FITNESS: 5 Simple Moves To A Stronger You

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As a Wife, a Mom of a Toddler, and a Business Woman with my own company, I don’t have big blocks of time in my day to exercise.  In fact, consistent exercise was on of the first things to go on the back burner when I became a Mom, and it’s been one of the hardest things to work back into my life post-baby.  As we all know, exercise is one of the most important things we can do to keep our bodies strong and healthy, as well as to keep ourselves mentally fit and de-stressed!  I knew 2016 had to be the year I got back on track. For me, exercise is more about feeling healthy– NOT about being the skinniest possible version of myself.  That said, I appreciate when my muscles are defined and taut just as much as the next girl!  Today I’m sharing five easy moves you can do at home, with a few simple props, to get yourself feeling fit.  Transform your baby’s nap time in to “Me Time”!

I like to perform these moves one after another, as a twenty-minute “exercise block”.  I aim to do this four days a week, and more if I have time.  My best tip is to take your child on a brisk jog with your stroller (I have this jogging stroller) before nap time– and then while they sleep, finish your workout with these moves!  Remember to stretch well after your workout to really elongate those muscles and get the most out of your exercise.


This is an amazing move for your butt and your abs! Begin by extending into a plank/push-up position.  I like to extend my arms, but you can lower to your forearms for modifications.  Next, flex your foot, raise your left foot while contracting your butt muscles, hold for two seconds, then release down.  Repeat fifteen times on each leg, for one full set.  Do three sets, resting in between.



This is a yoga move!  I just love it because it’s extremely lengthening, and stretches as well as tones your muscles.  It’s awesome for toning the arms as well as your core!

Begin in a plank/push-up, with a breath, pull your hips back and up into the yoga position “downward facing dog”.  Make sure your heels are reaching towards the ground, and your back is lengthened and flat.  Gaze downward or between your legs.  I like to hang out in this position for around thirty seconds just breathing and letting my leg muscles stretch.  Next, move forward back into a plank position.  With a breath, slowly lower yourself to your stomach, keeping your elbows tucked into your sides.  Take a brief moment on your stomach before pushing your chest up and forward between your arms, lengthening your legs, arching your back and opening your chest.  Gaze upwards and breath.  Push back into Downward Facing Dog.  I do five of these, resting for a moment or two in between.



This move is for your butt, core, legs, AND arms!  Quadruple whammy! If you don’t have weights you can always hold cans of soup.  I bought a pair of three-pound weights from Amazon and use them all the time.  Great investment! Begin by standing, feet hip-width distance apart, holding the weights at shoulder height.  Leaning slightly forward (to maintain a straight back) tighten your core as you squat down.  Keep your weight in your heels.  You should be able to lift up your toes.  Hold for a beat, then slowly extend your arms, holding at the top for two seconds.  Bring your weights back to should height, and slowly rise back to standing.  Now extend your weights straight out in front of you, making sure there is no bend in your arms.  Return the weights to should height.  Repeat ten times for one set.  Do three sets, resting briefly in between.



Ok, this is technically two moves, but they go together seamlessly! They also target the backs of the arms (my own personal problem area) as well as the arms, shoulders, and chest.  And the only prop you need for this is a chair! I think you might have one of those in your house…

Sit on the edge of your chair.  Place your hands gripping the front edge, with your fingers facing the floor and your palm on the seat.  Your elbows should extend directly behind you.  Slide your butt to the edge of the seat until it is right off the edge and the level of the chair.  Hold here for a beat, and then slowly dip your tailbone down towards the floor.  Your elbows will bend behind you.  Stop when your elbows are at a 90-degree angle to the floor.  Hold for a beat, then slowly return to start.  Do twenty dips for one set.  Repeat three times, resting in between sets.

Next, flip over so that your body is straight and you are facing the chair seat in a push-up position.  Place the chair against a wall so it doesn’t slip!  Slowly lower into a push-up, until your chest is almost touching the edge of the chair.  Slowly return back to start.  Do ten of these for one set.  Repeat three times, resting in between sets.


I hope these four simple moves help you on your path to a stronger you!  I know it can be really tough to find the time to strengthen our bodies, but it’s worth the effort– especially when you can get it done while your family is occupied or asleep at home!  Do you find time for fitness moves at home?  I’d love to hear about it, let me know in the comments below.



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  1. Lena says:

    You’re so tiny! You look really great, thanks for the tips!

    01.25.16 Reply
  2. Crossfan says:

    Hi Eva! Those chair exercises are inspiring. I should definitely integrate those in my fitness routine. Besides a mini stepper, an elastic theraband and a room filling (yoga) mat, I usually don’t use additional equipment at home. If ever possible I start each and every day with several rounds of the yogic Sun Salutation. Afterwards I do some cardio exercise like: quickly bringing myself down to the ground in a quadruped position, head touching the ground – just to raise myself quickly again, run some meters and repeat (quickly to the ground) and so on. After 20 times I feel I’ve done something to strengthen my heart. At least that’s what I hope. Overall I try to find a whole body fitness program – and I like to keep it variable and changing as to remember as many body parts as possible. The past week e.g. I trained the splits (which is an awfully difficult exercise for me – and has always been). Well, I was even able to make some progress, but now I feel as if I got some hip displacement… 🙂
    Anyway. Yoga has saved me several times in my life and I’ll always stick to this one. Some gym training + walking or cycling to the gym in addition, that’s fine. Concerning the time: Yep, I do make quite a bit of time for this. At least one hour per day … rather three or even four hours (on days with walks and gym). And I haven’t even mentioned my favorite training unit… You and your husband are in a team. Good for you. I’ll have to get back to training, find a ‘sparring partner’ and so on.

    01.25.16 Reply
  3. Leanne says:

    Thanks for the exercises, it’s refreshing to have some quick easy options. Since becoming a mom 20 months ago exercise has fallen to the wayside. Time to get back on it!

    01.25.16 Reply
  4. Claire says:

    Not a mama, but this busy law student LOVED these moves! And I was able to do all of the moves in my 330 sq.ft. apartment, so this will definitely be in my rotation!

    01.28.16 Reply
  5. Kristen says:

    Thank you so much for the quick tips. I have starting doing a few everyday on my lunch break, and they have helped keep me energized. Any more quick routines that you could suggest trying?

    02.26.16 Reply
  6. Emily says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! Def need these!

    01.03.23 Reply