love this fun card! It’s a peacock made up entirely of cutout hearts! I used three colors, and layered them to create the tail.  Then we glued on googly eyes and a beak for the face!

Eva Amurri Martino and Marlowe Martino craft homemade Valentine's day cards together using cutout hearts

Eva AMurri Martino kisses three year old daughter Marlowe while they make Valentine's Day cards together

Rainbow Lovebug

Here’s another cute idea using the hearts! This time, you glue them all in a row to make a Lovebug Caterpillar! I wrote “All You Need Is” and then added “Love” just below the bug. Marlowe created antennae with heart stickers!

Marlowe Martino wipes off her Mom's kisses while they make homemade Valentine's Day cards together

Marlowe Martino shares a homemade Valentine's Day card featuring a cutout heart bouquet on the front

The Cutout Heart Bouquet

This idea is one of my faves! Simply use cutout hearts as “flowers”! Draw on the stems, and glue a ribbon at the base.  Write sweet qualities about your card’s recipient on each of the heart shaped blooms.  Such a simple way to show all the ways you value that special someone.

Major Martino crafts homemade Valentine's Day cards with his Mom and sister

Even Major likes to get in on the action with the craft! I cut out hearts for him, and let him decorate them before we glue them on the cards.  He’s been loving drawing with crayons recently, so this is such an easy and fun activity for all three of us to do together!

Eva Amurri Martino hands Major Martino a cutout paper heart

Eva Amurri Martino decorates a cutout paper heart for Valentine's Day cards

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Eva Amurri Martino decorates Valentine's Day cards with her two children, Marlowe and Major, at their kitchen table in Connecticut

I hope you guys are inspired by these simple cutout hearts to create your own sweet Valentine’s Day cards for the ones you love! It always feels so special to receive a handmade card!

Photographs by Courtney Ann Photography

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  1. JMaggie says:

    The heart bouquet def my fav! Store cards are ridiculously expensive,and a homemade card is just so much more meaningful anyway!

    02.12.18 Reply