Family Halloween Costumes: Welcome to the Circus!

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Eva Amurri shares a circus themed family halloween costume

Welcome to the circus… or should I say welcome to my life! LOL.

Whenever things are hectic in our house I’m always referring to it as a “circus” and I guess my kids totally picked up on that because for our third family Halloween costume they suggested we all be members of the circus! I had to be the ringleader, of course, I mean any chance to get everyone in-line amirite?!

Ravishing Ringmaster Womens Costume


I actually love this ringleader costume! It’s cute without veering into “sexy” territory.

in this picture

Then, the kids had such a fun time choosing their costumes and Mateo‘s! Marlowe is my little Leo and so she had to be a lion. Major really wanted to be a tiger and they chose an elephant costume for Mateo because, well, what could be cuter? I can’t really deal with the trunk and ears on his. It’s so sad to think he’ll outgrow it in no time!

Kid's Deluxe Lion Costume


Marlowe is my little Leo and so she had to be a lion!

Toddler Tiger Costume


Major really wanted to be a tiger!

Elephant Costume for Infants


I can’t really deal with the trunk and ears on this.

in this picture

in this picture

in this picture

I’m so happy with how this costume turned out! I think it’s adorable and all of my kids really really love dressing up in these costumes, playing with each other, and interacting with me. Marlowe said she hopes Kyle can come and trick-or-treat with us in our backyard…and dress up as a clown. Ha! I’m not sure how on board he’ll be with that one (Take one for the team, Kyle!) but it would be pretty fantastic. Hopefully, he is game!

Until then, I’ll leave you with my little circus animals and a circus ring leader who definitely needs a nap. I hope you loved our family costumes this year.  We had such a fun time photographing them! Stay tuned for which one the kids officially pick for Halloween day.  I hope you enjoy a safe and unforgettable Halloween!

in this picture

in this picture

Photographs by Julia Dags

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