Happy 2nd Birthday, Marlowe!

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Yesterday was emotional.  How else are you supposed to feel when it’s a special day set aside to cherish, celebrate, and marvel at the love of your life?! My little (not so little) baby turned TWO yesterday, and it brought all the feels to the table.  Of course the age was no surprise–  but if you’re familiar with this blog (or my Snapchat!) you know that this kid is like a twenty-five year old stuck in a Toddler’s body.  There are moments when something hilarious or poignant comes out of her mouth and I think to myself: “Are you totally sure this kid isn’t seven?”.  But it also feels like just a few months ago that I was bracing myself in my husband’s arms, riding the waves of my contractions and begging my unborn baby girl to make her way in to the world.

The bond that I have with my daughter is really hard for me to describe.  I’m sure a lot of you other Mamas know exactly what I’m talking about.  When Marlowe was born, I looked at her face and thought immediately that there was something so familiar about it.  It wasn’t because she looked like me (she still doesn’t) or because I had seen her so many times on the ultrasound.  In the days after her birth, I kept staring at her, wondering who it was that she reminded me of.  Finally one day I realized– and the realization nearly brought me to my knees.  What I realized was that in my searching I was being too literal– it wasn’t my eyes that I was recognizing her with, but rather my heart.  The essence of me had been waiting for the essence of her, probably my entire life.  And here she was.  I still feel this way every moment that I’m with my daughter.  I delight in her more than I thought I could delight in anything.  Her spark inspires me in ways that I will always be indebted to her for.  I’m in awe of her.  Why? Because she’s better than me– much better, in every way.  Funnier, smarter, prettier, more open, more intuitive, braver.  I have days where I can’t believe that Kyle and I created this human being who seems to be the better parts of both of us.  I’m so, so proud of her.  I never thought that this is what Parenting somebody would feel like.

Of course there are many, many, many, MANY moments of frustration, too.  Of boredom, of inconvenience, or of fear and doubt.  The road hasn’t been easy– it isn’t for any parent.  This is the great equalizer, of course.  But it’s taught me that with any kind of magic, there are always valleys of darkness between the brilliance– that only by sticking with something and riding the waves do you really begin to see the beauty and power of it.  Yesterday was a reminder of how far we’ve come as a family.  That we made it together– that the unit that was born two years ago in a bedroom in California is still as tight as ever despite the bumps along the way.  We couldn’t wait to celebrate Marlowe’s special day and to try to give her as much joy as she has brought us during these quick two years!


Marlowe spent the majority of the day celebrating at school with all her friends. They had cupcakes, and sang her Happy Birthday (five times I think, actually! Ha!) and played a lot outside and in the sprinklers.  We came early to pick her up and hang out and she was bouncing off the walls with happiness and excitement (and cupcakes)! I was so happy that she got a bit of kiddo hang time on her birthday this year, with the people that she loves so much.  Then, we took her out for pasta and meatballs! Her favorite!  Marlowe always feels really special when she gets to go out to dinner with just me and Kyle.  She gets extra goofy and wants to show off to anybody who is interested.  Our plan was to wait until after cake at home to give her all her Birthday Presents, but there was one special present to give her at dinner!







One of Marlowe’s set of Godparents had sent a special blue box for their baby girl (they spoil her! I will make her mop the floors to make up for it!) and I knew she had to open it first. Inside was the most beautiful Tiffany necklace with a pink sapphire! I had been looking for a necklace to give her because she loves them but I hadn’t found the perfect one.  They certainly did.  She adores it!  The sweetest part is that I have a matching one (in gold with a diamond) that I got for my sixteenth birthday from my own Godparents! We put it on her and she kept trying to look down to see it sparkling.  She’s very in to Cinderella recently and she announced that it was “My Cinderella necklace, Mommy! My princess one!”










We had delicious dinner that was made even sweeter by the ice cream that the restaurant surprised her with! The entire place sang Happy Birthday, and Lowie clapped and shrieked “Happy Birthday to ME!!!” What a diva…Haha! We let her have a little bit of ice cream even though there was cake and presents waiting at home.

Once we got back, Lowie basked in the glow of yet another round of birthday candles and the Happy Birthday song (her 7th of the day).  We have been telling her about the wish part of Birthdays, and without missing a beat, she scrunched her eyes closed to make her Birthday Wish! It was the sweetest moment of the day for me.  Daddy helped her blow out the candles and we all ate cake! Actually, Marlowe ate one bite of cake, Daddy had a piece, and Mommy had a piece…and Marlowe’s piece.  Wasting cake can be very dangerous…







At this point, Lowie actually just wanted to watch Cinderella (I think she was inspired by her new necklace) but we convinced her to open her birthday presents.  Side Note: what kind of kid needs convincing to open their birthday presents?! Once the wrapping was off, however, so was the race! I’ve never seen somebody so excited to play with twenty things at once.  She kept yelling out the names of what she was playing with, it was so hilarious: “MY TEAPOT!” “A JEWELRY BOX!” “BABY DOLLS IN A BED!” “MERMAID NIGHTGOWN!” “DINOSAUR CAR!”







The Dinosaur Car was actually a gift from her Baby Brother.  I had to save the one she’d like best to be a gift from him! I mean I wasn’t born yesterday… My ploy worked, and when he’s “a big baby” she is very excited to “Give baby brother a ride on MY car Mama.”  Emphasis on mine.  I don’t really blame her– newborns are known for trying to take off on other people’s dinosaur cars.  Menaces to society…

It really was a lot of excitement for one day.  I’ll always remember yesterday not only as Marlowe’s second birthday, but also as the one day in history that she turned to me and said “Mama.  I need to go to sweep right now.”  Being two years old is exhausting.

I want to thank everyone who reached out yesterday to wish our little girl a Happy Birthday! We read all of the messages and they really touched us.  I can’t wait until she’s old enough to be able to read about how many people love her and wish her the best!





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  1. Sue says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET LOWIE! What a great party! Eva, I know you and Kyle cherish every moment. You are awesome parents, lovely people and special friends. Love to all! Sue

    08.10.16 Reply
  2. Tricia says:

    Looks like she had a fantastic day!! Our baby girl is going to be 2 in less than 2 months!! Where does the time go?

    08.10.16 Reply
  3. Abbie says:

    Happy Birthday Marlowe! I love seeing happy photos of you all together. Both you and Kyle are awesome parents, I hope you all had a fab day! Sending love x

    08.10.16 Reply
  4. jennifer says:

    That is so sweet, what a special day! Happy Birthday Marlowe!

    08.10.16 Reply
  5. Sara says:

    Marlow beautiful and beautiful family.?

    08.10.16 Reply
  6. Cat says:

    I’m so glad Lowie had a wonderful 2nd birthday!!!! It was fun to leave a facebook note to wish one of my favorite little people (even though we’ve never met I feel like we have) a Happy Birthday. Keep doing what your doing Eva and Kyle. You have an amazing kid there!

    08.10.16 Reply
  7. Laura says:

    Joyeux Anniversaire Lowie !! She is so cute, what a beautiful day for your family, lots of love and hapiness for the three (four) of you !! 🙂 🙂 Bisous

    08.10.16 Reply
  8. silvia says:

    beautiful family! can you let me know where you got those shoes for marlowe?

    08.10.16 Reply
  9. Maria says:

    Oh, how I love reading your posts! I’m so glad you all enjoyed Marlowe’s special birthday. It sounds like she had a blast! I can’t wait until baby boy Martini can join in on the fun. Your connection with him will be unique but equally beautiful. I have 2 boys and it is amazing. Feliz Cumpleaños Marlowe!!

    08.10.16 Reply
  10. Darienne says:

    Happy belated birthday, Marlowe! If I know two year olds (and trust me, I do. I teach that age group), I’m sure your beautiful spirit will just continue to blossom and shine!

    I started following your blog because I have an equal amount of insane baby fever and love for your Mom as an actress. I was really curious about you because I’d heard you were an actress (and at one time I wanted to be as well) and then I fell in love with your witty writing and crazy cool kid. I still have insane baby fever- especially now that I’m freshly married, and because of you and this blog I am so much more excited to be a Mom (if you knew me, you’d be laughing because that is IMPRESSIVE). Thank you for your blog, it has opened my eyes to many things about pregnancy, parenting and marriage and I am very excited to apply some of the things I’ve learned from you in my own family life ❤

    08.10.16 Reply
    • Thanks so much, Darienne! What a great compliment!! 🙂


      08.11.16 Reply
  11. Ashley says:

    I love your blog! Marlowe is so precious! What do you use to take your pictures for your blog?

    08.10.16 Reply
    • Hi Ashley! I use a Panasonic Lumix GH4 Camera. I love it!

      08.11.16 Reply
  12. Vaneesha says:

    Wishing sweet Marlowe the happiest 2nd birthday and year ahead!!! I hope we can get our girls together one of these days – Marlowe just reminds of Noa – I think they would have such fun together (Isla too!)



    08.11.16 Reply
  13. Leslie says:

    Happy Birthday Marlowe – love seeing the videos – she’s so funny!! 🙂

    08.11.16 Reply
  14. Greg Fillmore says:

    Hello Eva,

    SO neat to hear of your daughters 2nd birthday. It looks as thou you all had a quality family day. For me, my birthdays are in late October, the 26th. My late father Bill, who had his continuation day (passed on) to the higher frequency level in spring 2014, LOVED Seahawks football, not to an insane level as with some people, but fond memories of football with he, my brother as well as I, on Sundays, where sometimes he would “accidently on purpose” throw an interception my way, so as the younger brother with scoliosis, I would beat older brother in a game of football.

    Humbly a Kennedyesque household, if Joe Kennedy had just, stuck to a coffee shop or a bar. Mornings talking and reading about local world news in the newspaper, talking about the world. Same with my mom, 5p to 6p was “watching and discussing the nightly news time”, then watching a good comedy or two. Fond memories of Murphy Brown, Night Court. Star Trek came later for me, it was on during the nightly news hour when we didn’t have cable, sometimes waiting for the big long term projects, have to have the right timing, when the news is at where its at. Sometimes dads are referred to as the king of the house, dad was a little more flexible with tv viewing, unless James Bond was on, then it was “son, James Bond is so neat, lots of traveling, mystery, intrigue, saving the world son, with calmness, son. Wouldn’t be neat to be a secret agent?” When I was younger it was “yes”, as I grew older, I changed my mind “I wouldn’t be able to have a family.”

    But who knows, maybe intelligence craft is more similus to this gem a passing acquaintance told me about, Burn Notice, Michael Weston, either the direction, or the law books, both the same name HA!

    Anyway, Eva, thanks for sharing aspects of your life with us here at your superior blog. My dad loved going on drives to the lake, and sometimes train watching was involved. Trains are a neat way to teach your youngsters about the interconnectedness of our world, also hearing you or a child saying Wooh wooh, a ridin on the Amtrak Trrrraaaain.., I can still hear my mom saying that with her quirky smile.

    So happy to hear about your families adventures, with learning, humor.
    Here’s a Bruce Hornsby song Tango King, for you with your family to enjoy, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEmtyYuPCtw&list=PL2FPyLM2Yt-6xQuNqJKbqglmzgs74CXAO&index=5 , it is from the album Hot House, some nice harmonics on that album. Quality harmonics, is what life is really about. Finding that is a different ballgame, so happy, you have it.

    Your work is appreciated,
    Greg Fillmore

    08.11.16 Reply
    • Thank for sharing, Greg! What a great story


      08.16.16 Reply
  15. Anya says:

    Hi Eva! I just wanted to say I thought this post was beautifully written! It can be very difficult to describe the bond you feel with your child – my son just turned 2 in June – and while I didn’t have the initial magical feeling for him (which is okay and was, sadly, a fact that no one explained to me was possible before I had him – I thought I would be infatuated with him instantly, but it took some time for my love to grow) I know exactly what you mean about feeling the essence of your child, how they’re a part of you in all ways!

    I also wanted to share that I think it’s amazing that you had a home birth with Marlowe and plan another with your son. I was planning a home birth (and will be again whenever baby number 2 comes along) but wasn’t able to have it as my son was in distress during a very lengthy labour and I ended up at the hospital. I just have so much respect for you being honest and forthright about your home birth experience(s). You are a strong woman.

    Wishing you the best of luck with baby boy’s delivery!


    PS: Happy belated birthday Marlowe!

    08.12.16 Reply