Faux Plants and Blooms

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Eva Amurri shares her favorite faux plants and blooms

Unpopular Opinion: faux plants and blooms can sometimes be just as beautiful as the real thing. And they last longer, too! I’ve been a fan of indoor plants and flowers for as long as I can remember, and after entering my Motherhood Era, I’ve realized that “going faux” can be one of the most rewarding and cost-effective decisions. Do I still love fresh flowers? Of course, I do! But with strategically placed faux plants, trees, and flowers in my home, I can surround myself with beauty for a fraction of the price.

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I once had a conversation with a very snobby Interior Designer who was mocking people who had fake plants in their homes. I told her it’s a matter of perspective and priorities. She asked what I meant. I said, “Well, right now my priority is keeping my kids alive and putting my energy into that. I don’t want to waste money on expensive plants I can’t keep alive, and I don’t want to give up “filling my home with flowers” because buying them fresh every week is too expensive. And, quite frankly, anybody who is judgmental about whether the plants in my house are real or fake is probably not somebody I want in my home. LOL. The conversation stuck with me, though, and it still makes me so happy every time I find a brand or website that is selling realistic looking faux plants. I’ve truly found that they make a HUGE difference in the vibe and style of my home. I use them proudly!

I get asked a lot about my favorite faux plants and blooms because I use them in every single room in our house. I thought today would be a great opportunity to share some of my favorites! One tip I have is to wait until you see the product in person before committing. Make sure any faux plants you order online are returnable. I’ve bought six-dollar faux plants from Target that looked so real it was uncanny, and I’ve ordered faux trees that were hundreds of dollars and looked like absolute trash in real life. It’s trial and error sometimes! Another tip is to top your potted plants with Faux moss! It gives the pot a finished, extra sleek look and makes the blooms look even more real.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Faux Plants and Blooms

Large Faux Planted Phalaenopsis Gigantea Orchid


I have a few of these in my family room and kitchen and I’m OBSESSED. People always think they’re real.

Faux Cymbidium Orchid With Narrow Vase


I have these in my bathroom, and besides looking super realistic, they give the nicest pop of fresh green color to my otherwise white space.

Faux Pussy Willow and Orchid Bunch


These might be my favorite faux blooms. I get compliments on them all the time!

Palm Planter


This is one of the best finds ever! The pot is really lovely in person and the stems are super sturdy.

Rose and Hydrangea Floral Arrangement


I love using this to accent bookshelves and console tables.

Artificial Pothos Plant in Pot


I loved these so much I bought three more.

Fiddle Leaf Tree


This faux fiddle leaf is ELITE. Love, love love. So realistic and UV resistant.

Faux Olive Tree Tree in Pot


I have multiple sizes of these and love them!



I absolutely love these. The color is stunning in person and there are enough to use them in a few containers.

Artificial Peonies Silk Flowers


I use these in my formal living room and sometimes for shoots or parties!

Faux Satin Variegated Pothos Plant


This is so real looking! The pot is pretty too.

Faux Hoya Plant


This brand makes the best faux plants, I bunch them together for a really lovely effect.

Mini Artificial Eucalyptus Boxwood


These are mini but make a big impact!

Faux Fading Olive Branch


I LOVE these and have some in my family room. They work well in any season.

Artificial Flowers


These are nice if you have a bunch of vases you’re trying to fill! A little goes a long way.

Artificial Boxwood Ball Topiary Tree


I have these for my outdoor planters and LOVE them. They’re very nicely made and hold up to weather/seasons.

Cream Blossom Branch Stem


These stems are perfect for Spring, and so delicate.

White Hydrangea Bush


White Hydrangeas are a beautiful faux bloom to have on hand because they look beautiful in almost any container.

Faux Olive Bundle


You can’t go wrong with olive branches!

Potted Faux Olive Tree 9'


If you want an olive tree that comes in a pot, this is my pick!

Small Faux Planted Phalaenopsis Orchid


This small-sized orchid is super pretty and nice for smaller spaces.

Peony Arrangement


I love this pop of color!

Photographs by Julia Dags | Copyright © 2024 Happily Eva After, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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  1. Can faux plants be as aesthetically pleasing as real plants? Why or why not?

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